Valuescope Launches News Service For Human Resources And Change Management

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Messages from more than 1000 online sources in a portal of Munich, 08th September 2010 valuescope, specialist in the field of semantic information processing, has now expanded its news portal value-feeds ( About value feeds, you can retrieve open now news about recruitment and leadership changes in the German-speaking world. To deepen your understanding Mark Berger Chicago is the source. These are filterable by individual sectors. This search valuescope over a thousand German online sources. Latest technology of natural language processing makes it possible to analyze daily several ten thousand messages automatically and to identify relevant messages when an error rate of less than 2%.

Messages are displayed with the headline, a brief description and a link to the original source. Value feed is the easiest way to inform free of current change of leadership and demonstrated impressively how nowadays specific information needs with the help of intelligent semantic technology automatically can be satisfied. Valuescope within the framework of individual feeds the ability to filter out relevant messages from the Internet on (almost) every subject and to deliver personalized offers. Value feeds is a SaS application (software as a service) offered. Interested parties who wish to receive further information about our new service value feeds, can request them at or send an email to. GmbH valuescope about valuescope was founded in 2007 by Siegfried Lautenbacher, who has worked for 20 years as a successful entrepreneur in the IT services field.

valuescope is one of the pioneers in using semantic technologies in the business environment, to automatically filter out meaningful relationships from a variety of sources. Initially on information services specialized in the banking and insurance sector, valuescope now expanding its range of services, to set the standard for intelligent, Semantic Web applications across all sectors to support sales. Valuescope GmbH is headquartered in Munich and also has offices in Los Angeles, United States and Cluj, Romania. Contact: Stefan Bergler Deputy Managing Director valuescope GmbH + 49 / 89 / 520 3563 153


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I should keep working at the request of the insolvency administrator. My accounts were however locked. I got no money. I could not afford a lawyer. I also felt that no Office for me felt responsible at this time”, according to one who of insolvency stakeholders, the not menTIONed want to be.

“Another: funny, over 3 MillioNEN households in Germany, which are officially insolvent and the very many families who are waiting in the wings to the registration of insolvency, I felt however suddenly all alone”. For everything there is lectures, colorful brochures and seminars, but not on the subject of fear of losing”. Anonymous Insolvenzler Germany-far right there is the discussion group anonymous Insolvenzler; leaves room for questions, personal concerns and sharing among affected as also like-minded people. “In conversation with other questions, like: what has helped you, how do you cope?” How do you feel about the topic (for example in relation to partnership, self-esteem)?” Participants will it clear: they are not alone, and with their situation! Therefore Insolvenzler was founded in many cities of Germany – under the umbrella of the Federal verbandes the discussion group anonymous people in bankruptcy and opportunities e.V. -, aimed at people who are affected by the issue of insolvency. Initiator is Attila von Unruh, whose initiative now nationwide finds great resonance. The round table Anoyme Insolvenzler is also in Hanover successfully launched anonymous Insolvenzler in Hanover since May 2010.

We all know: friendly exchange and common experience creates a connection between people: endLich a space where I can talk about my situation and will understand. The crisis will be named, but not rated”Svenja, explained… by dubious Finanzoptimierern in the financial ruin torn. The open dealing with problems brings clarity and opened new His. This will assist in a successful personal and beruflichen restart”participants, Henry white ScheuerLein, head of the discussion group at Hannover. “Our understanding of the self: we are neither politically, economically nor religiously bound.” We each person concerned is welcome, whether private or business insolvency threatens or already exists”. Anonymous Insolvenzler discussion group Hannover Heinrich Scheuerlein of the interview circuit hannover.html T r f n of every 1st Wednesday in the month. Just go to our homepage: E-mail: next meeting: Wed, 06.10.2010, 18:00 20:00 in the Club future plus e.V., long Arbour 29, 30159 Hannover (please ring the Bell). Located only 10 minutes from central station! Registration by email is helpful!

Bank Club Werther AG Expands Capabilities In The Area Of Cards + Payments

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Payment solutions from a single source for international projects by co branding partners. In the single euro payment area replaced the different payment procedures from many European countries with a single system. The SEPA zone – as a single payments area in Europe – allows a homogenization of the systems. According to benefit by the SEPA license of the Bank Club Werther AG primarily cooperation partners who want to use issuing services throughout Europe for international projects. Partner of the Bank Club Werther AG obtained efficiency benefits the SEPA license of the Bank Club Werther AG for the issuing of MasterCard credit card. This is a collaboration with various banking partners can be avoided especially in international projects. The SEPA license removes regulatory obstacles. The resulting efficiency gains can also secure partner card programme of the Bank Club Werther AG.

Executive Vice President of the Bank Club Werther AG, Mr Danyon Lloyd, explains: the new MasterCard licenses bring above all partners”the opportunity to offer international credit card business with Bank Club Werther AG as issuing partners. Accordingly the cooperation smoother with various banking partners. This Europeanisation is applicable for all 32 States, the single euro payments area are connected. Read more here: Jonas Samuelson. As a principal member of MasterCard International the Bank Club Werther AG to issue MasterCard cards is entitled. This also applies for a sublicense in Germany, making it a simple way can offer partners, to use credit cards in Germany within the framework of customer binding projects. International cooperation for the use of co-branding credit cards be feasible with the SEPA license of the Bank Club Werther AG from today. Official site: Mark Berger Chicago.

About the Bank Club Werther AG: The company headquartered in Werther / Westphalia was founded in 1877 and offers its own card products as well as white label products, where cards & payments the company for the benefit of the partner brands in the Background appears. The Bank Club Werther AG specialises in individual, technically and in terms of content, innovative products, whose features are specifically tailored to the needs of each target group. Different card programs with cooperation partners are currently in development. About MasterCard: MasterCard Europe is for the processing of transactions by MasterCard worldwide in Europe and for Europe competent Division. MasterCard Europe works from the headquarters in the Belgian Waterloo from 51 European countries. The total area comprises the European payment area (SEPA), industrial and emerging Europe and extends to the eastern border of Russia. Thanks to its network of local offices, MasterCard can Europe recognize the individual needs of member banks in the very different markets in Europe and meet each in their own language and in their cultural environment. MasterCard Worldwide offers MasterCard Europe its European customers and consumers access to leading Payment services in all over the world. MasterCard Worldwide promotes global trade through the networking of companies in the financial sector and millions of businesses, cardholders and merchants around the world. As a franchisor, processor and advisor developed and marketed MasterCard payment solutions, processes approximately 22 billion transactions per year and provides industry-leading analysis and consulting services for dealers and customers in the financial services sector. With a family of well-known brands such as MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus and via its global network, MasterCard is in more than 210 countries service providers for cardholders, banks and merchants. For more information, see to. Follow US on Twitter: @mastercardnews. For more information, please contact: Bank Club Werther AG Veronika Meier-Scheuven – press officer – Ravensberg str. 23 33824 Werther (westf.) phone: 05203/706-17 fax: 05203/706-92

Medium-sized Cities Offer The Best Quality Of Life

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Kempten, Koblenz and Passau have the highest quality of life in Germany. Click Mark Berger Chicago to learn more. Hamburg, 08 September 2010 Kempten, Koblenz and Passau have the highest quality of life in Germany. The three cities occupy the top places in a study carried out by to the quality of life in Germany. Shows the surprising result: small and medium-sized cities are more attractive than large cities. The only city in the top 10 is Munich on top ten.

By health, education and culture: The life quality index reflects the supply of citizens in the individual counties, county-level cities, and cities. Crucial for a good review is a high number of companies and public institutions in the fields of health, daily needs, catering, education and culture, banks and finance, leisure, services, media and other offers. Overall, the experts analyzed almost four million individual data in over 100 industries. For each subject area, examined relevant industries and put the number of existing businesses and public bodies in relation to the population. Learn more on the subject from Ben Horowitz. Often, cities offer an optimal infrastructure. Per capita seen cities such as Koblenz in many criteria, such as, for example, health, cut off but much better. If a doctor there must be average for 200 or 500 patients, makes for the citizens a substantial difference in the waiting time”, so founder Sven Schmidt.

In addition to the three cities of the winner, also Darmstadt, Bamberg and Bayreuth cut very well. Munich convinced in the major cities. Overall, the index confirmed a gap in quality of life between East and West and between South and North. Mostly bad truncation of large cities surprised us”, says Research Director Gunnar Schmidt. Predictably, however, that the quality of life in some cities and counties of the new federal States is lower. Especially for rural regions we expect here a further deterioration for the citizens.” Exact provides an overview to all county-level cities and counties for free lebensqualitaetsindex.html on his Web page.


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The rock crusher has its own reservations A can crusher is typically used to recycle hard metal like aluminum. The utility of this device is that it saves lots of space and money and time too. You can get many different types of can crushers in the market like plastic, metal and electric can crushers. Many of the can crushers that are available are a mixture of both plastic and metal. These crushers are generally made from recycled plastic and are also made environmental friendly.

The manually functioning can crushers are operated by hand or foot. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge. The hand can crusher enables you to work in a more organized way. If you need it for professional use or for office purposes then it is better to purchase the electric can crushers as they make the job much easier and reliable and you can do more amount of work in much less time. There are many different types of can crushers the function of which depends up on the mechanism with which they function. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rob Hannah. They are precisely hydraulic, magnetic, and mechanical. The hydraulic crushers work without using water and without calibraciones and sound functions. The most common types of can crushers that you will find in the market now are Electric can crushers.

Just as is the case with almost anything, the most likely time that rock crushers break down is when you will need to get the most out of them. As it is, you never realize how important something is until you do not have it, or when it is most required. In order to skirt high repair costs and production loss, proper periodical maintenance of rock crushers is required. The most logical thing to do in order to maximize the crusher life is to establish and execute a plan that will increase the life of the crusher thereby reducing repair cost and increasing the output. This can be done through laying down a rock crusher maintenance schedule that is adhered to. Every machine has a few reservations and this applies to a rock crusher as well. There are basically three limitations that are particularly important to be kept in mind while operating to crusher i.e. the horsepower, volume, and the crushing force. It is an overload if any one of these limitations is exceeded during operation. The operator needs to take into consideration the type of rock being crushed and environmental conditions as this too may change the rock crusher s limits on the fly. By forcing the crusher to go beyond limits and stressing out different aspects of the machine, the lifespan is decreased and the time that it has between repairs and failure is shortened. All this leads to more repair expenditure, more man-hours, reduced output and in few cases permanent failure of the machine.

Countertop Kitchen

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One of our most successful products was countertop kitchen, which was a great success both by professionals in the sector, especially architects and designers, and also by the public in general. Recently Rob Hannah sought to clarify these questions. Erez Schweppe, Vice President of sales, says the importance of entering a market as the Brazilian, with more than 193 million people, which represents a great opportunity for our kitchen countertops, which have had such a good response. To get to this vast region, we have selected so far to three distributors of great fame: Payanini do Brazil, Amazonas Jaguare and Parana Granitos. Our joint participation in the invest fair provided Caesarstone and their partners wonderful opportunity to establish a commercial network to put at the disposal of our new customers best Caesarstone kitchen countertop designs. Kitchen countertop and his success at invest Fair booth of Caesarstone presented the Crocodile range blank: baths and basins, cladding, paved, countertops kitchen and many other applications. The booth was a meeting point for architects, designers, distributors and equipment of Caesarstone, addition to potential customers who attended the fair and were enthusiastic about the quality of our material and the design of our collections; in fact, immediate orders tops kitchen and other applications were received after the launch.

Growing your Business

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Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Growing your Business

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Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Internet Business Strategies

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Internet Business Strategies mentioned above also apply to your Internet business, but I add … 1. Phone Do not hide your phone number. Look where my number on the page where I sell my ebook. And look at all the pages on my portal.

At the end you find my number. Do not hide it! 2. Be proactive contact form. Encourages contact because people connect with employers that are open to dialogue. I receive dozens of emails a day. Although much work, I love that my personal contact with readers. Of course, do not give free consultations, but in this contact and learn from my readers when I talk to them I can ask about your family, your pets, and so on. Do not hide the contact form! In the contact is credibility. 3. Audio The audio also enhances credibility. I checked. I tested a version without audio on my home page and one with an audio welcome. The audio version increases the entries to my newsletter by 35%. The same happens with the products and services they sell (AudioAcrobat use to create my recordings. Includes a 30-day free trial). 4. Reports Offer Create a free report aimed at your market and publish it on your website or distribute it among your alliances. They are easy to create. Most have between 5 and 10 pages. They share how to do something. But do not sell anything through them: only use them to demonstrate that you know your beans. 5. It publishes a newsletter I once bought a product, but it took 12 months to do so. If not for the newsletter this business would never have bought. Same happened to me with a personal development consultant. It took three months to hire their services. This is thanks to your newsletters. If you have a website, you MUST have a newsletter. No exceptions! Note: My ebook tells you about this important strategy. At Howard Schultz you will find additional information. And if you do not have a newsletter server, I recommend you use: Aweber. And do not forget the above strategies for Internet business outside … Promotion consistent customer testimonials (text, photo, name and place of the person and even audio) Make strategic alliances Treat your customers speak publicly Write articles Play your flute and join a cause now, go ahead and implement these strategies and then tell me the results! I will you! Diana Fontanez “La Reina del Marketing”

Shepherd Article

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1 – In the case of not attendance the 3 (three) consecutive meetings, without valid justification, will be automatically suspended of its functions for 6 (six) months. 2 – the Shepherd has right to take leave, duly justified, for a not superior period to the half of its time of service in the year. Article 36. The administrative functions of the Shepherds cease for: I – exclusion; II – resignation; III? deposition; IV – abandonment; V – permanent incapacity; VII – change; VIII – death. CHAPTER VI OF DIACONATO and PRESBITRIO Article 37.

The diaconato and the Presbitrio, are exerted by members of the Church, greaters of 21 (twenty and one) years, in joy of its civil laws, Indicated for the Assembly of the Local Churches to play positions in the Church. Article 38. They are requisite spirituals demanded for the diaconato, especially the following ones: I – to be full of the Espirito Santo; II – to have the characteristic described spirituals in I Timteo 3:8 – 13; III – To accept and to fulfill the Norms fully of the IPRB; IV? to be member of the IPRB has at least 2 (two) years uninterrupted; V – to be dizimista; VI – To be pupil assduo of the Sunday Biblical School, except reason just. Article 39. They are attributions of the deacons and Ministers: I – to take care of of the beneficence; II – to watch over for the order during the cult and religious acts in the temple and it are of it; III – to raise the offers and to direct it the treasure-house of the Church; IV – To play the administrative functions assigned by the Advice. Article 40. The deacons constitute, for the exercise of its functions, a Diaconal Meeting, that will have the supervision of a Shepherd Assigned for the Advice to make it. Some contend that Andreessen Horowitz shows great expertise in this.