Infantile Education

Report in the Infantile Education In the lessons of days 14 the 16 of November of 2011, the responsible professor for the group of preparatory I carried through with the children some activities on the Environment, that could serve of awareness and incentive to the preservation of the same. Thus being, in the lesson of day 14, he showed to the pupils a video with varied images of the Environment, counting a history ' ' The fire in floresta' ' , the teacher commented that each one must make its part, with the objective of that they more than interassem the subject on which if she treated. Soon after, the room was divided in small groups, being requested that they created one historinha in quadrinhos, on the Environment through drawings and paintings. The pupils had put in practical its creativity and had created historinhas simple, but well interesting. To the end of the lesson, the majority of the groups had not concluded the work.

Then, it left to conclude it in the lesson of days 15 and 16. In these lessons, the pupils had concluded everything and been able to play in a game that the teacher it led, whose name was ' ' The Eficiente&#039 House; ' , that it dealt with the cares that we need to have inside of our house not to consume much electric energy, not to waste water and to separate the garbage correctly, thus preserving, of a simple form and insurance, our Environment. The pupils had adored the game and they had not been contented in playing only one time. With certainty, the pupils will go to apply the instructions that they turn in the game in its houses. Summarizing, the pupils had effectively participated of the activities proposals, making some excellent commentaries when counted history. He was commented with the pupils who each one must make its part in the protection to the Environment, when some pupils had said: ' ' Why necessary people to make our part if have a people mount that does not make its? If ' ele' garbage in the soil plays, I also goes to play! ' '. The teacher reaffirmed that each one must make its part and use its attitudes as example, so that the other people see and make the same.

Each one of us is basic part in the fight for the preservation ambient, therefore the teacher made question of that the children assimilated this well. I perceived that the educator in a simple lesson on the environment, very worked well the question of the conscience, and thus is possible to deal with the question the citizenship, unemployment, violence (contamination, pollution, also represent a violence, therefore it is aggression to the way), local sexuality (the groups of pupils were mixing, them if they had felt integrated) housing, ethics, health, subjects, cultural plurality and diversity. To the end of our work, I felt me rewarded, was a learning, despite well small, in the awareness of the pupils, of whom the necessary world of urgent cares, of the opposite we will not have a healthful future for our lives.

Shortage Puts Mediumsized Businesses

The energy revolution needs the regional craft Frickenhausen, the recent threats of the big energy providers, to shut many of its plants in the near future, have brought the energy transition back into the headlines the 22 August 2013 -. Totally forgot the importance of regional trade is far too often. Source: Ian Sinclair. Also in the greater Stuttgart area there are mostly family-owned and medium-sized companies such as the Bumblebee House, which contribute to the success of the energy revolution. More efficient consumption of energy as well as the electricity and heat generation by renewable sources of energy is not only a task for a handful of large companies,”explains Frank Hummel, Managing Director of the Hummel Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG. Rather, there are the small craft businesses in the regions that are needed here.

Unfortunately this is perceived much too little in the public debate.” The Managing Director of the company from Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen refers among other things to the effect that a privately used photovoltaic system with a power-storage can have. Fast tons of CO2 emissions in conventional power plants could be saved by increasingly affordable investment, zinsgunstig also often promoted by the KfW. Many people strive to do regardless, inter alia by the rising price of electricity. Above all the local businesses can help them. Whether it is now to a photovoltaic system, a solar energy system or energy-efficient home technology here no anonymous corporations but above all the firms in the region are used”, almost Frank Hummel together. Last but not least as high-quality local jobs.” Regardless of the State guaranteed feed-in tariff, Frank Hummel in energy-saving electronic installations, as well as modern solar power sees a great opportunity for private households and businesses to solve largely by the price dictates of the power monopoly. The loud call for Government support the expansion of electricity networks come from the corporations.


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Munzer Bpi Solutions

Bi-directional data exchange of master data and all transaction data fast, direct and secure between manufacturer and replace commercial fm munzer upholstery furniture GmbH manufactures upholstered furniture according to the individual specifications of its customers with the highest quality for over 50 years. The company founded in 1949 by Fritz Munzer works one of the most prestigious brands in furniture in the national and international field with partners such as, for example, the Lutz Gruppe, one of the world’s largest furniture retailer, as well as with pattern ring. The company from Weidenhausen in the future is further internationalize through more systematic, non-export activities and focus on local needs. The optimization of processes in the data communication is a constant challenge for fm munzer. Now, the decision for XcalibuR and IDM was made in the company pad. FM munzer opts for the solution as a link between the master data on manufacturer’s page and the transaction (order /) Order response) on the dealer page. XcalibuR connects the bi-directional Exchange to all leading ERP system of trade through interfaces and produces a 1:1 relationship between trading partners and industry. XcalibuR significantly shortened the processing time and reduces the occurrence of errors during the ordering process by avoiding additional acquisition work.

Munzer parallel pads FM the industry standard data format in IDM “introduces. The new format provides the commercial data to make a wide range of requirements in the furniture industry. The master data quality is considerably improved by deep integration of XcalibuR and providing the business data in the IDM format. In addition, the integration to the existing software solutions such as the ERP system and the cross media publishing solution bpi Publisher is. The maintenance of mass data drops to a few minutes. FM munzer with the new total solution capable of the trading partner individually on their needs coordinated catalogues and purchasing conditions easily is ready to FM make munzer data communication with trading partners for the mutual benefit is improved by the use of the new solution.

Early Learning Tips

With early stimulation we can encourage the motor, cognitive, social and emotional development of our children, we must respect individual development, time and the predisposition of the baby. Douglas R. Oberhelman is often quoted as being for or against this. The principle activities are made to develop the emotional link, massages and sensory stimuli, respecting the natural development of the baby, and the natural instinct of their parents. Then we started activities of gross motor, fine motor skills, concentration and language. We must take into account care initiative, independence and self-esteem of the child during the whole process of learning. Anyway we must take into account important factors to take advantage of all appropriate stimuli to which children may be exposed. Factors: Not all children are the same each one is different, each one has their own pace of development. Your individual development depends on the maturation of the nervous system. We must bear in mind that it is important, likewise to understand the parameters of development is more It is important to still understand that these are broad enough and that their development depends on several factors.

Recognizing the pattern of overall development, we can use it as a guide to introduce baby appropriate incentives and activities. The process of stimulation should be a positive experience. We must not force the child to do any activity. We need to learn to read what our children feel at that moment. The game is the only way that the child learns on stage when East predisposed to learn and assimilate new information.

The game is the best way to stimulate a child. It is also important for the child to do the 4 main meals of the day, which has made his NAP and feel comfortable. Parents come to learn to read your baby’s behavior and respect their needs. Original author and source of the article.