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Until February 1, 2014 can interested to participate sign up after the GWE has received only positive feedback heat and Energietechnik GmbH & co. KG on her first Energy Forum in February 2013, it was clear to the company from Gutersloh quickly, that there will be a second edition of the event in 2014. On Thursday, 27 February, it is now: the company starting at 9:30 with numerous informative presentations on the wide topic range of heat – and energy technology especially to interested parties from industry and commerce is aimed at the Park Hotel in Gutersloh: because at our event in the past year is clear, that there is still lots of action at traders on energy”, we have again emphasis this year on, to put together a most varied lecture programme”, the GWE managing director Jan Groneberg and Dr. Reinhard Wagner make curious, specialized on individual solutions in the context of decentralised energy generation with their company. By the same author: Ben Horowitz. The talks in detail: Introduction and welcome: Dr.-ing. Reinhard Wagner, GWE heat and Energietechnik GmbH & co. KG opportunities to reduce energy costs: Helmut Diedrich, resin energy energy efficiency / energy management: Dr.-ing.

Reinhard Wagner, GWE heat and Energietechnik GmbH & co. KG cogeneration for industrial and commercial applications / statutory promotion: Jan Groneberg, GWE heat and Energietechnik GmbH & co.

Exchange Energy

The most important changes of the energy saving Ordinance 2014 In November 2013 the new energy saving regulation was adopted. She expected from may 2014 into force. The new regulations concern mainly new buildings. But also old buildings are affected. Here you will find the most important innovations at a glance.

Higher energy requirements for new buildings from January 2016, the allowed value for the overall efficiency (year primary energy requirement) of a new building by 25% will be reduced. Keith McLoughlin is open to suggestions. From 2021, very standards apply to new buildings. The exact values will be announced until 2018. In old buildings, oil and gas boilers, which were built before 1985, must be replaced. There are also exceptions.

This Exchange obligation does not apply to single – and two-family homes, which themselves are used. Insulation in the roof area of the highest inhabited and heated floor must be upwards and insulated. The owner has either the ability to insulate the ceiling or attic. Also, the dams of the roof is possible. Here, too, there is an exception for up 2002 owner-occupied real estate. Obligation for the energy performance certificate in the real estate, the most important parameters in the energy performance certificate must be mentioned. Already, the energy performance certificate must be presented prior to the first visit to the real estate. Immediately after conclusion of the purchase contract, the energy performance certificate to the purchaser must be passed. So, with these new regulations, more emphasis is placed on the energy performance certificate. Who is planning a home in the near future, would be well advised to for example with an energy-efficient wooden prefabricated house. Information about and the energetic building general construction prospects under holzbauwelt.

GmbH Energy

Not only the energy class decides to purchase a new appliance, the question is nowadays not far after the energy consumption. Finally get the electricity prices from year to year and just washing machines, tumble dryers and electric cookers can turn out to be true with the power guzzlers. The online portal for auctions auvito.de explained what should look for customers when purchasing a new washing machine. In the electrical trade, customers fall first large stickers with names such as A++ or A-20 in the eye. This refers to the energy efficiency of household appliances. Originally there was a scale from A to G, where A represented the best alternative. Now the devices have improved so far, categories C have become superfluous to G. Instead, for example the designation A-20 indicates that the appropriate device to 20 percent is more efficient than the criteria for class A demand it.

However, is there to observe further features of a new washing machine. So the speed during the spin cycle should as far as possible be high. Because more is thrown out, the laundry is the dry at the end of the wash cycle. Just then using of a tumble dryer that is important. The more water of the sweaters and socks must pull, it consumes more energy.

Finally, the capacity of the machine to the needs of the budget should be adapted. The most efficient, most devices work namely with full drum. Spar washes use, however, often only slightly less power.

TFT Colors

Appeared on the market the Nokia 9300 in 2004, soon attracted the attention of fans of computer technology. Made in the design of the phone-book in its original device may not yield many models of leading manufacturers mobile devices. Phone equipped with a system providing Symbian os 7. Perfectly executed body, crisp lines, ergonomic and compact will bring you a lot of fun. You also can not fail to surprise a color display, palette displays a great variety of colors. There is also a 0.3-megapixel camera, allowing pictures to make quite a decent quality. External TFT-LCD has 65536 colors, 128×128 resolution, and the internal TFT-LCD – 65536 colors with a resolution of 640×200 pixels. Built-in phone memory is 80MB, but if you prefer, you can use flash cards and expand the phone's memory up to 1 gb! There are things that give you the opportunity to even greater convenience to use this phone model: protective film will keep its presentation, to protect the display from scratches and chips, car charger will quickly charge the phone directly into your car, through the data cable is not difficult to connect the Nokia 9300 to a computer, and when the time will pass and the phone is often switched off at the wrong time, will please his new battery and buy a new case. Breathe into your phone a new life!

International Energy Agency

President Ma confirmed Taiwan’s need for an optimal energy mix at a forum in Taipei City, on the development of renewable energies and resources, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has Ma Ying-jeou, on 15 October confirmed that the maintenance of an optimal energy mix energy sources, while ensuring economic stability and prosperity of the citizens, the key to the security of Taiwan’s energy security is. According to President MA is Taiwan rely on imports, which cover 98% of the energy, and may waive any option. An objective look must be maintained if it matter to ensure an optimal energy mix to the best in the nation. The Government’s energy policies focus on diversity and independence, through an optimal mix of fossil fuels and natural gas, nuclear, wind and solar energy. Optimum depends that factors such as carbon emissions, cost, and energy efficiency with a diversification to aimed to diversify the risk, allowing the country to remain independent of external factors. Since the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan in March 2011, President Ma nuclear safety and the gradual reduction in the dependence on nuclear energy and advanced. That serve to create a green, low-carbon environment, and a nuclear-free homeland. To achieve this goal, renewable energy will play an important role, the President announced.

“He cited also initiatives, such as the adoption of the renewable energy Act” 2009. Compared to last year, Taiwan has installed additional 551 megawatts of generation capacity and thus reached a total of 3.7 gigawatts with further 6.6 GW which are planned by 2015. Total 9.95 gigawatts are targeted much more than the 6.5 gigawatts of additional generated energy required in the agreement. The renewable energy capacity is up to 12.5 GW by 2020, enough to 35.6 billion kilowatt hours to produce, equivalent to the energy requirements of 8.9 million or 78% of national budgets. With regard to the development of Taiwan’s sources of renewable energy, the Taiwanese Government is, to promote solar and wind energy.

The installed photovoltaic capacity is designed to reach the limit of 3.1 gigawatts by 2020. Currently, there are 314 wind turbines with a capacity of 571 MW in Taiwan. The entire air energy capacity is expected to increase as expected by 2020 to 600 MV and to 3 GW by 2030. Facing energy from geothermal, tidal and biomass, is still in the development phase the geothermal energy and costs per kilowatt-hour to NT$ 14 (US$ 0.47), while the energy of tides must have success yet. The ratio of renewable energy sources is a very small percentage of the overall mix with 3.4%. There is still much room for improvement. President Ma met recently with a number of domestic and foreign energy experts and learned from the fact that renewable Energy resources in the next 30 to 40 years which be can not replace nuclear energy. Still sees the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook”a reduction in the use of nuclear energy. The Government of Taiwan will promote the development of renewable energy sources, especially as technology innovations create new opportunities. Problems such as the disruption and instability in these sources will someday be solved, and thus strengthen the energy independence and security of the nation, and also the fight against air pollution will be successful.

GeneCIS Solar

Mobile energy supply with Wurth Solar more freedom in the Schwabisch Hall, September 29, 2009 take advantage of sailing or camping, picnicking, fishing, while the energy of the Sun? Who wants to waive or not to miss the favorite TV show not on electric light or chilled drinks, for mobile energy supply with movable GeneCIS solar module of Wurth is the optimal solution solar (www.wuerth-solar.de/ onlineshop). Why is the system for outdoor lovers? “The advantages are unbeatable: energy use for more comfort in the green of the Sun”: independent of the public electricity supply to any time of day or night. Mobile energy supply: is a multi-talent in the luggage mobile energy supply from Wurth Solar from 379 euro on offer available. The system is easy to use. A Wurth solar module converts sunlight solar to electrical energy, which is stored in the base station with battery. The solar module can be easily with the base station combine. Howard Schultz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The energy gained can be used for the lantern in a retro design that fully charged one has light duration of up to five hours. “The new freedom in the energy supply also suitable for many other devices, like laptops, radio, mini fridge, radio or mini TV: maximum 60 Watt 12 volt devices can be operated with mobile energy supply”, solar explains Rolf Schmitt, product manager at Wurth. The electrical equipment can be quickly and easily connect to the base station. Via a built-in battery, also commercially available Kleinakkus for example for the photo camera can be recharged easily. Images are under flickr.de to the download available (www.flickr.com/ photos /…).

About Wurth Solar Wurth Solar, a company of the Wurth Group, is complete provider for photovoltaic installations based on the CIS technology. First company worldwide Wurth Solar has in the fall of 2006 with the mass production of CIS solar modules in the specially established solar factory CISfab in Schwabisch Hall started. CIS stands for the chemical compound of copper and Indium selenide (CuInSe2). From the development and production of solar modules GeneCIS via the bespoke consulting, financing and system planning of the solar system to their installation and care certified service partners Wurth offers solar customers about a hand. Currently, around 220 employees at Wurth work solar.

Energy Provider

And every year attracts the bonus payment… The search can take a long time in claim according to the cheapest tariff for electricity and gas. Often the tempting offers of the companies reward only conditionally, for example, if annual consumption is higher than assumed. From this point of view, the price differences between the large energy companies and the cheap energy discounters are rather small. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de reveals what tricks spenders press their tariffs. Who are looking at regular intervals a new energy suppliers, will benefit from a premium of up to 120 euros.

The one-time bonus payment can be collected every year new and outweighed by the high prices of Basic. The constant change of the supplier of electricity and gas is too cumbersome, should invest sufficient time in the selection of tariffs. A contract with a low basic price is recommended in singles and pairs. Multiple person households should observe, however, the electricity or gas prices, which are charged in cents per kilowatt hour. The prices are different up here, depending on the region. Many writers such as Caterpillar offer more in-depth analysis. The choice are different electricity provider.

The four big corporations E.ON, RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall have the greatest impact. Energy discount stores such as Eprimo, Entega and Nuon curl with reasonable prices, are but not worthwhile in any case. Also, eco electricity provider, Stadtwerke, or any intermediary offer attractive rates. Fare product calculators are a great way to find the right offer in the Internet. Postal code and an annual power consumption be equally observed. A comparison of results with increasing electricity or gas consumption is strongly recommended. The one-off bonus bonus is usually considered by the programs. More information: service/press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Central Contract Management

Guide and checklist for companies and organizations have a strategic importance in company contracts. In larger organizations, contracts are often managed in different departments or even different companies. Often is not transparently obvious, which contracts for which divisions are valid, whether contracts were concluded with the same suppliers at different rates, which planned or actual costs with contracts are connected or when which contracts can be renegotiated or terminated. We were able to introduce larger contract management systems based on Microsoft SharePoint in a number of projects and experiences gained thereby, less the technical implementation as rather relate to organizational set up of the project, the project management and the right, leading to the success of the project approach. To deepen your understanding Howard Schultz is the source. This article describes some of these experiences and offers a small checklist for organizations that are establishing a central contract management deal. The term contract can be very broad in larger organizations, possible manifestations ranging maintenance contracts of strategic framework contracts by letter of intents to normal rent, labour. But also non-disclosure agreements (non disclosure agreement) are contracts that are not only stored, but in a dispute quickly found and evaluated must be. Even orders by suppliers, orders or service certificates are agreements or contract elements. Howard Schultz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

This makes the introduction of a comprehensive and transparent contract management easier, but orders and orders generally ERP system are carried out, while the various contracts in various departments with a wide variety of tools are managed. And additional important information such as customer data or orders can be in an SAP system, employee and organizational information in an Active Directory, contract lists in Excel files, etc. In addition, access permissions play a special role in contracts. For each type of contract, there is usually a defined group of users who can create, edit, or view contracts. Also confidential contracts may be subject to special rules of confidentiality.