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GPS receiver – a small device with a screen (color or black and white), powered by batteries or accumulators, whose main function is to receive signals from satellites and computation of object location (latitude, longitude and altitude, as well as direction and speed of its movement). In addition, using the GPS receiver can determine the time to within 1 nanosecond. In the Navigator can be downloaded raster (scanned paper maps) and vector (originally Digital) cards. If you travel by car and sometimes find yourself in unfamiliar places, doing various sports, fishing, hiking and your work is connected with endless traveling, then you GPS-navigator is a must. It can be used to route, review detailed maps with sights, locate known objects, to receive emergency information Road condition and traffic, accidents, repair work, to estimate the parameters of motion, and GPS-tracking function will be useful to motorists, prompting them where and when to turn in time to be in destination. Taking advantage of opportunities and benefits of GPS, you can not be afraid to get lost, and the safety factor would make you more confident and helps in difficult situations.

We offer a wide range of products and expert help in selecting a model of GPS-navigator that meets the requirements and functionality for you among the many, seemingly identical, but nevertheless these different models of GPS receivers. South Korean Carpoint Corporation manufactures automotive GPS navigators, known in Russia and Europe under the brand TiBO, but in America, Australia and Japan, the company presents its navigators under the logo XRoad. CarPoint is always carefully selected components and software for their GPS devices. That is why they are famous for excellent quality and high performance in extreme conditions. A quality GPS chip users are often surprised how quickly GPS satellites are able to capture. You'll never get lost with a powerful GPS system from TIBO.

IRR Business

Most people to perform a financial plan, only based its study on the financial statements of the project, such as general or State balance of losses and profits, according to those data to determine whether or not the business is profitable. But on the financial side of a business plan, 3 criteria must be included to determine whether the project is feasible and desirable to investors or not. 3 Criteria or methods are used in the elaboration of a professional business plan, that allows us to decide if it’s worth investing in the business, the VAN (net present value), IRR (internal rate of return), and the Payback. To calculate the RANGING, first it is necessary to build a cash flow of the coming years of the business, estimates of sale must be made with all the correct parameters for this is convenient knowing to do a market study. Once the cash flow, may proceed to calculate the VAN. The VAN is the sum of all winnings of the project in the coming years, brought to present value, i.e. what would do everything What won today same. With a range greater than zero, one can say that it is feasible to start the business.

The IRR is the profitability that has been built cash flow, the criterion of this method is fairly intuitive, if the IRR is greater than the (rate expected by shareholders) go, business can be conducted. And the last, the Payback, which is the estimated time that recovers the investment business, this was criterion for consideration of the investor, he decides if you can wait or not estimated in the Payback time. These 3 methods can not miss in a business or financial plan, the criteria are globally recognized by consultants and banks, and it is of utmost importance for decision-making. We must not forget that to make a good cash flow, should be estimates of supply and demand in the coming years. These estimates must be made within the market study. I recommend using 3 methods together, because the information can be supplemented, and the investor acquires a broader view of the panorama future. Best wishes!


In the center of the province of Mendoza is the Department of San Rafael, which provides a number of tourist attractions that will make the delight of those who busquenun place with the ideal combination of nature and tourist services. The city of San Rafael is the capital of the Department, and is in itself a beautiful tourist town that is worth be visited and enjoyed. The big Valley, a place of stunning beauty, is only 37 km of the same. As its name indicates, is a valley which pass through great gorges, and surrounded by hills of fascinating colors. The area is crisscrossed by innumerable rivers and streams of crystal clear waters, which are given entirely to those who want an alternative to relax and enjoy the most of tourism in Mendoza.

To access the big Valley you can visit the provincial route 173, in excellent condition. An abundant vegetation welcomes visitors, who in a few kilometres will enter towards the edges of the Atuel River. Many visitors come year after year to the Valle Grande in search of places for camping, rafting on the mighty river, or enjoy a holiday in maximum contact with the nature, a perfect remedy for the stresses of daily life. But, the advantage of big Valley is that, despite retain their natural character to the maximum, the visitor can find a wide range of services that will make your stay a moment of comfort and security. In the Valle Grande is located the eponymous dam, with an imposing wall, whose objective is to regular Atuel river flow and remove hydroelectric power. Here forms an artificial lake, on whose margins are located many companies and businesses that continuously provide assistance to many visitors. In this way it is possible to enjoy a wide range of aquatic activities, but also find restaurants, accommodations, proveedurias and tourism companies that specialize in the Organization of excursions for this beautiful area of the country. One of the activities that most attracts young people and adolescents is the Hydrospeed, consisting of slide at high speed across the River into a kind of slipper, comprised of a single plastic cart, where they only fit one or two people. Activity synthesize fun and adrenalin the Atuel River has to offer to those who visit it, which will be, undoubtedly, accommodation in Mendoza in this area to enjoy the maximum of their possibilities.