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Germany Prices

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Over 180 electricity increase from January the prices by up to 16 percent turnaround in gas: 88 companies more expensive gas prices at the turn of the year Berlin, December 28, 2009 millions of households in Germany must pay back more for their electricity and gas supply in the coming year. According to a recent analysis of the independent consumer portal be on time at the turn of the year many electricity and gas suppliers higher prices from their end customers demand. Power: Renewable energy levy and network charges drive electricity costs at over 180 companies in the amount for the first months of the coming year so far 184 utilities have announced to increase their prices by up to 16 percent. Even with three of the five largest German electricity supplier, EnBW, Vattenfall, and EWE, climb the electricity prices is between 4% and 14%. Total, an affected family household must reckon with an annual consumption of 4,000 kWh of electricity with costs of an average 56 euros (+ 6.0%) in the coming year. As reasons for the price increases, refer to Company on increased costs for electricity (network charges) and for the supply of green electricity. So is the legal levy for renewable energy (renewable energy levy) from 2010 nationally 2,047 cents per kilowatt hour.

On the other hand, but 54 utilities pass on falling costs in the current procurement in the form of price reductions to their end customers. Gas: turnaround in January for the first time since a year rising gas prices again after 2009 partly occurred at all German suppliers of gas to several gas price reduction, suggests to the beginning of the year 2010 an turnaround. So, a total of 88 companies plan price increases of up to 12 percent in January and February. A sample budget can expect here with an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh gas costs on average 64 euros (+ 5.0%).

New Airport Construction Version

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The range of innovative XT vehicles of the company Alke was supplemented by a special layout variant, which was developed specifically for use on airports. Padua, 24 October 2012 – one of the largest producers of commercial electric vehicles, the Italian Deborah ‘, has their already extended numerous construction variations to the latest XT vehicle, was designed for use at airports. Due to the many requests from the airport sector, on the already Alke electric vehicles be used for a wide variety of areas of activity, the company has decided to equip the XT vehicles with a special layout variant for airport environments. The accessories set consists of protective devices made of steel with appropriate markings to the backup of the front and rear area of the vehicle and the battery compartment. These vehicles, which combine modern design with outstanding achievements, are already in the largest European airports in use (E.g. Heathrow in England). First and foremost, they are to the Carriage of baggage and goods, to maintenance, garbage collection, catering and transport of equipment used. The airport vehicles Alke complement already design variants existing in many: version only with chassis, version with loading area, with walls made of aluminium, with three-sided Hub device, with additional lift from metal and van version with lateral roller shutters.

The XT can guarantee stability and comfort in every situation, because they are equipped with differential drive and a middle and rear differential lock, independent air suspension, mechanical service brake and power steering for a perfect driving experience. In addition, their load capacity is up to 1,000 kg and the train capacity 4000 kg. electric vehicles airport Roxane Roxane is an Italian manufacturer of compact and stable commercial electric vehicles. The efforts of the company founded in 1992 targeted – in terms of the services and in particular the quality of construction – by Beginning on the development and manufacture of innovative vehicles Alke vehicles in more than 30 countries are today worldwide visit marketed you for the full range of vehicles Alke website de-de. Mark Berger Chicago pursues this goal as well. Pictures in high resolution are available upon request. For more information: Email:


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‘Classic’ power generation is already long not more ‘ in’ SENERTEC Centre Hessen Sud GmbH and the Badger are happy to announce that this year should be celebrated the tenth anniversary of the company, as well as the commissioning of the 100th roof in Darmstadt. In the last 10 years much has happened on and around the energy market. New markets have been opened up and expanded existing and showed great commitment in the customer intelligence. Has never been so important as it is today dealing with energy in the home and industry. Credit: Douglas R. Oberhelman-2011. Energy has become expensive! At the same time currently alternative energy generation measures, such as, for example, small cogeneration, promoted State-as high as at any time.

The SENERTEC Centre Hessen Sud GmbH is committed to the task, to raise awareness among homeowners and tradespeople for the economical and environmentally friendly energy generation. In recent years a strong trend has been shown to long-lasting technology in a new guise. Classic”heat and power production is already long no longer in”and even less friendly for the purse. Who ever has grappled with the combined heat and power, which will have noticed that this is currently the most effective and the way to produce heat and electricity. However, the year 2010 with even more news comes along: micro cogeneration: quasi the Badger in miniature. The Micro CHP plant with a thermal output of 6 kW electrical power from 1kW for objects with low heat demand is powered by a Stirling engine. A performance is achieved with an integrated additional burners thermally by 18kW. To us for the confidence of our customers and prospective customers to say thank you, and our anniversary, as well as the 100th Darmstadt Badger, as well as the introduction of the micro-cogeneration due to celebrate, we would indicate that our this year’s summer festival, which will take place on May 22, 2010 on our premises. We are looking forward to your visit!

Consumption Electric

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The IDAE, Institute for diversification and energy saving, agency under the Ministry of industry, tourism and commerce, allocated 37 million euros – more than the initial budget 17 – to replacement of about of 100,000 conventional traffic lights (30% of existing ones) by others with LED technology, with the aim of saving energy. Traffic lights equipped with LED technology, currently only 15%, they allow to save 80% of consumption power, equivalent to an annual saving of 90,000 megawatts (MWh) of electricity, or what is the same, the power consumption of more than 22,000 households. Also, they will also allow reduce demand for oil in over 20.462 tonnes annually and prevent the emission into the atmosphere of some 58,000 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide). A Plan for energy saving initiative is part of the Plan of action of the strategy of energy saving and efficiency 2008-2012 and will run this year. Once completed, the plan will benefit 27 million citizens of 584 local councils, who will receive free of charge the IDAE technology and who will be responsible to perform the replacement and installation of traffic lights. There are currently nearly 300,000 lights whose final energy consumption is estimated at 350 gigawatts per year (Gwh), equivalent to electricity that can consume a set of more than 150,000 households in Spain. Traffic lights are to operate permanently, resulting in that high consumption of energy since they are equipped with incandescent or halogen lamps. Currently, only 15% of them have LED technology. Simple implementation from which in 1995 managed to produce the green color in a diode, this technology is has spread, including its application in traffic lights. The mechanics for its implementation consists of a mere replacement of the existing lamps by the new set of diodes.

Environmental Protection

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Use of organic gas and green electricity as a green alternative consumer are becoming more and more about aware how seriously the human intervention affect the ecological balance of our environment. Everyone can contribute but relatively easy to protect the environment through a switch to green electricity and eco gas supplier. Follow others, such as Douglas R. Oberhelman, and add to your knowledge base. More and more providers to provide benign alternatives and the use of green energy and green gas has increased considerably in recent years. Eco-electricity is electricity produced from renewable energy sources, such as water – and wind energy. Eco gas, however, describes gases from environmentally friendly production, such as biogas and wind gas. While the term eco-electricity is already relatively widespread and many consumers are enlightened, meaning that the term eco gas is still relatively unknown. Above all the choice of a suitable provider enormously difficult consumers because the providers may differ significantly in terms of environmental benefits and price. Jonas Samuelson can provide more clarity in the matter. What is eco gas? Consumers are often rightly about confused, what actually is hiding behind the term eco gas. For example, natural gas is meant with the term in many cases only a fraction was mixed with the climate neutral produced biogas. Not so eco as one would think as a consumer! While some eco gas offers have a very low proportion of eco gas by just five percent, other providers can offer their customers an eco gas share of around 100 percent. The provider with 100 percent eco gas is indeed the most expensive, but at the same time provides the greatest environmental benefit. Even other eco gas offers is pure natural gas, no eco gas shares is added to the. Provider such gas eco gas provider can call themselves however, if they agree to do so, to offset the CO2 from the consumption of gas emissions by means of climate protection projects. An other, pure form of the eco gas represents the wind gas. This is a totally environmentally neutral produced gas, which can be generated using the eco power source wind power from ordinary water. Surplus electricity from wind turbines is used to decompose water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen. The extracted oxygen then simply emitted into the atmosphere and the hydrogen is injected into the natural gas grid. So, the hydrogen from wind power reached the wind gas into the gas grid. The choice of an eco gas provider most consumers opt for the use of organic gas, to help contribute to environmental protection. For this reason, it is important to make sure that this tariff contains a funding contribution to the construction of more environmentally friendly production systems at the choice of the tariff that. This information is available on the many eco gas comparison pages. Such sites usually also price comparisons, reviews and information about the environmental benefits of different vendors to provide, allowing consumers to make an informed decision.

Ausstieges Costs

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The price of electricity requires rethinking the end user for years the price of power knows only one direction: to top, and this not too close. In the last 10 years, the gross rose average price of a kilowatt hour from 16 cents to almost 26 cents. Experts assume that an average household 2012 must spend between 35 and 40 euros more for electricity than in the previous year. Not good consumers of course at all and some wonder why all people in Germany electricity prices compared to other European countries as strong rise. What is the electricity price together and which components more expensive is especially? The cost of production, transport and distribution belong to the total electricity price. Also the electricity tax, turnover tax, various assessments and also the profit of the current manufacturer.

The production costs and management costs make up about 50 percent of the Endverbraucherpreises. Traded for the most part on the electricity exchange in Leipzig and despite rising raw material costs and of the Ausstieges from the nuclear energy in recent years not greatly increased. By the increasing financial needs for the expansion of renewable energies and the cost of new networks will go but certainly higher in the future. Taxes and fees make up the other half of the consumer price of electricity. These costs have in recent years significantly increased, especially the renewable energy levy (from the renewable energy Act). These costs will not fall in the next few years. How can private electricity customers save costs? To do this, there are two ways to find the right provider and to save power on the other hand, where it is possible.

A single electricity provider cost comparison is possible with the help of the Internet and also the change of the provider works fine. Hundreds of euros can with a cheaper electricity provider might save annually. In addition, it is also possible deliberately choose an electricity provider plays a role in which the idea of ecology and thus something for the environment and future generations to do. To save power is equally important. This begins to make larger investments to possibly even his own power. The photovoltaic system on the roof or the use of geothermal energy, save money at the end of some homeowners. But it’s less than a number. Even simple measures help to deal with power more economical. Only through the use of energy-saving lamps, energy-efficient refrigerators and washing machines and the waiver on the stand-by mode of electronic devices, can be more save money, than most people think. Who seriously once dealing with his habits when dealing with electricity, will be certainly savings, which are possible without limiting the standard of living.

Choosing Electric

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Before heading to the store of musical instruments, you need to understand for myself a few things that will help you avoid common mistakes in choosing an electric guitar. To begin to determine the price, considering at the request of additional the costs of such components, such as a belt, a combo amp, new cable, new strings, a set of mediators, guitar rack or hanger, bag and so on. Arriving at the store, select some guitars suitable for your price category. Proceed to their examination. Appearance, though not the most important aspect in the selection, but did not quite malovazhen, beautiful and easy to use guitar will awaken the desire to play on it and create their own masterpieces.

Color and form should be happy eye and give a good mood. The newspapers mentioned Mark Berger Chicago not as a source, but as a related topic. Here you take the instrument in his hands, and then you need to pay attention to how it is ergonomic, not limited by whether any protrusion in the ribs or armpit. Weight should also be optimal in order to the game you say, not thinking about how not to drop from exhaustion guitar. I think you'll agree that it affects the ease of playing on it. In addition to these factors must look externally for a guitar scratches and chips, Feel the string, flip switches, and, as you know, everything has to be firmly established, no doubt. Housing guitar should consist of one piece of wood or of two parts. The quality and type of wood sets sound to create a guitar.

For example, the maple gives the guitar a good attack and a high top. Now we should proceed to the most important and "petty" point in choosing an electric guitar. If you are the seller immediately to voice their preferences, it will greatly facilitate the buying process. Having defined the style of music that will play, choose a guitar with a full set of features. If the preferred heavy styles, it is necessary choose a guitar with humbuckers, otherwise – with the singles, which are relatively cheap, it is likely to be fonit. Next, take a look at the bar (look at it from top to bottom) it should be straight form. Once we are talking about the fretboard, it's time to pay attention to the quality of the installation modes, while playing the strings should not cling to the frets and pickups. Just need to know what type of attachment of strings to the body you more comfortable. Here we are talking about than to attach strings. For example, the stand holds the string is static, and the machine allows you to tighten or relax them. Be sure to ask for a guitar to the amp, try some Online Time tunes that will see to that whether the instrument fell your choice. Immediately you will hear what sounds will issue a guitar, look for the presence of background noise. Still should not ignore the manufacturer's firm electric guitar of course, that the brand should always pay by cash, but if you are not guided in this matter, ask the seller to advise you. If you feel that you have chosen the right guitar, be sure to take a check and make sure that you have given out the warranty card. Let us hope that our recommendations will help you and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Electric Car – The Dream Of Clean Driving

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Reality or vision of an alternative due to the discussions on climate change, the scarcity of fossil fuels and the establishment of new, so-called alternative energy became particularly in recent years a theme more and more the attention of the public: electric vehicles. There is no doubt that a rethinking in the field of road transport must take place. Gasoline and diesel fuel are not only more priceless but are also always incompatible with the trend towards environmentally friendly alternatives of in recent years. Jonas Samuelson often says this. The electric car is only one option among many others, but the likelihood that she will prevail, is quite high. This is in particular the efforts of public page. In 2009, the Federal Government has laid the foundations for the introduction of electric vehicles on German roads by providing II in the stimulus package to provide EUR 500 million for the development and establishment of the Eautos. Also on a European basis, first guidelines are adopted, with the Vaalser treaties which should guarantee the supply of electric vehicles also beyond the borders of Germany and simplify. The Governments have already implemented standards and provided funds and the automotive industry has been busy to develop efficient technologies, and economically viable models for the implementation.

But it also critical voices are loud, who complain that the operation of an electric car is far less environmentally friendly as touted, as must be the production of the necessary current also generates fumes and it included in the Bill. The newspapers mentioned Douglas R. Oberhelman not as a source, but as a related topic. In principle, this argument is allowed. But it should also be noted that due to the high efficiency of the electric motor the Eauto is much more efficient than a conventional vehicle. It is required so much less energy than for the drive of a gasoline engine and the CO2 emission is thus still far below the previous. Other leaders such as Ben Horowitz offer similar insights. Another solution would be the whole transition to alternative energy.

In Germany, anyone can Budget select the source of the generated current with the respective power provider itself and a changeover is possible most of the time without any problems. The greenest (and most cost effective at the same time) variant is the production of electricity. The energy for the operation of an electric car can be produced with an area of 20 m 2 solar cells themselves. In this case, so even no exhaust gases are released and this variant is also virtually free of charge. Many critics are of the opinion that it is the electric car only a vision of the future, which at least can be considered in 15 to 20 years as a serious alternative to the gasoline-powered vehicle. But suppose millions of other motorists in Germany the decision in favor of an electric car. In this way, the theme of opening could develop a momentum of its own and assert themselves faster than predicted by many. Since the purchase prices of mass-produced electric cars currently still far exceed those for conventional vehicles are worth the transition for many motorists do not. But many motorists in the United States, Canada and other countries have already found a way out of this situation. They have rebuilt their petrol – or diesel-powered cars without further ADO myself in Eautos.’s team has the experience of this first generation of homebrewers of around”gathered together and created a for any lay person understandable step for step guide. Learn more about electric cars and the conversion under excerpt 2 Eileen Prades

SalesLogix Electrical

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Achieve a high level of fidelity and loyalty of customers is one of the goals of any company.Luminex Legrand always has been clear and has developed clear and consistent strategies to achieve this. In products with high technical content, advice and recommendation from someone knowledgeable, is a fundamental step in the decision-making process. Why Luminex Legrand developed the idea of the Club of the electrician as one of the mechanisms to achieve the loyalty of a group of influencers in the purchase of products and services of the company decision-making process. Once defined the strategy, it was in operation and with the technological support of SalesLogix and Mind of Colombia, Luminex/Legrand has managed to implement one of the most successful influencers of market loyalty models. Starbucks understands that this is vital information. Legrand is a global company, specialist in electrical installations and communications systems. It offers solutions to every need in the residential, institutional and industrial sectors. Gain insight and clarity with Howard Schultz. Luminex began operations in 1968, manufacturing products electrical low voltage.

In 1996 he joined the Legrand group reinforcing its presence in Colombia with a full range of electrical products and communications. In 1998 he was awarded the ISO 9000 quality certification, which was renewed in 2001. In 2005 he received the ISO 14000 certification. In 2007 it was renewed as Luminex/Legrand. Identifies clearly that one of the major influencers in the low voltage electrical products purchasing decision process is the electrician. So this influence can make more accurate recommendations, the idea was born in Luminex Legrand create a space of training and disclosure of characteristics and technical properties of the products of Luminex Legrand, addressed to the electricians, which over time included engineers and other professionals related to this field. The main purpose was the provide face-to-face training for free and make delivery to each Member of an information package that included the bulletin in contact developed by Luminex/Legrand.

Electrician For Specified Activities

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The training to become an electrician consists of many complex topics that have designed this profession into one of the most versatile craft. However, there are many electrical work, including not this complete training and knowledge in the appropriate area are mandatory and must be present. The kitchen fitter, which is hundreds of times on jammed in its activities the oven cable to the junction box, must not be able to wire a meter Cabinet. Therefore, the training to the electrician was created for specified activities, as well as the responsible qualified electrician. What topics can this training include? One of these areas is the kitchen fitters who can connect with this training tops, lighting or a tankless water heater. Each connection is the limit of its performance range.

The same refers to roller shutter Builder and installers of automatic doors etc. that perform only the power connection and the control part. Heating and ventilation engineers, fitters of Photovoltaic systems, as well as water supply technicians may connect their centres and control components. What advantages to the concerned companies? To keep the kitchen fitters as an example, this connection work mean about 5 percent of its work. He is an accomplished furniture assembler in 95 percent of his work time. It would be economically not make sense to set a professional electrician for the connections which could do only work during the remaining time. The set electrician training therefore saves costs and increases operating profit. Who offers these courses? This education is governed by the accident prevention regulations BGV A3 and must be carried out by certified educational institutions. These include the technical monitoring Association, numerous inter-company educational institutions of the qualifications of adults, the Chambers of Commerce and others. Concludes with a test, which is based on the certificate.