Krassimir Dotchev

After aging this peak increases slightly, according to the conditioning temperature increases (185 C for a refurbishment of 130 C and) 187.1 c in the case of 160 C). Figure 2. Curves calorimetric (DSC) sweep of PA 12, without aging (red curve), conditioned for 12 h / 130 C (green curve) and conditioned for 12 h / 160 C. Below, every 3 hours, the measurements were made of the melt flow index both conditioned at 130 C and 160 C 12 PA and the mixture of 75% PA 12 conditioned + 25% PA 12 unconditioned. The results obtained are included in Figure 3 and Figure 4. Figure 3. PA12 Figure 4 MFI.

Mix of 75% MFI PA12 acondicionada+25% PA unconditioned both figures show a similar trend, the melt flow index experienced a gradual decrease as it increases the conditioning time. Moreover, in both cases the MFI of the samples conditioned at 160 C are lower than those obtained from the air conditioners at 130 C. CONCLUSIONS according to the initial results presented in this paper, shows that the material undergoes changes in the structure of the material Depending on the temperature and exposure time. Within the study of recycling of PA 12 powder for sintered, upcoming activities of the project will focus on studying the influence of the location of the powder in the same properties, references – Krassimir Dotchev. Recycling of polyamide 12 based powders in the sintering process lacer. Rapid Prototyping Journal 15/3 (2009) 192-203. -Ryan Haislmaiter. Investigation of the Thermophysical properties of Recycled Polyamide Materials used for Selective Laser Sintering. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS this project is partially funded by the Ministry of science and innovation, as well as by the European Union within the operating programme of RDI by and for the benefit of the ERDF (PSE-020000-2009-1) (technological Fund) firms and the IMPIVA (IMIDIC/2009/45). Original author and source of the article.

Business Profitability

Hence morality, if desired – They will always be able to set prices for similar goods are much lower than what you have. Is it worth trying? It remains a specialty store. And it's almost a win-win. Provided that you know specific market, or better yet, if they themselves are passionate skater, actively build muscle mass with trendy trainers, adore golf or are adept at extreme sports. In other words are in their specific sport-together. In this get-together you can look for a companion to reduce the financial burden and share the risk. Well, if wishing to enter into the share is not there always possible to choose among "Its store personnel – do not have to explain to new employees the specifics of the sport and feature items sold. Moreover personnel share a love of the sport selected in your case is one of the keys to success – just so you get the most qualified personnel, the flow of potential customers (friends of employees), and known in the community of interest without significant investment in advertising.

If your interest in opening a sports store based solely on the potential profitability of the business (and it is according to experts is 20-25%), and has nothing to do with love for the sport, will have to disappoint you – understand the specifics of sports, to understand the needs of potential buyers still have. Well help you understand your target audience visit specialized forums on the Internet. And of course do without the help of experts from the "party you can not, so just lay the unit in this office staffing, such as a marketer. Now let's talk about where the future store.

Holidays In Israel

Holidays in Israel is truly different from the rest in any other corner of the world. In Israel, every year thousands of visitors come wanting to improve their health and pilgrims from all over the world. Israel can accept and welcome lovers active beach holiday and want to improve their health, and a group of pilgrims. Holidays in Israel – is a comfortable and pleasant stay. Spa Holidays in Israel is one of the best in the world. Here you will find excellent travel service and entertainment.

The sun is shining and warm all year round, making the rest of Israel as bright. In 1965, Israel was established during a beach holiday season – from April to November. Season always opened after the Jewish Passover. During the season, a beach holiday open more than 150 beaches in the country. Most comfortable and cozy beaches located on the shores of the warm Mediterranean sea, a little less – Red Sea. In addition, you will be available to the beaches of Lake Kinneret with fresh water.

Of course one can not forget about the beaches of healing Dead Sea, whose waters are known to the world as having curative power, bestowed by nature. In recent years in Israel, especially in the areas of resorts, there was a really great variety of comfortable hotels. Available to you and ogoromnye palaces and small cozy hotel. On the site you will find descriptions about one hundred hotels in Israel. Hotels specially ordered by the cities in which they are to make you easier to navigate, with an indication of his 'stardom'. Hotels Israel comply with international quality standards service. Employees at hotels are polite and courteous. Many employees of the hotel staff are fluent in Russian, or even ourselves are our former compatriots, which also contributes comfortable rest. Hotels in Eilat and Haifa, the Dead Sea hotels and the Mediterranean Sea, Netanya and other cities in Israel hospitably thrown open its doors to guests. Depending on what services are offered by the hotel and where geographically it is located, depends on price category hotel. In the various hotels you may be offered a private beach, swimming pools, gyms, saunas and bathhouses, discos and nightclubs .. If you arrive at vacation in Israel with kids, then check in advance with hotel management, there is, and if so, what kind of entertainment for children. Also, many hotels are equipped with Israel's own bars, restaurants and discos. Nature Israel is really rich and varied, it also contributed to high-quality recreation in Israel. On a relatively small area of the state side by side and the green parks and reserves, and the hot sand pustnyni and snowy mountain peaks. The climate of the country in its different parts is very different from each other. In the coastal regions of Israel summer long and hot, and winters are brief and mild. In the central regions of the country's climate is more cool and edgy. In southern Israel, tropical climate, which is most suitable for a perfect holiday. That is, Israel – is a unique place, if you want to combine a beach holiday and skiing and snowboarding.