Furniture Strife

Living room or bedroom set in natural wood table made of oak, beech and birchwood on our times – rare phenomenon. As for the furnishings in modern apartments, everything is as it is pressed, glued, and environmental point of view leaves much to be desired. This primarily concerns of furniture, as the material of which it is made, into the air a pair of synthetic adhesives, and polyester nitrocellulose lacquers, wherewith it generously on factory assembly lines. The most dangerous is formaldehyde. It irritates the mucous membranes and has mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. And the "filling" this most aggressive in the first three or four years of operation. The good news is that later this malicious process is gradually waning.

By the way, furniture made of particleboard imported no less dangerous, although it is noticeably expensive. Domestic rules on formaldehyde is much harder in Europe, and the solid veneer only slows the rate of release of noxious fumes, stretching the process for many years. If you have to live surrounded by furniture chipboard should as often as possible be aired. Exactly the opposite is the case with soft furnishings. Sometimes, of course, environmentally perfect, perfect furniture, which is a pleasure to use and the harm it absolutely no, but to afford this luxury may be very few. Criteria for ideal simple: sturdy frame made of solid wood, organic fillers, due to which the sofa and in ten years lose any pristine form, no initial elasticity, and even excellent quality upholstery in the tissue, rather than the printer picture tapestry, or a well-dressed with a soft leather or something else no less worthy. If at your disposal furniture does not meet these requirements, the ranks of the ideal, it is clearly not true. And her eyes so the eye is needed, because it is the most that there is no direct threat to the home environment namely the extent of wear.

That's because with polyurethane foam used for its printing, release toxic substances as time in the process of dilapidation: the battered sofa, chair, ottoman, the greater the danger they pose to themselves. The same lack of mattresses are made of synthetic materials. In general, furniture strife – not all the new wonderful and not everything old is uniquely bad. They say that in Italy there is a tradition for 's throw away unwanted things, including old furniture. But what is "old" furniture in the understanding of the Italians? At best, it's plastic chairs, cabinets made from sawdust and even, perhaps, covered with leatherette sofas – in short, everything from what part do not mind. But No one would think to put on the street solidly natural wood furniture, even if it was inherited from great-great-great-grandfather. And it is not surprising, because such furniture stores in the atmosphere of the era, and maybe a few epochs, it is not subject to fashion and eventually just becomes more expensive. Becoming the owner of "ancestral" chiffonier oak or antique chest of drawers, do not hurry to part with these rarities. Replace off by the conscience of things on pressed sawdust, even in the most ultra-modern shell – top of frivolousness.

New Employees At Ecomplexx

Leverkusen / reading / Wels, 12.10.2009 Leverkusen / reading / WELS – based ecomplexx international full service Web service providers and content management expert his digital brand and marketing team further out. Isabell Rosenkranz: As Director digital brand and marketing to build the 33-year-old further from the field of design and conception. Rosary has many years of experience as an art director with renowned customers from the automotive and consumer electronics industries. Silke Wartenberg: The 27-year-old strengthens the range of digital brand and marketing as served. The core task of Wartenberg is developing online strategies and information architectures.

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