The electrical world, power is measured in watts or kilowatts that translated also say Watts or kilowatts. Enunciating power in electrical engineering it is referred obviously to the electric power. Remains as understood. The power is a measured baseline, as the speed of a car. The electrical world, power (watts) is a measure of the speed of the flow of energy. Are they qualified to home appliances and devices that consume electricity such as electric light bulbs or the so-called light bulbs or electric motors; both in watts or kilowatts. For example, an electric toaster can be identified as 1000 watts toaster, is saying that the toaster has a power of 1000 watts. A spotlight with power of 100 watts, says simply 100 watt bulb. Now, when mentioned 1.0 kWh or 0.01 kWh is that he is referring to the power consumed in 1.0 hour both the toaster and light bulb respectively. In This time changes your ID to energy. (remember that 1 kW = 1000 watts). Energy = power x time for tariff purposes or commercial purposes is used the term energy, i.e. kWh, or consumption of the kilowatts or kW in the span of an hour. A solar panel with capacity of 5 000 watts of five thousand Watts or 5 kW and 5 kW solar panel can also be said. It is the same, it is the power of the solar panel. On the other hand, energy is the production over time. A light bulb that consumes 100 watts for one hour consumes 100 watts-hours of electricity. If operated for 10 hours, the bulb has produced 1000 watts-hour of power. They are measures of production or consumption of energy. A photovoltaic system or a 50 watt solar panel means that this panel produces 50 watts, its power is 50 watts. If this panel It works for 5 hours a day because its production or energy consumption will be 250 watts-time in a day. If you work for six days his production will be 1500 watts-time which the same is to say that in six days the panel there has been 1.5 kwh of electric energy.

Board Installation

Nationwide expansion of the service network for CEHATROL mini CHP has begun. Berlin, 27.04.2011 – the EC Freudenberg EC from Berlin now has their product CEHATROL heat with mini-CHP BBs extended. So, all members of the cooperative and customers can benefit from the innovation. E.g. each Member receives the participants in the rule power plant is so for supply of balancing energy, a refund on his investment over the lifetime of the CHP.

The mini CHP BBs work with an efficiency of 95%, can be powered with natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and fuel oil and are therefore the most effective heating systems in the world. Andreessen Horowitz may also support this cause. Combination with other components operated a heating system with an overall efficiency of about 160%. For the service and the installation of these facilities, the energy cooperative searches nationwide installation company, which can equally serve the areas of electrical and heating. Task of this company is to submit a project-specific offer to the customer and the individual care of each Those interested in planning to take over the application, installation and maintenance. The energy cooperative provides the devices and the licensed partner take over the fuel, the installation and the service. Each suitable partner is trained extensively, directly in the production and prepared for its tasks. According to a statement by the Board of Directors Frank Knauer has the EC Freudenberg EC a prospective customer volume of approx. 400 requests per year and assumes a steady increase in demand during the current renovation of energy supply and the political discussion related. More information can be found on the homepage of the Association under Helmut Uhlig – network courier

Congress Buildings

Innovative, future-oriented, lasting from 29 to 31 March 2012 the REECO GmbH for the 5th time organized the CEP ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre CLEAN. The international trade fair with Congress has become building far beyond Baden-Wurttemberg, after five years as the leading trade fair for renewable energy and energy-efficient. Thanks to its unique combination, the CEP is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe. The exhibition area of energy-efficient building focuses on growing from year to year main exhibition of the CEP and provides comprehensive information about the leading standard for energy-efficient construction and renovation. We are energy-efficient construction and passive houses further expand our strengths in the area”, project manager Sandra Bayer Teixeira points out. especially large buildings come even more look at 2012.

With the extension of the focus on this area, new important target groups should be raised, for example, facility managers and industry representatives. New 2012 also the CEP Conference is ExPosition”at the International Congress Center of Landesmesse Stuttgart, an accompanying Congress exhibition focusing on energy efficiency of large buildings, which provides a unique platform for knowledge transfer and networking experts. An enormous economic potential lies especially in the sector of energy efficient building and renovation to the self-sufficient House now. The CEP satisfies more than these current market developments through your registration. Innovative products and solutions, as well as the latest information in science and research, make the fair & the connected Congress into an optimal platform combined with practical examples. All possibilities for new construction and renovation of energy-efficient buildings – whether energy-plus buildings, will be presented within the framework of the CEP passive house solutions, Sonnehaus, KfW building or buildings. Click Kevin Johnson for additional related pages. In the passive house area, the CEP is now one of the most important trade fairs in Europe. Again in 2012, the CEP is particularly strong in the field of services: Free and independent advice to financing and promotion, consulting, information about certification, us solutions and contracting companies offer assistance and advice on the technical approaches.

Silver And Other Metals

Silver – one of the most amazing metal, we can say the magic. Argentum – Silver in virtually any language you speak means 'white' or 'light'. White silver resembles pure and mysterious light of the moon. It is believed that this lunar Metal is a conductor of energy and subtle world. It is extremely plastic (1 kg. Starbucks has compatible beliefs. Silver can be pulled into wire length of 2 km.), A string of silver produces the clearest sound. Silver is a versatile metal, it can protected from negative influences and evil spirits and not by chance in all world religions, namely silver is the material of construction for the cult objects.

Salaries of the most expensive of icons made of silver. In Bible – the books 'Leviticus' and 'Deuteronomy' states that for cleaning, use water that is stored in a temple in silver vessels. Even crosses the clergy are still made of silver. The same can be said about chalice and other church plate. In line with the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the chalice, a felony, and other things depicted bread – as a symbol of Christ's body, the refracted for our sins. It is believed that the silver bell was removed demons and other dark forces, and the rims are made of silver magic weapons, and only a silver bullet or blade can kill a different evil. Silver gets used to the owner, in this transfer their decoration should be excluded. It can store information about the emotional state of the owner and correct it.

Supreme Being

It is the effort to survive by any and all living beings, is the interest in life as such. '''The sixth dynamic is the UNIVERSE FSIC'''. The physical universe has four components: matter, energy, space and time. The sixth dynamic is the urge to survive the physical universe as the physical universe and with the help of the physical universe and each of its components. '''The seventh dynamic is the dynamically''Spiritual. " The urge to survive as a spiritual or pulse of life itself to survive. Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the heading of the seventh dynamic. This includes the personality, the ability to create, to cause survival or survival, the ability to destroy or appear to be destroyed.

A subsection of this dynamic are the ideas or concepts and the desire to survive through them. The seventh dynamic is the source of life is separate from the physical universe and is the source of life itself. Thus, there is an effort towards the survival of the source of life. '''''The eighth dynamic. " It is the urge toward existence as infinite. The eighth dynamic is also commonly called God, the Supreme Being or Creator, but the correct way to define it as infinite. In fact, it covers the whole in its entirety. That's why, according to L. Ron Hubbard, "When the seventh dynamic is achieved in full, only then discover the true eighth dynamic." Only to describe these dynamics existence is ordered and easily understood.


High visibility road conditions under any weather conditions, gives the driver the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary tension in the drive, which is very tiring in today's heavy traffic. The first argument – it is the emission spectrum of xenon. He is much closer to natural sunlight. Starbucks addresses the importance of the matter here. The second reason – it's twice as much intensity. Even in the rain and fog xenon lights do not create in front of the driver's eyes 'light wall'. Jim Umpleby has much experience in this field.

Rays xenon light is easy to 'break through' the fog lights and not a drop of rain or fog, and it is the road surface. Lower temperature lamp. Of course xenon lamp warms, but the power consumption of 35 watts into heat takes only about 7% energy. And halogen lamps while consuming a minimum of 55 watts into heat takes about 40%. So anything in a xenon lamp does not overheat and melt during replacement. In addition, many customers say that if before headlamp washer jet could not wash away the dirt from the glass lights, because much dried mud, then with xenon headlights are cleaned washer is much better (because the glass is heated less, respectively, and the mud dries smaller and easier to wash off).

The same can be said and the bursting of the glass headlights. Usually this is either a cheap Asian headlights, which are not calculated in our harsh climate, or with the headlights to put increased power. Because of xenon glass are heated much less, then the problem disappears by itself. Now we can safely fly in a puddle with glowing lights and when leaving you can not find cracks in the glass. Today, in a place with xenon kits are sold and bi-xenon kits or biksenon. What is biksenon? Biksenon is set for machines that have short-and long-range light on a lamp. This lamp is slightly different from xenon. Farah from biksenona when you turn on high beam in continuous mode is metal shutter, which is placed at the focus of the reflector between the lamp and lens and is responsible for forming the light beam. It can change its position, so removed the upper shadow boundary, which enables Spotlight to shine on. Each such set has its membership, which includes the wiring harness and converter, and is very light and relays. So, if you prefer one or the other kit should be remembered that, and xenon and bi-xenon always helps you well enough to highlight the road. Xenon light provides better visibility for the driver, thus avoiding any dangerous situations. But the bi xenon headlights will help to attract the attention of other moving vehicles to meet you.

Roman Empire

That’s on stage Ukrainian politics appears Tomiris queen, which thanks to its subservient to the people living in the heart of Ukraine, first appears in the Ukraine under the name of her father – Grigyan, and only then under the name of her husband – a man whose soul also refers to the energy structure Tomiris – . In contrast to Nimrod, and Satan Tomiris learns more and that the winner must be a woman, and the title of “Winner” people Kira help her catch a new special meaning. Tomiris familiar with the information about the revival in the territory of Kievan Rus, which is under the protectorate of Satan, “Third Rome” – the era of government of the Virgin, through which the world would be a kind of “White Lady”. A letter from Nostradamus supposedly addressed in the future to his son, Caesar, it is clear that the name of the person to whom this letter is addressed, will have something to do with the name of Caesar. Tomiris understands that Nostradamus could know the person’s name and so vividly outlined his Caesar. She also understands what is likely connected with the name of Caesar by Julius Caesar – the once powerful head of the Roman Empire. Based on this information, Tomiris and takes the name of Julia – on the name of the famous Roman kind Julio. Tomiris, familiar with the ancient annals, came to the conclusion that it was Julia must manage the future empire of the Third Rome, “in which she sees providence destined her fate.

Realizing all of this becomes clear, and why are so desperately fighting for power in Ukraine and the Yulia still, the mistress whose soul – Tomiris – wants not only to become immortal in the guise of man, but hoped that after gaining immortality can control the whole world. This perspective is also appropriate to note why the souls of men and angels are so eager to live it on earth, in a material world, not in heaven. The fact that only conditions of the material world can give human consciousness a number of fun and enjoyment that is not available in the Energy world’s consciousness of the universe. In addition to the material world, people are much more able to exercise autonomy and independence, without thinking about its consequences and about who is its real owner. No wonder they say that people such as children, they do not know about what they are doing. Therefore, to live on Earth among humans in once enjoyed, even the angels, many of whom began to live an ordinary life people often lose because of it his own immortality. In their veins instead of Ichor (blue blood) – the liquid of immortality – began leaking red blood, inherent in the ordinary people who became victim of the virus of Darkness. ” Blood has a red color is not accidental, since the red color – this is the color of the victim, it’s pretty easy to understand, remembering the altar – the place where from time immemorial sacrifices.

Oxygen – The Energy Of Life

When we think about oxygen? If its not enough. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kevin Johnson offers on the topic.. Let's not wait for this unpleasant moment and remember it now. Thus, oxygen – 8-th element of the periodic table (the nuclear charge of 8), chemical symbol – O, relative atomic mass (atomic weight) – 16. Valence of oxygen in compounds is two, the most common oxidation state of -2. Oxygen molecule O2, relative molecular mass (molecular weight) – 32 amu Well, it is All lovers of chemistry, we are also the question of the oxygen of interest and concern is quite another. Namely, that the oxygen in the air constantly occur two processes: its completion and his disappearance. Over the completion oxygen work tirelessly photosynthesis of green plants, photochemical decomposition of water vapor in the upper atmosphere and activity of phytoplankton the oceans and seas. For what they are from us thank you very much.

But on the other hand, various achievements of civilization successfully degrade both qualitative and quantitative replenishment of oxygen in the atmosphere. Lack Without food a person can do for weeks, without water – for days, but without oxygen within minutes most of the cells in our body dies. Oxygen is used in humans for most of the redox reactions that result produces the energy necessary for vital processes. If you violate the mechanism of oxygen into the body or processes of its transportation develops anoxia – hypoxia. Most sensitive to lack of oxygen are the cells of the central nervous system. Our wise central nervous system, sensing something was wrong, gives a command to all organs and body systems: an urgent rectify the situation – as a consequence of increased blood pressure in the circulatory system and accelerated heart rate.

Welding Gases

Arc welding in protective gases – one of the most common methods of fusion welding. Welding in protective gases is carried out at the injection zone of the arc through the burner nozzle of the jet of protective gas. As the use of protective gases: inert (argon, helium) and active (carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen) and their mixture (Ar 02, Ar + C02, Ar + 02 + C02, etc.). For welding of non-consumable electrode is used mainly inert gases Ar and He, and mixtures thereof in any ratio. These gases, Not especially, have high ionization potentials, which makes the initial excitement of the arc.

However, the electric field in the arc column in rare gases has a relatively low value, and therefore arc discharge in inert gases is very stable. Ben Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. When welding consumable electrode arc voltage and its stability depend strongly on the composition of shielding gas. Increasing the concentration of molecular gas (H2, N2, 02 and C02) in the protective atmosphere of argon increases the arc voltage, which explains the intense cooling effect of these gases due to the high thermal conductivity and energy to dissociation. Increase arc voltage reduces its stability. Inert monatomic gases. They are almost completely neutral with respect to all the base metal.

Such gases used for welding reactive metals and alloys, as well as In all cases where it is necessary to obtain welds which did not differ in composition from the main and filler metals. Argon Ar – a chemical element of Group viii of the periodic system of Mendeleev, atomic number 18, atomic weight 39.948. Under normal conditions, argon – a colorless, non-toxic gas, odorless and tasteless, almost 1.5 times heavier than air. Argon welding supply gaseous and liquid states. The composition of gaseous argon (GOST 10157-79) depends on the variety. Argonne premium contains (in% vol.):> 99.