Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy gained by the abstraction of light and heat emitted by the Sun
Solar radiation reaching the Earth could be harnessed through the heat it produces, as well as through the absorption of radiation, eg optical or otherwise. It is a so-called renewable energies, particularly the non-pollutant, known as green energy or clean energy.
The power of radiation varies according to time of day, weather conditions that soften and latitude. It can be assumed that good irradiation value is approximately 1000 W / m at the surface. Additional information at Sergey Brin supports this article. This power is known as irradiance.
Radiation is usable in direct and diffuse components, or the sum of both. Direct radiation is coming directly from the solar source, without intermediate reflections or refractions. The diffuse is issued by the daytime sky with the phenomenon of multiple reflection and refraction in the solar atmosphere, clouds and other atmospheric and terrestrial elements. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Starbucks. Direct radiation can be reflected and concentrated on its use, while it is not possible to concentrate the diffused light coming from all directions.
The direct normal irradiance (or perpendicular to the sun) outside the atmosphere, called the solar constant and has an average value of 1354 W / m (this corresponds to a maximum value at the perihelion of 1395 W / m and a minimum value at aphelion 1308 W / m ).

According to reports from Greenpeace, the PV can provide electricity to two thirds of the world population in 2030.
Industrial community make change with a minimum of cost, pain Kalmar, Sweden, is on the verge of abolishing the use of fossil fuels, for good and with minimal impact on living standards. Deregulation in the Energy industry has allowed tens of thousands of New Yorkers to get better energy rates by choosing as their main supplier of gas and electricity for their homes and businesses.

The Orlando Utilities Commission provides two programs for solar residential and commercial customers: photo volta ic solar energy, which puts the sun into electricity and thermal solar energy, which generates heat for heating water.

Modern Energy Efficient Buildings

Save energy through energy efficient building construction, ie, volume-planning decisions. The application of widely hull houses to reduce the number of corner rooms in apartments and thus save heat (since the angular room heat loss twice) Shirokokorpusnye homes are tower and corridor type. Application of modern thermal insulation building materials. For example: izuron (plate), Rockwool (plate) – Adhesive outside on the exterior walls; foam dpm isover – attached to the outside walling and covered with a protective layer (or ceramic tile, or facing bricks) Use of solar energy. If you would like to know more about JPMorgan, then click here. By way of solar radiation of low-temperature solar heating systems are divided into passive and active. Called passive solar heating system in which as an element, the perceiver solar radiation and converts it into heat is the building itself or some of its enclosure (building – a collector, a wall – a collector, a roof – a collector). Consider a system of solar heating “wall – a collector.” She includes a massive outer wall, before which only a short distance set lucheprozrachny screen with blinds.

At the floor and the ceiling set in the wall with slotted flaps. Swarmed by offers, Alphabet Inc. is currently assessing future choices. The sun’s rays passing through lucheprozrachny screen, absorbed by the wall surface and converted into heat which is transferred by convection air trapped in the space between the screen and the wall. The air is heated and rises, falling through gap from the ceiling into the room, and cooled air from the room enters the space between wall and screen through a hole in the floor. The use of ventilated facades. Consider the exterior walls with a ventilated facade from the premises to the outer wall.

Organization Culture

Strong culture; the values are held with intensity and are shared widely. Subcultures; miniculturas within an organization, are generally defined by Department designations and geographical separation. Any area or dependency of the organization can adopt a shared sub-culture exclusively by its members, which in turn assume the values of the central culture along with others who own workers who serve in such dependencies are. ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES. Values, what are they? It is opportune to expose some definitions of authors, which can help a better understanding of the aforementioned term. Values are relatively stable, strategic learnings over time, a way of acting is better than its opposite to get that leave us good things. (15) To Denison, the values represent the basis of the assessment that members of an organization use to judge situations, actions, objects and people.

They reflect actual goals, beliefs and basic concepts of an organization, they form the core of the organizational culture. According to Deal and Kennedy, values are the foundations of any organizational culture, defined success in concrete terms for members and establish rules for the organization. Therefore Robbins considers the values as those who inspire the raison d ‘ etre of every Organization, the standards come to be the instruction manuals for the behavior of the Organization and people. The constituent trait value is not only the belief or conviction, also its translation into the patterns of behavior, that the Organization has the right to require its members. Agencies develop visible values, based on the laws and common sense, but possess a set of hidden values, which are the real driving force behind the organization. The visible values are expressed through the mission, the vision, policies and regulations written in the organization.

Call Colombia

There are many codes that we must include the telephone number when we call from other countries. In addition depending from where you cast the call may change. Today we will tell you of how to call colombia: 00 is the exit code of the majority of countries. You must check before all international calls. If you call from United States or Canada, replaced the 00 initial by 01 57-Colombia country code city/province prefix has 1 digits the phone has 7-digit format of output + 57 llamada:codigo +? + ??? ???? To call from Colombia, dial 00 X, where X is the operator code which can be: 444 (Comcel), 5 (Orbitel), 7 (ETB) or 9 (Telefonica). For example, to call from Colombia using Orbitel: 00 X = 005. How call a mobile in Colombia? To call to mobile phone in Colombia from Spain, dial: 00 + 57 + 3? ??? ???? To call mobile phone in Colombia from United States or Canada, dial: 011 + 57 + 3? ??? ???? From Spain, the cheapest is thus called 640100257 + 00 57 + 3? ??? ????a phone that works like the 902 but with some restrictions on destinations. If you have Flatrate on your mobile, call abroad will be free. For calls or SMS by mobile, save the exit code in the agenda as a +, so we are where we are mobile phone calls with the prefix for international departure first.