The Pilot

If not stop them, badly because we are inept, inefficient and incapable of defending our. Johnson & Johnson is often quoted as being for or against this. What we were? To me it seems to me that in crisis situations, it is important to trust and let. It’s like go package on a motorcycle. One not disputed decisions which goes ahead. There will be time for complaining about driving once we’re unemployed, or we will see if we will mount with the same person again.

But in a situation of risk, one sticks to the pilot (note, I did not say one downside to the pilot) to facilitate control of the situation. And if not, you have not assembled. Some contend that luscha baumwald shows great expertise in this. Once the urgent situation is more or less resolved, we still have a problem. As with disease, the symptoms are only the signal that something is not working. Kidnappings are not the problem, if not the symptom of something larger. We must therefore consider it from a broader prespective. It is very easy to take the old simplistic and dualistic stance that has created the dehumanised and chaotic world in which we live.

They are bad, we the Buenos and also innocent victims. In other words, we go for them, or, if this is not practical, okay with not leave they kidnapped us again and each stick which hold his candle. Each ship, each country, that arrange them as you see fit. Private security, protection military, finally, another escalation of use of armed force in which there are a few few beneficiaries: those who sell arms. Where fishing vessels are armed to the teeth, the pirates improve their teams. When these are similar to those that take those who defend the fishing boats, all increase their armament. When the pirates see that abuse is not enough, they kill. And who wins in this spiral of violence that is this creating? Apart from the business of armament, nobody. Necessary to find another solution.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

This dog can not create, and then when she get tired, give to others (especially after a year), does not thereby causing her irreparable harm to the psyche. South Russian Shepherd Dog does not tolerate betrayal and resentment caused by her and her boss. She remembers the offender, and may seek revenge. South Russian Shepherd believes the house and family of his own, and it will try to keep even at a young age. If Yuzhakov appeared in the house as a puppy or adolescent, he had no difficulty uzhivetsya with all members of household, including animals. Get more background information with materials from Mercuria. True, they will still be divided on the principle of “higher education – the lower being, so it’s important not to indulge him From the first days. Yuzhakov from the beginning to know that his position in the new “pack” the lowest.

If you miss the time, later it will be very difficult to explain the strong and rather vicious beast, who’s the leader. These dogs hard nature, they can easily dominate the other dogs and sometimes humans. Educating South Russian Shepherd Dog requires enormous patience, firmness, coupled with justice, energy for outdoor games and, of course, sincere love, because these dogs can easily determine the falsity. Additional information is available at luscha baumwald. As noted in the article Daria Stemkovskaya (, Yuzhakov – the dog is not for everyone. This is not the best breed in the first place for the elderly. “To grow and nurture such dog requires considerable physical effort, and to simply cope with her for a walk, you will need a steady hand (but in no case will not be afraid, that they do not forgive). In addition, if the dog was old and had difficulty walking, people aged is unlikely to be a force down the stairs, holding her in his arms, entered into the bath, and perform other physical exercises for the care and maintenance of pet “- writes Stemkovskaya. Secondly, the South Russian Shepherd Dog is not for weak character.

“If we start allowing Yuzhakov all (to beg and steal food from the table, to sleep on the bed, in general, to dictate its terms on which will live the whole family), soon He sits you on the neck and hanging down his huge furry paws. Know, then, as leader you are deposed, and those situations usually end tragically. ” Third, Yuzhakov not fit unbalanced people. They are unlikely to will, in general, raise the normal dog. In stressful family Yuzhakov may be poorly managed, overly aggressive and unpredictable. Fourth, South Russian Shepherd Dog is not the breed, which should give children younger and middle age, when they are asked to buy a dog. “It’s worth noting also that in some families Yuzhakov take children under their care as younger and more frail – writes Stemkovskaya. – In this case, the dog will pose a threat for others, not allowing anyone to a child, and for the child who is physically unable to cope with the rush for all dogs. But the child will grow, and with age will try to to manage the dog, then she will take it as an encroachment on its higher hierarchical position. Therefore, if you have children, is from the first day Yuzhakov in the house, explain to him that even small child is in a “pack” more privileged position than he is. ” If the same approach to education Yuzhakov with full responsibility and full of love, heart, then he will answer the devotion and respect. And believe me, Best Friend’s unlikely to be found. ZooAtlas.