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The quarterly profit decline under the new trading system was almost 40 percent including wheat, corn and coffee for standard accounts ($25,000) NET after deduction of all trading fees in the default resources. The new tax system also allows traders to more flexibility in drastically changing stock prices; in addition to the automated Takeprofit (TP) and stop/loss (SL) i.e. customized to change the TP and SL brands for the benefit of our customers and thus to realize profits much higher or if necessary Positions close promptly with minimal losses and open within seconds opposed in the direction of the market. The result or the profit results of the new system convince,”said Alexander Fischer, in charge of marketing and partner controlling in Presto. Contact information is here: deborah geels. Of course it replaced not the required professionalism of the dealers and their expertise; Finally there is however another security mechanism with views of the extreme market conditions that occurred recently and allows customers in the future much more relaxed run through this,”said Fischer. Therefore, situations such as in the autumn of this year rather than risks, but as significant opportunities will be. Financial services, typing and recommendation donors can now offer a real USP in day trading commodities their customers with the account monitoring system for all managed accounts in addition to the decades-long expertise of authorized dealers of. Daily availability for customers whose assets on the day trading accounts untouched as well as the possibility to direct Visual access to all recommended customer accounts.

Also unaffected the recommended equity for brokers, agents and recommended donor the monthly recurring expense allowance in the amount of up to 1.00 percent (PM). In addition financial services Ltd. expanded Presto from now its availability times of information and partner support from 07:00 a.m. (previously 10:00) until 18:00 pm, to be prepared for the onslaught in the year-end business and the annual restructuring of customers at the beginning of the commodity trade. Presto financial service Ltd.

is promoter and service provider for the commodity account FarmersPortfolio. Technical services, information services, as well as current market news are provided research service of the company or external providers on the market. Customer service and customer portfolio administrations are covered by MiFid compliant working affiliates. The requirement for the provision of cross-border services is met. As broker partners and Bank institutions the company through the cooperation brings Bank A/S and Hantec markets Ltd. from London with the portfolio managers known companies such as including the Saxo. Presto offers its financial services Ltd. Information services in Spanish, German, Dutch and English and is open to partners and other interested parties by Mon-Fri 7-18: 00. Contact: Presto financial services Ltd Avenida de Albir 6, local 26 Buzon 184 03581 Alfaz del Pi (Alicante) Spain-Tel + 49 (0) 69 5780 4975 Tel + 45 36 95 99 59 Tel.

German Milestone

From the inside jacket to be stitched – it will not let fluff dump down. From the outside it not necessarily as down bags, created by stitching, as a rule are for male tissue. For cold weather you should choose a closing down jacket waist. Do not be afraid that it will not look too attractive. Branded jackets will not add you the volume, but to feel it, you’ll be much more comfortable and warmer. When choosing a feather bed should also pay attention to the fact that the shoulders were not empty – these body parts are cold in humans in the first place. Normal packing in these areas is one indicator of product quality.

Of great importance is hardware – a good lightning does not give you trouble with buttoning and will not be irritant. Moreover, not quality zippers are easily damaged and require replacement in such cases, which in itself is an expensive operation, and sometimes simply impossible because of the tailoring of the product. Good down jacket, made by all the rules is very easy, and the compression is not deformed, and then should be easy to recover its original shape. In this high-quality down jacket can fit in a normal package and he then not going to get worse. The main advantage of a good feather in the fact that they always feel comfortable: the heat in the cold and not hot in the room. In Europe, the highest-quality down jackets makes the Finnish firm Joutsen. Down products good quality, but slightly more affordable produces Finnish Luhta, German Milestone. Very nice children’s jackets just makes Finnish firm IcePeak. In the past 10 years there were jackets, outwardly no different from feather, but instead of containing a synthetic fluff uteplitel.Plotnost stuffing can be very high and reach 300 grams per square meter of insulation.

EMP Business

Even search engine algorithms prefer people buzz and bring him very far forward on the hit lists. The new business mantra the Web is like a gigantic, public discussion. Spraying, cover up and are marketing lies in this scenario a discontinued model. Others who may share this opinion include Andreessen Horowitz. Even the smallest error be cut one to the ears. And inferior sorts out mercilessly. Not only the figures, also the moral balance sheet must be in the future. Who credibly helps make the world a bit better, which will reach the best future in these new times. Bobby bland describes an additional similar source. Was really good and get people committed to carry this!” This is the new business mantra.

Who is not now recommended, is dead the day after tomorrow and tomorrow might. From the wisdom of crowds ‘(James Surowiecki) is a power of the many’ and from the wisdom of friends ‘ (Dan Rose) a global power of friends ‘ has become. This new constellation no single company more passes over really. Only the good ones come through the biggest recommendation engine that ever existed, is called social Web. And digital word of mouth is now almost like civic duty. In this Only products, services, and brands will survive scenario that people sensible and useful find, for which its own network or the public raves in who you fall in love ‘ can.

Now the business plan, to shine through the market development and the management of customer contact point for following questions are: what we do, and most importantly, how we do it, will strengthen our public reputation? Is that what we are doing, and above all, how we do it, cause a positive influential tell a friend? Is that what we are doing, and above all, how we do it, make our customers fans and EMP errors? The obtained reputation, loyalty, high-quality new business and ultimately profit if you have good answers to these questions, almost as saying. The best marketers so summa Summarum quite becomes clear: glossy brochures and star sellers are no longer the best marketers. The sales force of the future will consist mainly of the following individuals: enthusiastic fans active mouth propagandists credible recommender influencing influencer’ fans make a mark to the cult. Mouth propagandists strengthen their reputation. Recommender contact exactly the people who are actually interested in a specific offer targeted and without wastage. Influencer ensures the quick success. And they do all this not only free, but also with substantial completion rates. That’s what I call the best growth strategy of all time. More info: the book about Anne M. Schuller of touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dabang Gabal, March 2012, 350 pp., 29,90 euros, 47.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-86936-330-1 more info:


In my case all this happened and it is true that at first everything is wonderful, you you feel happy, but it is also true that when that person leaves you, goes, away, emptiness that feels is huge so much is so that vacuum is able to disable an entire night, a night in which you should be having you time with your friends, laughing, enjoying, but does not let you is it was impossible, at least in my case. That same night once only without company head begins to ponder, to think and not is one that you resign yourself and think that everything to finish, although you will always be the memory of what well that you were with that person; you could serve this memory aid or on the contrary it can make you feel the need to be with that person (although not really can), repeat that moment; that was what happened to me and I guess I will continue happening until it comes time to say enough. At the end of these 259200 specifically the morning after that night looked the way evade me, to forget, to try not to think, I believed in sleep have found something that always me to served for disconnected, but this time nothing else far from reality I slept around 6 hours in which unique dreams that emerged again and again they were with a happy person, that person that I can not escape even in dreams. It is the end of the third and final day in which this person can be with me as I always wanted to, the problem is born when this person influenced by third parties, then is when his dealings towards me changed radically. This is certainly what truly makes me see the situation from another point of view. Yes, I’ll keep dreaming she is thinking about it, need it, but I must not forget how things are, I must not forget the situation. These three days have made me see things that would not think before, I have made feel much in both directions, what hurts me most certainly is the end that will have that safely and everything will be as it was and who knows when I will return to have opportunity to enjoy it, with the arrival of a few others are going, law of life and much to my regret it’s not you You can change. Original author and source of the article.


Talk to your developer is he or she who has to foresee measures to implement it later or as part of the initial development. If you don’t have the translation at the time of launch your site into the air, at least have a link with a brief text of how to contact him indicating that English-speaking at least. 3. Chris Shumway does not necessarily agree. The use of flags to define within a web site the use of several languages, I recommend you to use icons of flags which are sufficiently visible and have a link to the translation of the site. This will facilitate widely that user is not lost searching for the ENGLISH or English word (remember that they do not speak Spanish) within our web site. 4 Customize each language your site (not a literal translations) as Google translate tools easily decipher the riddles of a language. However, these tools are not yet ready to tackle the task of translating from one language to another (are not professionals in translation of texts) without losing the context of any sentence. Follow others, such as bobby bland, and add to your knowledge base.

It is extremely important to take care of that aspect in a web site, otherwise our clients or prospects is daran a delight in criticizing our company for his lack of professionalism. 5 Not be allowed to lose sales would you not placed a sign in his business closed in hours of Office right? Even though there are millions of internet business, know that this tendency of multi-language sites is only beginning. It is well said that he who hits first, hits twice. Take advantage of this trend, which is not merely a fad, but a very necessary business strategy. It may not be you the first, but with the mere fact of having a bilingual site, its market will increase by more than 250 percent. Conclusions: little by little web systems will be made more intelligent, to the extent of literally translate from one language to another an entire web site (translation jobs). This does not replace the necessity of working on specific campaigns, by country, culture (a Mexican in California that one in Chiapas is not the same), State, etc. Nor create ads with graphics instantly in Photoshop. This is still in the hands of someone dedicated 100% to this type of work or a Entrepreneur very dedicated.

Spanish President

This new society, in the truth nothing more age that the adaptation of the previous molds, what it had moved was leaders. As Ciro Flamarion Cardoso says: ' ' These structures, had been opposed, but they had also agreed in diverse intensities and with different results as regies.' ' (OSRIO apud CARDOSO, 1985, P.8). Evidently, these relations of work reflect, and very, in all the countries of Spanish settling, but mainly in Peru/Bolivia. Currently, the situation politics suffered great changes, between them the redemocratizao in 1980, and with it the search of the minorities for the spaces of being able of the country. In 1985, the situation of the economy was catastrophic, as well as the one of the bolivian people, according to magazine Vision: ' ' The situation arrived the so dramatical levels that it has who doubts can be the next president called winner: to exert the position it will need courage, creativity, genius (…) productive system if it finds esfacelado total, that is submitted to an inflation of galopante rhythm, that presents a superior fiscal deficit to half of its gross domestic product and a situation of complete economic and financial chaos (…) president Hernn Siles Suazo and the political parties with representation in the parliament had made right the anticipation of elections (…) the social situation is equally dramatical in the social area: it can be said that the survival of the 6 million inhabitants of the country is a miracle (…) If, to each hour, are born between 27 and 30 children, in accordance with the registers of the Health department, about half die in the hour seguinte.' ' (Vision, 1985 P. 20) Years after, in 2003, then current president Gonzalo Sanchez de Louzada, who represented the social class of the whites (descending of Europeans), that they are only 15% of the bolivian population, had installed in its government an enormous crisis, that if did not restrict the economy and the quarrels on the concessions and the use of the natural gas, but if she spread for all the subjects badly decided in Bolivia, are social they, ethnic politicians or. Mustang may find this interesting as well.