The Shades

The man to whom he was freed first of its chains would feel pain in his eyes could not see what before he saw, that is to say the shades, and he would refuse to admit that the objects that produced the shades are more real than the same shades. And, if it were commited to him to fix his seen to the same light that it penetrates in the cavern would be dazzled and confused. If it began to cross the steep way towards the outside of the cavern its doubts and malaise they would increase and already outside the same it says Plato to us who would need to get used to be able to get to see the things of above. Entrara an adaptation process, first would see shades, soon images reflected in waters and later the same objects until getting to have the capacity to directly watch the sun. For even more opinions, read materials from Yves Bissouma. If you are not convinced, visit Sensex. With this allegory Plato it describes a reality at the same time to us interior. The cavern is within we ourself, is the scene where the life of the common man is developed.

It is the world of shades in which we lived and that we took by real within our captivity. According to Plato the cavern is the sensible world and the captive is the human soul that has the capacity to cross the steep footpath towards the light. Noble Groups Holdings Limited shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. He introduces us to Plato in the symbolism of all the previous one. The cavern says to us, is the sensible world, that is to say what we caught with our physical senses and that for the common man it constitutes the reality. It is the scope of the matter, our possessions, works, preoccupations, pleasures etc. Is east world that we see like external but that really we took inside, a world in which only is a tenuous brilliance of the authentic Light that is outside.

Economic Hunger

This absurd measure in the richest country in the Chicago Stock Exchange prices arrived to rise nearly 3%, to break the psychological barrier of 25 dollars each 45 kilos. In Thailand the rise was 5%, and rice reached its record price: $1,000 per tonne. Brazil suspended exports, better said, big companies influencing speculation by hoarding, withholding or massive release to destabilize prices. The Director of the program of food from the UN, j. Sheeran, has stated that food aid provided costs them 40% more than the past, because almost all products have become more expensive. As causes of this situation alluded to the new needs of power in China or India, biofuels and the price of oil. The volume of investments in the markets of raw materials contributes to the rise in prices on the stock exchanges.

But hunger is not inevitable, nor a target, nor a matter of chance. Is not the purpose of the millions of people who suffer from hunger, as it is not a coincidence that 97% of them live in impoverished countries. It has been recognized by independent agencies, such as action against hunger, the problem has solution with activities related to nutrition, health, food security, water and sanitation. Violence is the instrument that have the powers to exert power over the property, wealth and control of the population. The civilian population becomes a hostage of economic interests and power of these armed groups, be they rebel, paramilitary or Government.

Sometimes it is still thought that hunger is the result of overcrowding, poor political management, scarcity of food, insufficient infrastructure or an ecological disaster. Today hunger is a weapon used by some Governments to eliminate troublesome groups of population within their own country, writes Marilo Hidalgo, in Fusion. They have turned to hunger in a weapon of war those who have made the benefit Economic and financial arrogance axis and object of their actions. As if the world were a rug in which humans do not play more than the role of data that moves or deletes according to the sacrosanct laws of a market that only serves their interests.

Same Pipes

Therefore, the highest-quality and durable of all beings is a seamless, seamless pipes steel, coated with a layer of sprayed zinc (galvanized why are called). Contact information is here: Jenna Fischer. Seamless pipes are common, not assembled from component parts, which ensures their durability. And zinc, which may be covered such pipes, frees you from having to take other additional steps to protect them from the formation of rust bloom. These pipes steel pipe need not be the primer and paint, except in places designated for compounds (they bear carving, and this operation will inevitably be damaged galvanizing). Do not be lazy to care about this: settling in his apartment seamless galvanized pipe, primed and paint it on ends with applied carvings. If you have purchased non-galvanized seamless pipes, the treatment should be subjected to the entire outer surface of the product. As welded and seamless pipes – galvanized or not – are connected by special devices with an unusual name for our ears – fittings, which we have already mentioned.

Afraid of this word is not necessary. Fittings themselves are simple in appearance, they have another name – clutch. Did you see them probably hundreds of times, stopping the eye at the junction of pipes. Remember one thing: the steel pipes must be joined with steel fittings the same, that is, products from the same material as the pipe. Why are we talking about? Point is that there is a bad tradition of joining cast iron steel pipe fittings, not of malice, but out of ignorance or carelessness.

Familiar Problems

To deal with this situation the body been of alert and chemical preparation to react. In question of seconds the hormones are spread by all the cells of our body, having left our the faster breath and cardiac beatings, amongst other symptoms. Soon being calm the body reacts and comes back to its normal state. Some of the main and more common causes of the Stress are: Professional unreliability, Running, Problems, Familiar Problems, Financial Problems, Illnesses Symptoms and Signals of Stress The symptoms can appear under diverse forms: mental, physical and social, some of the symptoms of stress are; Fatigue; Migraines; Compulsory behaviors; Alcohol, Drugs, etc; Concentration and weak memory; Sleeplessness, Sleepiness, Loss or Increase of> Appetite, Frustrations; Tips to deal and precautions with the Stress Skirt to dance, to namorar, to make sports, to go to the cinema, Change its habits; It lies down more early, it sleeps more, it smokes and it drinks little; If it amuses; It travels, takes off vacation, shortness the family. Most important it is to live the life, and not to take the things so serious, either the happy one and uses to advantage! Anxiety The anxiety is a feeling of ackward, vacant, folloied apprehension of physical sensations as empty (or cold) in the stomach (or the spine), oppression in the chest, palpitations, perspiration, migraine, or air lack, amongst several others. The anxiety is a signal of alert, that it warns on imminent perigos and it enables the individual to take measured to face threats. The fear is the reply to a known threat, defined; anxiety is a reply to an unknown, vacant threat. The anxiety prepares the individual to deal with potentially harmful situations, as punishment or privations, or any threat the unit or integrity personal, physical as in such a way moral.

In such a way, the anxiety prepares the organism to take the measures necessary to hinder the concretion of these possible damages, or at least diminishing its consequences. Therefore the anxiety is a natural and necessary reaction for the auto-preservation. It is not a normal state, but it is a normal reaction, as well as the fever is not a normal state, but a normal reaction to an infection. The normal reactions of anxiety do not need to be treated by being natural and auto-to be limited. The abnormal states of anxiety, that constitute anxiety syndromes are pathological and require specific treatment. The animals also try anxiety.

In them the anxiety prepares for escape or the fight, therefore these are the ways of if preserving. How to control the anxiety? When you to feel itself anxious for obscure reasons, stop and think with critical. The first one passes to assume for example, somebody that goes to be married. Everything this is preparation anxiety, that is, the fear to fail and not to give account of the challenge. In moderate intensity, however, this sensation is positive because it helps the individual if to prepare to give optimum of itself. On the other hand, when raised, the anxiety degree ahead hinders the action of that it sounds as threatening or challenging. Some people, for having exacerbada autocrtica, do not accept e, therefore, they are worried permanently about the possibility of> others also not to accept them. Of this form, they are suspicious the time all to be being considered for somebody. To reduce the critical one and to moderate the fear to enter in scene, therefore, can be a good start. END

Scientific Knowledge

I understand that this tool is basic part for the construction of new knowing recontruo of practical the pedagogical ones therefore from the moment that the world recognizes that the knowledge is an intellectual capital, professore, agents of tranformao, also needs to recognize it and to use it in our universities and using the scientific research as part of this process of the new to know, of a new methodology for the formation of acedmicos compromised to the seriousness and reality of the studies, becoming the intelligible world by means of interpretations commanded by means of the mutual subordination between enunciated where if it seats the scientific knowledge. (TEIXEIRA, 2005:91) 3. The RESEARCH AS PEDAGOGICAL TOOL Is disciplines many them where the expositiva lesson is necessary, many times becoming difficult the use of other pedagogical tools for one better recital. Additional information at Jenna Fischer supports this article. But it fits to the professor the creativity and knowledge of cause to insert one of the best tools, the research. This tool allows to the interaction of the pupil, transforming it into an active, participativo pupil.

It it allows to the nip of the relation professor-pupil, pupil-book, pupil with meioa cadmico and even though with the society. One of the research segments is of field, and in this manner we allow to the pupil the interaction with the practical one, the reality and later of ownership of some data, transform the classroom into debate field, workshops, seminaries, workshops, etc. The hypotheses for one search placed in classrooms trace a north to be followed by the pupil, therefore, to search themselves, we need the problem and, from the essential readings previously suggested by the professor this pupil starts to add new knowledge, to accumulate more questions, therefore the doubts and opinions will appear. Ent is formed plus a plan of lessons for several other lessons, is extremely enrriquecedora the tool ' ' pesquisa' '.