The Trained

Finally the actions of coaching training allow to develop in participants (controls and managers) coach competencies so that they promote the potential of your employees and improve its performance. Interventions can be structured and formal when establishing a specific framework, informal when coach takes advantage of opportunities every day to use the model. And we can also use the methodology for our own self-development (self-coaching). What is the essence of the model? Our results are a consequence of our actions or behaviors, and these in turn, are a reflection of our thoughts. The performance improvement occurs when we enrich our mental models and we can generate new answers. The essence of coaching through enrich the mental model of the trained, increasing your level of consciousness and facilitating the step into action. All questions and descriptive feedback or evaluation not based. The sequence might be: 1.

Description of the desired situation (target) 2. Description of the current situation (area of improvement or difficulty) 3 Map options and resources (generation and selection) 4. Plan action (specific action plan) 5. Results (control and monitoring) in the first and second phases, the coach aims to increase the level of consciousness (sensory and emotional) of the trained. This phase is fundamental, since we can only control things of which we are aware, be aware gives us the power to act.

Then here we can deepen the internal beliefs of people and know what are the probable reasons that make people condition their lives in particular direction, in the book I am happy, I am Rico shows this process. In the third phase the aim is to involve the generation of alternatives and the creation of a plan of action (plan). Finally it only remains to establish how and when we will evaluate the results. original author and source of the article