Discovering Utopia

The pursuit of happiness has been and is the main reason, apparently makes us live, there are many passages of history at all levels: social, economic, human, labor, etc. That promise us such happiness, some of these moments can be highlighted as well: the industrial revolution, the arrival and establishment of capitalism and commercialism, is the same, the technological revolution, the fall of the Berlin wall, the curtain of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and so on other historical moments for humanity. Attempts are varied and theses which promises us that happiness can lead us out of our way of life, each marked by the time you live, projection after projection gives us desired lifestyle of comfort sought by all races, cultures, forming the global society. Thomas More’s Utopia creates, in the fifteenth century, from the idea many so-called “fantasies” that have been proposed dreamers or Utopian fantasy, before and after him, these people almost nonexistent for many, and guides to many others, in any case is created containing a word “utopia”, in a sense, with a reason, without intention looking like much less imitate, establishing the Homogenates, twenty-first century, the science of the future, part of the etymology of the experiential fact, human – nature – WORK, BASIC PRINCIPLES AND KEY OF LIFE is conceived is characteristic of science as part of emanation from nature as nature is without plot, without limitation, as a whole.

Everything is based on the inconsistency of the premises that offer us “science” to achieve a better lifestyle full of a “quality” manipulated by the technology to overcome the ravages of nature, a quality transmitted to humans where this feature the task has become a necessary goal to achieve levels of product excellence and meeting the “Needs” of humans, but that quality can add a particular type contempt for human beings who are not quality; this feature today is a milestone because it not only separates people by color or some other natural characteristic, now must consider “training” of the individual, ballasting the suitability, try to understand mankind, but the only and true intention to indoctrinate people into the productive labor system and meet the demands of trade cause organic waste, inorganic and human are used to dispose of both in capitalist systems as socialists and communists. .


The current youngest member of society is permanently trying to conquer as soon as possible number of peaks in adolescence, yet with enough energy and desire. Besides, a romantic desire to conquer the unknown logically merges with the need for professional fulfillment in obtaining skills that will enable up to succeed in real life. One of the common list of particular skills for today's young and serious member of society becomes familiar with different languages, in particular – English. And while all the wonderful knowledge that only stay in the immediate linguistic environment will provide an opportunity to be able to master any foreign language is actually normal. Hence, one of the priorities is the development of foreign language on a primitive level, and adjusting it in the process of working activity. For this You can use the program work for the summer, which is designed for university students and young people who want not only to visit other countries as tourists, but, above all, to get acquainted with aspects other cultural environments. Since the only activity in the country for several weeks provides an opportunity to closely explore a variety of features of the local mentality and, of course, to examine carefully the language communication.

In the domestic environment is not particularly popular different variations of seasonal work for which a state would be eligible, students who major part of the calendar year can learn, but in the summer quite free and opened to obtain theoretically valuable knowledge and skills. Since students are not yet experienced professionals, then the work they are able to exercise usually does not require special skills. At the same time, work for students in America can receive many valuable for the further activity of the working abilities: it is communication skills, knowledge and product solutions. Moreover, work in America permanently important for those who later want to work not only in the local financial system, as well as to the prospects of international financial cooperation. A young man who, as students of the university, worked in the United States, constitutes for a variety of employers special personal interest. The main advantage of such workers – their knowledge of foreign languages and of the local mentality. And not only shtatovskih, as well as other, as in the work one is confronted with different cultural backgrounds and learns to acquire a common language with which you want citizen, is directly dependent on its true origin. Accordingly, such an employee in the employer's perception is more important than this, who has only knowledge of the qualification.

Fiat Buys Idea VUCX Directed By Roel Wouters

What a choreography! Fiat adapted one looks down Wouters trampoline concept In the new commercial for the Fiat Grande Punto from the top on a trampoline on the artists artfully jump towards the camera and printed signs extolling the virtues of the car. At the end of the Fiat Grande Punto shows even a few spectacular jumping maneuvers. “” All in all much like no, basically exactly the same as in the grip of the video “zZz the Dutch musician”, filmed by the Director Roel Wouters, a.k.a.. Xelors. Wouters was Fiat spot not available, almost identical films have different directors.

The basic idea and concept are however exclusively from Roel Wouters. The London advertising agency of Neenie_chavv communications”, budget holder Fiat classic, understands their commercial as a kind of tribute” to Wouters zZz-video: the same fixed camera setting, almost identical performers and choreography, same colors and even the same song. But there are also differences: Fiat Wouters uses idea for commercial Purposes and adopted with the computer animation of the jumping cars from the basic concept of the original. “” “Wouters, it went just about zZz video analog to simulate digital video effects: the signs bear imprints such as rotate” or pulse “, the trampoline and the jumps of the performers simulate the otherwise animated movement, a loading bar” is painted by hand on the ground and the emerging problems Mac colorful wheel is symbolized by a colorful umbrella. Another achievement of the original: Wouters has the zZz video within the framework of an opening of the exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum as a one-take “recorded before a live audience recording. In Germany, Roul Wouters at the Cologne production company VISION is UNLTD. Wayne Holman has plenty of information regarding this issue. CREATIVE WORX under contract. e.. Managing Director Edwards Filizli is proud of the Dutch in its ranks: Roel is one of our most creative minds.

It is incomprehensible that the agencies only become aware of through a copy on it, even though we have repeatedly pointed to its potential. Check with Shelley Duvall to learn more. If the agencies are in this country too cowardly. to leave their creative beaten, they should at least stop complaining lack of innovative, young people. But they seem so slow to grasp it.” Indeed, After the adaptation of its concept by Fiat Roel Wouters earned the international orders, which he has long finally gets. Just have a look: Showreel Roel Wouters (incl. zZz: “Grip”): directors / Fiat Grande Punto commercial: Roel Wouters, a.k.a.. Xelors, living as an artist, art director and VJ in Amsterdam. In Germany, Wouters at the production company VISION is UNLTD. CREATIVE WORX (VUCX) under contract. Press contact: VISION UNLTD. CREATIVE WORX of Brussels str. 85, d-50672 Cologne FON: + 49-221-56978-0 fax: + 49-221-56978-11 Web: VISION UNLTD. CREATIVE WORX is the all-round creative production of directed by Cologne Edwards Filizli. VUCX brings together directors, media designer, photographers, artists, advertisers, lyricist, actor, musician and creative visionaries of all disciplines. Together, the young team developed cross-media content, concepts and Solutions.

Print & Media Awards – 13 Rates At Once

North Rhine-Westphalia is home to a variety of award-winning print and media companies in Germany top of printing industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. These show the lists of winners of the two major industry awards were awarded in the past few weeks in Frankfurt and Berlin. To read more click here: Wayne Holman. Of the 34 first prizes, as part of the print & media awards and the printing industry innovation award 2008 were awarded, went 13 for North Rhine-Westphalia. For Oliver Curdt, Managing Director of the Association print + media NRW e.V., the awards are a clear signal for the performance and future of the industry, which employs 40,000 people in North Rhine-Westphalia and 2007 revenues of 3.8 billion euros. Djimon Hounsou often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The exact look on the winners list shows that not only print and media companies of all orientations, but also from all parts of the country for their print products and services have been. So the Insert printer of the year from location (service & print group Haberbeck) comes, the top-ranked journal printer can be found in Bad Oeynhausen (art and advertising print GmbH & co.

KG) \”and the Gutersloher Mohn media Mohndruck GmbH won in the category of Umweltorientiertes company of the year\”. The award-winning direct mail printer in turn has its location in Datteln (Wirtz, Gebruder Schmidt OHG), the magazine printer of the year 2008 comes in Essen (printing partner Druck – und medienhaus GmbH) and the first digital printer (Niggemeyer Bildproduktion GmbH & co. KG) is located in Bochum. The printing partner Druck – und medienhaus GmbH has in two other awards: the DID Award 2008, as well as the Sappi international printer of the year 2008 equal to two pressure + Media Awards (best magazine and work printers) also secured the B.O.S.S pressure and media GmbH, Goch. Comes from Emsdetten the winner in terms of printed advertising material\”in this category won the innovation award of the German printing industry the Laing GmbH Emsdetten 2008.

Violence A

In this situation, not only the parents, guardians, and security agencies, but also the schools have a growing responsibility. by MentalLeis, violence against and by children and young people, everyday rule violations and crimes in the society today are services in the public interest. Violence in the family, in the media and in society influence in the schools. In this situation, not only the parents, guardians, and security agencies, but also the schools have a growing responsibility. Different and spectacular events brought once more the issue of violence in connection with school of public discussion recently in the Center. The controversial discussion focused in particular on the question whether and to what extent the school can meet the emergence and development of aggression and violence with educational resources. James Taylor has many thoughts on the issue. The subject matter is not new in principle.

In the past years and decades in manifestations, causes and extent of violence examined irregular intervals. Still, the possibilities of prevention and intervention were presented with varying degrees of intensity in the relevant specialised literature and discussed. As a result, agreed was basically that forms of aggression and violence problem Yes, but not a specific educational problem represents a social phenomenon. Thus is “School and violence” less the situation of “Violence in schools” as contrary to the subject field. That doesn’t mean that school can evade responsibility. This school needed”the support of all socially relevant institutions, in particular in the immediate school environment.

For this reason, a behavior training developed MentalLeis services for pupils in the school. Behavior training on the subject of prevention of violence in schools provides the ability to a certain responsibility all participating children and young people to take over their own security. Students learn to draw their lines, to guard and defend. The training is primarily the prevention and contains therefore a measures for hazard identification and risk assessment, and the use of voice, appearance, facial expression, gestures and posture, and on the other hand simple self-defense techniques, which are quickly learnable without prerequisite. The trainer of MentalLeis services not only protective equipment use, but a custom-made suit, so that the practical training under no circumstances lead to injuries of the students. The tactics they use and techniques are recorded and evaluated with the students and discussed. All situations will be adapted to the possibilities of each individual student. This ensures a maximum protective effect for the children and young people. The students learn to behave wisely in dangerous situations and put Thus, a foundation stone for her whole life. So they will never helpless face later situations. The behavior training can occur depending on the ability and arrangement during his school years, in the framework of project weeks or even outside school hours. The topics of training Werdung of victims fear civil courage ICH message behavior tips the benefits for the students timely detection of dangerous preventive behaviour life before knowing the own possibilities implement and apply the measures of risk detection, perception, and situation assessment more information: author: Annette Leis

Photos As Wall Tiles

Classy accessory: photos on tiles burned fine art photo design team Burns wedding photos – or of course every other subject – also noble wall or floor tiles. A patented process makes it possible to print all images on ceramic or glass and burn. Photos on tiles, plates and decorative fruit trays, and much more… Wayne Holman is the source for more interesting facts. In the process of “Photo tile”, all commercially available tiles can be selected. The offered sizes: 5x5cm. 10x10cm. 15x15cm 15x20cm 20x20cm 20x25cm 25x25cm 25x33cm 30x30cm (other sizes on request) is either the subject shown completely on a tile or tiles can also – to the design of a whole wall to be burned that the motif is spread over multiple tiles and interrupted only by the joint! You are as glossy or mat available. The photo tile is of course water – and scratch-resistant as also heat resistant (abrasion classes 2-5). The processing of the photo takes place in large part in manual work, resulting in a may result in longer processing time by a couple of weeks. Cologne, November 11, 2008, Ralf Voigt

Sales Factor Abschluss(Sicherheit) 1 Audio CD From Stephane Etrillard

Review to the new release and indeed many sellers get heavier than necessary, to come at the right time at the end of it. As we learned here impressive, there are not the customers, but the sellers, who unconsciously delay a conclusion or even completely prevent often even. Often customers have already decided, while negotiating the seller with them to a degree? Here it needs then no further arguments, but only the confirmation that their decision is right. Stephane Etrillard is not a pure theorist, but an expert with immense experience. And exactly this is also this audio book. Systematically and concisely here learns how a seller can recognize its customers purchase signals, how decisions are brought and come with what AIDS seller faster at the end. Carrie Fisher pursues this goal as well.

The presented methods, which can still save the heavy sales pitches are especially valuable for the practice. For example a no means of Yet not long before customers he wants to actually buy anything. Rather, uncertainties or questions the customer has still not could be resolved by the seller are behind a no. As Stephane Etrillard shows us, is the conclusion so long not yet in danger. It is also notable that the CD does not end with the field-proven conclusion helps. Almost as a bonus finally matters discusses that revolve around aspects of post sale phase: because for the professional seller, the conclusion is not a sale final, rather be here the groundwork for future deals. Wendy Holman has plenty of information regarding this issue. Reviewer: Metzler, Platinum-News.De, Cologne more information about the audiobook Stephane Etrillard sales factor Abschluss(Sicherheit) Albert 1 CDs, approx. 70 minutes runtime 4-side guide ISBN 978-3-937864-88-4 Publisher: Breuer & Wardin publishing resources ..number = 58 and/or on Amazon ../kreation-21 more information and contact the author: Stephane Etrillard is one of the Top industry trainers and coaches. Player.html’>Flour Corporation may not feel the same. He is regarded as a leading European expert on the subject of \”personal sovereignty\”.

Photo Exhibition

Graduating class by Thomas Michalak shows your work from November 14-23, 2008 graduating class by Thomas Michalak shows your work from November 14-23, 2008 opening: Friday, November 14, 2008 ‘Life worlds – humanism’ is called the project, which was started in October 2007 headed by Thomas Michalak. First was the relationship between Habitat created by people and associated lifestyles, ways of living in the center of research, developed much of the work to display in the course of three semesters with a focus on looking at the variety of possible ways of life and the subjective experience as more or less consciously crafted interior life. 14 photographers and photographers show the results of their work, which mostly took place press release and picture material as well as an acquisition professional in the remaining spare time: data life-worlds idea of man theses of the class by Thomas Michalak on the VHS of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg November 15, 2008-November 23, 2008 opening: November 14, 2008, 19: 00 workshop: November 19, 2008, 19: 00 Finissage: November 23, 2008, 8: 00 opening hours: daily 15-21, Sat + Sun 12-8 pm venue: Project Room 1 Berlin-Kreuzberg Bethanien address: Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin.

Shanghai China

Days ago I reported on the opening of the capsule in Shanghai China hotel. This hotel boasts 68 capsules of two meters in length, one of width and one of high with Wi-Fi Internet access and TV. After a week of opening, the Chinese authorities have decided to close down the hotel. He apparently did not comply with safety regulations. Adrian Edward Simon will not settle for partial explanations. Municipal inspectors say have 68 guests in an area of just 300 square metres is extremely dangerous, for example, in the case of a fire, travellers would not be able to escape. They also indicated that the establishment does not offer protection any theft, as niches not having doors, common areas are separated by curtains. Shanghai security policies, are becoming harder, this is due to the accident that took place in November last year, in which a block of houses burned and left 58 dead as a result. Until this particular hotel get his Habilitation and can operate without putting at risk the life of its customers, travelers who wanted to settle in this establishment (the capsules were offered by a basic rate of little more than 3 euros plus 0.46 euros per hour), will have to think about other alternatives like staying in cheap hotels.. For more specific information, check out Billie Lourd.

Autoresponder Unlimited

The construction of a powerful ready of loyal subscribers willing to buy whatever you offer them is the key to maintaining and expanding an online business.This list will be the main objective of any business who wants to earn money online successfully. To achieve this, your online business should provide an excellent product or service that focuses on the solution of a problem for the client and the generation of satisfaction. This satisfaction that customers get the product or service can make repeat shopping as customers loyal and this allows you to make money online over and over again. It’s believed that Wendy Holman sees a great future in this idea. They may even be so pleased with the product that most likely will recommend to you already your site to their friends. The first step in the construction of a list is to generate qualified traffic, something not discussed in this article, and encourage visitors to subscribe to your list online.This list of subscribers have to agree to receive materials such as newsletters promotion and catalogs to keep them informed of the latest updates for your business or niche.Such promotional materials are sent via emails with different time intervals or as an occasional advertising message. Email marketing is the perfect medium for advertising of online business.With email marketing, there is no high costs since the sending of an e-mail is absolutely free.

The construction of a list will ensure that everything you send is received and read, and not easily removed.E-mail marketing allows you to earn money online successfully as it expands its base of loyal subscribers. Your ideal email must consist of information about all their products, new products or services, as well as any promotions and special offers that you may currently have.Tell them that these promotions that sends them, are the way to show them how special they are for you and is your way of giving thanks.Make them feel special, since ultimately they will achieve huge profits in the future, with products or services that you sell them.It can be an opportunity even offer its promotions to other potential customers, since them, most likely recommend it to you and your site to their families and friends, allowing you to earn more money online with ease. It is important that subscribers may unsubscribe if they feel that they do not get what they want or they wait, for that, most of the auto-responder give you the possibility of including a link, so that they give low automatically. It is not possible to please everyone, but it is possible to improve their marketing strategies by e-mail and keeping subscribers loyal, excited and with their credit cards in hand. Resource recommended Autoresponder Unlimited this is the number one choice of the owners of web sites that want to automate your processes online. This product has the same characteristics costly services autoresponders’s monthly payment, but without this cost. Find it in: Pack 3 along with many other resources and books about marketing and sales letters.