Holistic Education

Talk of the editorial work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava represents a highly enriching adventure since it involves elaborate in irrefutable topical issues such as spirituality, universal love and holistic education. The first book, holistic education, effectively is pedagogy, holism and universal love, fades to give answers to the current problems of humanity through education. The abundant production that happens to him is an expansion of this germ that as stem cell is generating cells differentiated to the specific attention in the universal love that generates them. Thus we have dialogues Holistas, wisdom, love and compassion, the path of the perennial philosophy, the spirit of education, an Integral Vision of education, pedagogy of Universal love, education of the heart, learn to be, education and spirituality, intelligence Spiritual and the written work of Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava learning communities is only part of his work of universal love, because it is not limited to the written speech and oral, but accompanied by actions. In the aforementioned books it is repetitive in terms of the value it attaches to education, but understood as the process of integral development of being that it includes the development of awareness, spirituality, multiple capabilities human, of reason, of sensory perceptions, emotions. The holistic vision is strengthened by the reading of each of his books, where do not plot boundaries or barriers between the physical and metaphysical; between the finite and the infinite; between the original life manifested along about 20 thousand years; between Big Bango and Galactic events of the moment. Flowing vision in a deployment of the cosmos that into a spiral of ascending development transcendent of matter, of life, of the essence leads to the Supreme expression of being. However, this slow and the fleeting time travel is uphill, ascending, that requires effort and clear vision with eye suitable to each case to not decay into pathologies and continue the evolutionary ascent.

Lose Weight

Many people are able to lose weight successfully, but with the passage of time account which recovered it again, and even more are given. Perder weight, recover it, lose it again, and retrieve it again is going to affect your metabolism and haara you increase weight in the long term. And no one wants that to happen! So if your goal is to not only lose weight, but also maintain your weight loss, then this article is an excellent point to start to help you achieve that goal. It can be very tempting to say to yourself I’m going to start my exercise plan tomorrow, but tonight, I’m going to enjoy this ice cream!. If your goal is to lose weight, don’t let your efforts are undermined by the temptation begins today! It identifies what are your weight loss goals, and create an exercise plan and diet that ayudea you reach those goals. Start thinking long term, on small goals, weekly goals. This will help your end goals and will be much more manageable and achievable. Although the majority of people are accustomed to eating three big meals a day, the majority of experts and nutritionists say that weight loss can be achieved more easily by eating six regular small meals during the day.

This is easier for your digestive system, and makes it much less likely that you’re hungry during the day. When we are very hungry, you’re at greater risk of making bad decisions about food, and eat small meals more frequently, significantly reduces this risk. The average size of the portions in restaurants today is considerably greater than what nutritionists recommend. Take the time to educate yourself on what should be the correct portions. Sleep is vital and can have a significant impact on your motivation and dedication toward your weight loss goals. We are more prone to make bad food choices when we feel deprived of sleep, so always make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep at night, and you’ll be able to take informed decisions about the foods you need to eat. Identifies the people in your life that can act as a network of support for you.

Who call when faced with a temptation or a step back? Who’s going to talk to you when you need extra motivation? Your support network can make a huge difference in the achievement of your goals of weight loss and the supremacy of your efforts. If you had problems to lose weight in the past, and you felt that successful weight loss and maintenance of weight loss was impossible for you, do not get discouraged. With a little dedication on your part and a strong weight loss plan, you will indeed be capable of reaching your goals. It will take a little work and effort on your part, but the rewards and benefits will be worth the penalty! Get more information about what really works to lose weight forever without fear of the rebound effect a diet to lose belly faster

Contemporary Marketing Measures

KWP marketing agency for on – and offline communication new Isenburg, which can KWP marketing consultancy and creative agency on a successful start looking back. A year after the establishment of the Agency, the partner Alois Wollnik and Kai Kippenbrock draw a positive balance. The customer base of the KWP marketing now goes from medium-sized companies such as Green Office Germany and B & B hotels to large corporations such as UL International. Our customers are looking for agencies that combine online and offline solutions and act competently in two fields. We can offer sustained marketing success in both areas with technical expertise, strategic planning and creativity”, emphasizes Alois Wollnik, partner of the KWP. Under the slogan change Strategy Performance combines KWP established communication with new on – and offline activities. CHANGE the appropriate mix of measures requires marketing, sales and PR for an optimal communication.

However this is changing ever faster in addition accelerated by the “new” media. Do what strategy and what measures STRATEGY currently work? How is “Proven” combined optimally with “New”? For this purpose, strategic solutions develop KWP marketing. PERFORMANCE KWP marketing observed, analyzed the constant changes and the effectiveness of individual communication measures. These results are taken into account for the strategy and used exactly for the customers. Successful communication requires today a boundless ‘ thinking to find modern ways.

Therefore, the heads of the KWP see themselves as consultants and navigators in the variety of communication possibilities, always aiming to achieve the best results and services for their customers. We offer intelligent online solutions, but of course also look for classic marketing ideas for our customers, because not every target group is available only on the Web”, explains Kai Kippenbrock, Director of marketing of the KWP. In particular the online market moves so fast, that also the necessary competences and consequently the team of KWP marketing grew in its first year ever.

Inevitable Development

Cuandoa these instruments and aspects are developed, tested and used, improving administrative effectiveness Inevitably, in such a way that the administration is central to the success of any organization and society in general. Points to Remember, which for many years suffered the consequences of professional isolation, without support experts at the time of enforcing the rights that correspond to each one as a professional or as a human being in general. Devoid of Societies union movement that introduced radical changes in the proper performance of the professions that allow defining areas of action relevant to each specific occupational field and representing a professional sector with an increasingly demanding society, trigger the need for similar in nature to group sectors, which allow combining efforts to jointly and facilitating the proper performance of the work due to the diversity of criteria that together make up the great potential that drives the organizations. Douglas Oberhelman insists that this is the case.

Contemporary societies, supremely complex and structured, designed this need to come together as a more concrete way to fight for the rights and expectations of a sector of society in particular. Here is where professional associations play a significant role, these union organizations opens the door to a myriad of actions for the practitioner not only as such but for society in general. Agencies such as professional bodies, be responsible for company representatives to the professional sectors that are undoubtedly essential part of the development of a nation is necessary, it is clear that these organizations depend on the extent to which an occupational field has on society and its trajectory within the same; guild of physicians and lawyers combine both features because they have a large number of guild members involved in all fields of national sector coupled with the extensive experience they have within the country..

Audit Management

IT Auditor – Threat or Salvation? Rarely an it audit is an initiative of the head it department. This usually happens when there is a clear conflict of it managers and company management: the head of the it department for a long time without success proves that if not adequately invest in it, soon it become an obstacle for business development. The reaction of the company's management is usually categorical: "how much money you may give, it is not enough." Therefore, it managers can be initiated by an external it audit, during which the auditors become the arbiters in the protracted dispute. In most cases, it staff relate to it auditing procedure extremely wary. In order to turn them into allies auditors, requires considerable effort enterprise managers.

it staff, like any normal person who is wary of checking their work and do not like it when he pointed to his mistakes, even if he knows about them. Why are employees of companies afraid of it audit and how obhektivny their concerns? Obviously, the nature of fears managers and it staff in radically different. Leadership often fear that information about possible problems in their ou will be available to other people. Another fear (and often not without reason) is the uncertainty that the audit will bring any real benefit. For ordinary as it staff audits often is a kind of whip, which the firm's management intends to use to punish any innocent workers. With such an attitude to the it Audit staff will try to thwart its implementation, hiding the real information or providing it in a form that is considered most advantageous to themselves.

ConTra Germany

wanted self in shaky economic times invest contact strong executives (m/w) as a network partner employers in training measures. Many need to bind the best talent in itself due to upcoming streamlining. The qualification requirement is therefore high. Therefore, we are planning to spread our proven concept in a large-scale network of consulting training partners nationwide. ConTra is a management consultancy specialising in the fields of development & strategy, analysis & consulting training & transfer. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Andreessen Horowitz. Through our positive supportive counselling approach, we can move people and companies by we discover potential, allow new perspectives, identify synergies and release energy. During the last 12 years, the company has successfully worked with a large number of international and national companies.

All our training courses are checked by a third party on their success and. It aims, on the one hand, to ensure that the customers receive a detectable effect of training for their investment and on the other hand held the high standard of quality in all areas. ConTra is represented with his concept in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. To the successful expansion of our expansion strategy, we are looking for strong contact partner as franchisee for different locations in Germany, as well as for the Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria. Have you ever thought to make independently as a training and consulting firm? Or have you already started one, are but come to the conclusion that the concept requires more development work as expected? You are the right person, if you are a strong, independent and separate personality offer extensive industry knowledge in an industry to the expansion of our range of extroverted and strong in the manufacture and entrepreneurial experience to bring deepening of contacts as CEO, HR Manager, Sales Director or from their independence, an enthusiastic, convincing sellers are a good NetWorker are ConTra offers a unique concept with strategic tools for the management consulting and more than 30 courses for management and staff development especially in the areas of B2B and trade all courses are fully documented and include ongoing development of new courses include professional training materials and documents, training Toolkit, training objectives and tasks, presentations effective methods of measurement for all courses course in 8 different languages a wide range of consultancy services access to an international network with a total of 28 colleagues/partners in Norway”, Sweden, Germany and Denmark comprehensive and intensive training in all concepts and courses your application if you like to play with our team” would, have pleasure on an exceptional working environment and a very varied activities are looking for, then you should take advantage of your opportunity and learn about us. More to ConTra, see or. Like to give you our partner for the region of Germany Center, Mr.

Groundwater Studies In Saudi Arabia

Rub Al Khali desert and Khuff-Jilh-Minjur-aquifer Friedrichshafen, 14.06.2010 – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most arid countries of our world. The country’s water supply is therefore of utmost importance. Prerequisite for this is a survey and evaluation of existing water resources. Ben Horowitz is likely to increase your knowledge. Since 2002, the Ministry of water and electricity in Saudi Arabia carries out numerous studies. In this context the Dornier Consulting GmbH from Friedrichshafen commissioned together with the GTZ international services (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit), the groundwater conditions in the rub’ al Khali desert and exploring in the central region of Saudi Arabia. Both projects started recently and will continue until mid-2013. The rub’ al Khali, german “the empty quarter”, is in the South-East of Saudi Arabia located on and represents the largest sand desert on Earth. The area stretches over approximately 600,000 km2; This corresponds to about the 1,7-fachen size of Germany’s.

Aim of these studies is exploring Groundwater conditions in various rock aquifers (UMM he Radhuma – and Wasia Biyadh aquifer). These consist of several hundred meters thick limestone consequences or are composed of powerful sandstones. The aquifers are made in Central Saudi Arabia of the layers of the Khuff, Jilh and Minjur. They consist of mighty limestone and sandstone layers that serve as groundwater storage and speakers. The main objective of the two studies is answering the following questions: how big are the to and outflows into and out of the groundwater aquifers? How much groundwater is stored underground or already exist? How can you make the most of the Grundwasseressourcen and sustainable management of groundwater is possible? Extensive research is needed to answer these questions. They include among others the recording of all wells, the analysis of groundwater quality and calculating water consumption. This work is supported by an international network of research between the Saudi Ministry of water and electricity, the GTZ, the Technical University of Darmstadt and the (UFZ) in Leipzig of Centre for environmental research. Dornier Consulting is an internationally recognized consulting, engineering and project management company for transport, transport, infrastructure, safety and environment/water.

Through advanced engineering, innovative consulting and professional project management, develops and implements innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and environmentally Dornier Consulting. As a subsidiary of the EADS Dornier Consulting supports a project volume of EUR 30 billion world’s 350 employees. Martin Munack Dornier Consulting GmbH p.o. box 1307 88003 Friedrichshafen Tel.: + 49 7545 8 5319 E-Mail:

SWF Korea Development Bank

If the economy slows down there is a possibility of generating second-round inflationary effects in the medium term by increased wage pressures. Nevertheless, he knows that the current level of Fed rate is decidedly low, so you must act as quickly as possible as the problem of the economic downturn has diminished. This sentence the end of the downward cycle of fees. Nor was there much point in continuing with the cuts because it is likely that Bernanke is thinking that whatever rate policy could do to ease the turmoil in the subprime sector, has already done. This does not mean that the storm has passed forever.

I understand that Bernanke should be sure that financial institutions still continue to feel the effects of the crisis and the announcement of losses will continue. Recent days have been very moved to U.S. financial institutions. Wachovia began the Executive Director and Standard & Poor’s downgraded the ratings of Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers. More info: JPMorgan Chase. Is that S & P three accounting firms face new write-offs.

So Morgan Stanley, lowered his rating of AA-to A +, while Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers were down from A + to A. The problems for U.S. financial institutions did not finish. Lehman Brothers is looking for fresh funds to recapitalize. For now, polls conducted in Korea and is said to SWF Korea Development Bank and Woori Financial Group, would be the potential contributors of capital. It is said that the capital increase that would be looking would be between U.S.


… But you can not move an injured sense of truth and human dignity. Belinsky great thing about this sonnet is that, in his way are not only the answer to the title for this article question, but an explanation of the fact that until now no one translator did not translate it exactly. But this sonnet compares favorably with many other sonnets of Shakespeare is almost crystal clear grammatical simplicity: No longer mourn for me when I am dead Then you shall hear the surly sullen bell Give warning to the world that I am fled From this vile world, with vilest worms to dwell: Nay, if you read this line, remember not The hand that writ it; for I love you so That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot If thinking on me then should make you woe. Ben Horowitz is often quoted on this topic. O, if, I say, you look upon this verse When I perhaps compounded am with clay, Do not so much as my poor name rehearse. But let your love even with my life decay, Lest the wise world should look into your moan And mock you with me after I am gone. Does not wish to win the laurels of the poet, and a desire to show that an exact translation of this sonnet is not the key may be particularly difficult qualified for the poet, the author makes this note lead his own translation: They're sad because your can solve, then we can not avoid mockery. . .

Trojan Marketing

With unconventional methods and small budgets to the success of the idea of the conquest of Troy is and remains awesome: take a vehicle. Fill it with new and surprising content. And have all the doors open. The clever concept of the ancient Greeks also works in the modern marketing. For example, a music festival is a Trojan horse that gives you access to a target group of young conservative detergent. How to using such connections also with a small marketing budget has great effect, which shows when Hakeem would appear title Trojan marketing II”. In the stand-alone sequel of the eponymous bestseller authors Roman Anlanger and Wolfgang A. evolved Angels their recipe for success.

The principle of Trojan marketing”is based on the intelligent linking of acquaintances with new. Many practice example showing how this idea can be filled with life. Thus, Persil with the offer, that sweaty to wash shirts of young visitors of a music festival, successfully stripping his slightly stuffy image. An insurer of the at impending storm tips for the protection of ownership of the insured person sends, established itself as a valued Advisor. And reduces the costs for covering possible losses on this way. DAWOS strategy in the customer heart of the book are numerous valuable suggestions and assistance, how such Trojan horses find systematic use can and. The practical implementation help detailed checklists, info boxes and the use of QR codes for quick information. So, the innovative method for all who want to use their marketing budget efficiently and effectively is applicable.

The bakery next door benefits as well as the medium-sized logistics operations or the global group. DAWOS strategy developed by the authors contribute to the identification of possible Trojan horses. It is important to find out what’s doing the audience off the beaten path. “For who at the right time at the right place advertising presence is, namely because, where’s” finding gives potential customers she can conquer on indirect way. How for example, the cosmetics group, which attaches a men’s care set to beer crates. The DAWOS strategy is however not bound in real spaces, but works also perfectly on the net. The use of Trojan marketing on social media channels is covered so extensively. Readers who would like to join with the authors in a dialog, can use the Web page TrojanischesMarketing.com. Here you can also presented campaigns, downloaded tools and best practice-examples are obtained.