Advertising Services

Faster and faster improves the quality of advertising services in the advertising market and almost a few weeks ago, it would seem, well, where else better to do, but today you realize that quality marketing is unlimited. I would like to talk about the external and main interior advertising. These two different directions now are one. If a year ago in the manufacture of signs used front loader with a seal with 360 points, then now at least use an interior print, the resolution of which is from 720 to 1440 points. The interior is used for printing of exhibitions, design facilities, sales locations in shopping malls, offices, businesses, as well as his own apartment. Indoor displays are not fast, but steadily transferred from the premises on the street, making it outside.

The client has to appreciate the quality of services rather than price and quantity. This trend has also affected the light boxes, and registration booths, and bar – brackets and light letters, and if you honestly say that most of the outdoor advertising as a whole. Outdoor advertising market tightened as production of advertising campaigns, and not qualitative manufacturer of advertising services is suffering heavy losses at the time of the financial decline in the country due to lack of potential customers. Light Boxes Illuminated outdoor advertising originates from the name of a light box. Others including Andreessen Horowitz, offer their opinions as well. The first light boxes have been recorded in Moscow in 1969. A visitor from Finland advertiser taught reproduced on light light box to store products in a series of grocery stores (information may to some extent be exact).

Later with the advent of advertising, from behind the Iron Curtain began their light boxes during the Renaissance. The first light boxes were easy to perform and wide in the use and purpose. They are made of any sheet metal (galvanized steel, aluminum), the interior metal frame, electrical circuit consisted of a fluorescent lamp. The front surface was made up of the Soviet Plexiglas and colorful applique. Then he walked on meeting reviewing the progress of the idea of such a perspective unprofitable light boxes have been pre decorated inner meaning of the world. and external materials in the manufacture. Today, the prospect of a light box increased significantly. Looking back on the street and look around you can be horrified, the amount of light products and promotional aspects. Advertising plays a major role light box, and today its production which can give granted. The appearance of the box is composed of a large number of trendy materials and a composite, and banner carriers, and cellular and polikorbonat. t. etc. Very pleased with the internal light up using LED modules light boxes have a long-term funds in the development vlazhenie any business because the term glow LED module is 10 years.