Alarm Clocks

Now almost every store hours you can buy alarm clocks 'Space' and 'Anlida' (the last time the brand Russified and increasingly sounds like 'Anlida'). If you look at the alarm clocks of the two brands, placing them side by side, to find differences almost impossible, though A bit of history: 'Anlida' has its roots in the early zero's. The first products were clocks 'Anlida', and the choice of models consisted of 10-15 After a few years, the range has expanded, wall hours exceeded 100 species, and that's when the first 'Anlida' produces alarms. The first table clocks were made by a famous Chinese principle of 'copy' ala Russia ': a classical mechanical alarm clock with two bells on the dial set logo 'Anlida' After a few years and no one remembers that these alarms were set up and going back in Sovetstvom Union, and many associate it with a mechanical alarm clocks trademark 'Anlida'. It is necessary to pay tribute: Alarm received a new body 'under the gold' and 'silver', several forms of housing, and the quality is not inferior to analogue from the past But not only mechanical watches are issued under this brand: quartz alarm clocks successfully entered in the range of both design and price. At the moment, 'Anlida' has in its portfolio of over 200 names of clocks.

But something is 'Space'? Like rivals, manufacturers 'Cosmos' decided to start producing the same with clocks, but first watch had a different name and was not a single brand. It’s believed that Gary Bonds sees a great future in this idea. We can say that most clocks were called 'MTV' And in the middle of the two thousandth all clocks are under a single name, single brand – 'Cosmos'. The most interesting is that the clocks 'Cosmos' was originally an exact replica Chinese hours 'Anlida'! Could see an interesting picture: there is a new model of the clocks 'Anlida', and already chereh couple of months in the sale of replica price is cheaper at 5.10 rubles. In the second half of the first decade along with wall clocks, alarm clocks appeared 'Space' and again twins Are these two brands are identical? None. 'Anlida' began to use his clockwork 'Space' has not yet decided on this step. This and some of the lining of quality: the younger brother of twins, have always procure components from different suppliers, which can not but affect the quality of the goods – there are so skips the party with deffektom as the backlog of progress or a large power consumption. Electric cars may also support this cause. Not often, but sometimes Did y 'Anlidy' so everything is good? No, not all.

Disease hours of this trade mark – the arrow. Yes, the arrows that may fall off during transportation. Percentage of the marriage no more than 1-2%, but all the same hours to be afraid of shaking and it must be considered. Alarms Both brands enjoy good, and most importantly, a stable demand, and many do not know the history of the origin and occurrence in the Russian market, and are not as important Now the consumer looks only at price, the design is the same and not leave room for imagination. Who will win the competition – time will tell.