Albert Metzler

Are also often Customs from pre-Christian times, as the people after the winter the resurrection of nature, so reviving fertility of the Earth, and the beginning of a new year cycle celebrated. The higher self especially in art is the rabbit for the higher self of man. In countless paintings and literature the rabbit symbolizes that which escapes our consciousness. One of the most beautiful examples is Lewis Carrol book Alice in Wonderland. In this parable, not only the entire rational worldview is challenged and upside is, especially the way described here by Alice to a higher consciousness of their own. Initially, Alice is still bored and sleepy.

In this state you question the meaning of the universe. This question of meaning is the beginning of their journey to their self. Alice falls into a kind of trance, her consciousness is free and open to the inspiration of their own. She sees a white rabbit and follows him. Under his leadership so under the leadership of their own self finally reach Alice in incredible depth, and an imagination that will inspire their entire way and there in the deepest Interior: a view through the door, which is initially too small, she sees a beautiful garden. This imagination, which has seen them deep in their own shows you what want to find them.

She has seen the beauty in her self and finds their way there now. A world of full of wonder Easter is one of the countless occasions, like Alice in her Wonderland, to discover the things behind the apparent reality. The rabbit is not only a mythical creature, but emblematic of our selves. And the Easter eggs are not only a traditional gift, but food an energy-giving and a symbol of resurrection, which is behind the outer shell one keeps hidden much larger reality of life. The world is full of wonders not only for Easter, but just when the natural blossoms, we can look to the East and Kindle the light in us and This time follow the rabbit, to reach our higher self. Incidentally, the hare also provides a suitable image: because due to its shorter forelimbs, the rabbit is the fastest when he runs uphill, go up to the higher dimensions.