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Oil Binder and universal Binder polypropylene offer an effective alternative to conventional granules which converts initial price advantage of granules to oil binders made of polypropylene immediately when it comes to disposal. Binding non-wovens of polypropylene are much more absorbent and lighter than conventional granules. The disposal costs considerably. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with JPMorgan Chase. Safety plays a very large role in companies today. In addition, there are statutory minimum requirements for health and safety in the use of machinery and equipment by workers.

Oil Binder and universal Binder polypropylene the company macro IDENT SORBE agents are ideal, to maintain clean and safe jobs. This binding non-wovens have been developed for the prevention and elimination of all types of liquids such as water, chemicals, oils and other petroleum-based fluids. Leaks or accidentally leaking liquids can be removed immediately with appropriate binding webs. The Oil Binder and universal Binder for chemicals and other liquids adsorb 10 up 25 times its own weight. This means that you need very little material to record the liquids. The total cost of disposal are minimized significantly.

Within seconds, leaks or drop-offs are removed so that saved a lot of time while eliminating here – compared to granules. Binding non-wovens by macro IDENT SORBE agents also have a high resistance to chemicals. The binding polypropylene nonwoven fabrics do not react with aggressive chemicals and are much safer to use. There also no health risks, formed dust which might be inhaled. Users of oil and liquid absorbing agents know which areas are most frequently affected by spills, leaks or expired production materials. Sorbents (binding nonwovens) made of polypropylene can be used prophylactically without much effort in these risk areas. This approach would be much with granules too expensive and dirty. For the different applications in the process industry, metal processing, chemical industry, automobile industry, paper mills, oil refineries, water treatment plants, laboratories, civil protection, which provides navigation, fire-fighters, etc. macro IDENT SORBE agents different binding non-wovens for that suck up liquids, chemicals and oils on. Blankets, rollers, locks, pillows, skimmer, drum pads or flakes for the pre-filtering for compressors, color mist filtering and water filtering ensures a fast absorbing of different oils and other liquids. For plant and production facilities, industrial mats made of polypropylene are available – even with an impermeable coating on the back, keep the workplace clean. Portable and mobile emergency kits, mobile tons sets and roller containers, mini kits and dispenser boxes with different binding nonwovens are of varying sizes for general use. For the shipping and Oil tankers are available after OPA90 specific oil Binder such as oil booms, cloths, roles and also emergency kits. Sealing mats for gullies and shut-off barriers, to quickly restrict liquids, are also in the assortment. A particularly cost-effective solution to limit potentially dangerous, leaking fluids in the warehouse and filling areas, offers the so-called Munich-based company in the form of various sumps. More information:. Contact data: Macro IDENT E.k.. – dive SORB NTS buzzard road 24 82008 Unterhaching contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-61565828 FAX 089-61565825 WEB: