Ausstieges Costs

The price of electricity requires rethinking the end user for years the price of power knows only one direction: to top, and this not too close. In the last 10 years, the gross rose average price of a kilowatt hour from 16 cents to almost 26 cents. Experts assume that an average household 2012 must spend between 35 and 40 euros more for electricity than in the previous year. Not good consumers of course at all and some wonder why all people in Germany electricity prices compared to other European countries as strong rise. What is the electricity price together and which components more expensive is especially? The cost of production, transport and distribution belong to the total electricity price. Also the electricity tax, turnover tax, various assessments and also the profit of the current manufacturer.

The production costs and management costs make up about 50 percent of the Endverbraucherpreises. Traded for the most part on the electricity exchange in Leipzig and despite rising raw material costs and of the Ausstieges from the nuclear energy in recent years not greatly increased. By the increasing financial needs for the expansion of renewable energies and the cost of new networks will go but certainly higher in the future. Taxes and fees make up the other half of the consumer price of electricity. These costs have in recent years significantly increased, especially the renewable energy levy (from the renewable energy Act). These costs will not fall in the next few years. How can private electricity customers save costs? To do this, there are two ways to find the right provider and to save power on the other hand, where it is possible.

A single electricity provider cost comparison is possible with the help of the Internet and also the change of the provider works fine. Hundreds of euros can with a cheaper electricity provider might save annually. In addition, it is also possible deliberately choose an electricity provider plays a role in which the idea of ecology and thus something for the environment and future generations to do. To save power is equally important. This begins to make larger investments to possibly even his own power. The photovoltaic system on the roof or the use of geothermal energy, save money at the end of some homeowners. But it’s less than a number. Even simple measures help to deal with power more economical. Only through the use of energy-saving lamps, energy-efficient refrigerators and washing machines and the waiver on the stand-by mode of electronic devices, can be more save money, than most people think. Who seriously once dealing with his habits when dealing with electricity, will be certainly savings, which are possible without limiting the standard of living.