Christian God

However, the substantive term or concept and evangelization, appears only in the nineteenth century, and Protestant atmosphere, it makes its appearance before, let alone the Catholic environment. We have told us that the triune God is a God who reveals himself in love, because the Christian God is a triune God, is a community of love, God is Trinitarian communion of persons. We have said that The Christian God is revealed in history. And we know that God has revealed himself as a creator God. And Trinitarian theology, attributes the creation to the Father.

And that has not only created the world, but also to men and women for love, for a purpose that is important. That men and women can participate in the communion of love that exists in the trinity. It is this purpose for which God is revealed. And God created the world, man and woman for man and woman can enjoy the fullness of that happiness, only the Christian God. It happens also in theology and we know that this project of love of God, or relationship of communion between man and God, is frustrated in some way by original sin. Although Juan Luis de la Pena, the Spanish theologian says that a The sin can never frustrate God's loving plan. Indeed, but on the contrary, the only thing you can do at any event is to take other connotation, a kind of difficulty in the relationship. But the final sin is the last word.

Convert Youtube

Below you will learn a series of steps to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 or AVI using the freeware called Next Video iPod Converter. Step 1: First you have to download and install the application. You can do so from their official site. Download and install the application Next Video iPod Converter freeware (free). The interface of the program is in English but is very intuitive and easy to use.

Step 2: The program choose in YouTube Download. Opens a window to Enter YouTube Video URL text followed by a field where you must enter the URL (full address) of the video you want to download. Example:. You must click on the OK button to start the download. Before you make in that directory (location) you will download the file. To do this you must click on the Change button. Step 3: Most of the videos uploaded to YouTube are of short duration so it will not take long to download it. Once the download is complete a window will automatically open with the title Select output format where you have to choose the format that you want to convert the file with extension downloaded .flv from YouTube.

Appears in default formats for iPod players. To view other formats you have to do is click on the button at the bottom Other Pro. Devices and choose, in this case, AVI or MP3. Step 4: Before converting it, you can configure the properties of the video output (size, audio, codec, etc.) by clicking on the Settings button, for this you must have a basic knowledge on audio and video attributes. Step 5: Finally you choose the output directory and you click on the Start button. After conversion is complete a window (from the chosen directory) opens automatically with the file already converted to AVI or MP3. Thats all the conversion process and I hope you have served both as me. Original author and source of the article

JavScript Flash

Only a 69.2% of visits It supports its latest version. The remaining 29.03% you will need to download it before viewing the film. You try to make the film as girl as you can so that people don’t get bored waiting for the page to load. There is even an 11.83% of visitors using dial-up connections. JavScript JavScript has drawbacks similar to Flash.

Many user agents do not support it, including the robots of search engines. A 1.77% of the visitors may not see the information written in JavScript or follow links. If it is possible to use it only for interactivity and functionality not needed. Not possible, it provides alternative static content in noscript tag. Do not become it something necessary to follow a link. Use the command location.href as content for the onclick event in a static link (tag a). Frames frames (frames) may look good but should definitely be avoided. While the majority of user agents the supports, search engines, as well as blind people, can find is seriously confused when attempting to relate the information contained in the different pages of a frames page.

Images images, although they are not fully accessible, are a more benign alternative to the Flash animations. Always prefer using images rather than Flash animations. Keep them small in size to reduce the load time of the page. It always provides the most appropriate alternative text that best describes the purpose of the image. Some general ways to avoid conflicting technologies are opting for more common or more supported types of information. One of the best alternatives to establish the image of a website is CSS. CSS is specially designed to set presentation attributes. use it instead of tables to establish the diagram on the page. Anyway, some sites require the use of some or all of these technologies to display its main contents. For example, a site of electronic cards may need Flash to display animated or interactive cards (main content). But when the use of these technologies is not a necessity, prevent its use to provide primary content will be as good for your visitors as it will be for you. Original author and source of the article.

Fiscal Responsibility

Licitation is the administrative procedure destined to the person choice to be contracted by the Administration or to be benefited by singular administrative act, in which they are assured in such a way the right of the interested parties to the dispute as the election of the adjusted beneficiary more to the public interest (SUNDFELD, 1994, p.15). Law n 8,666 was sancionada in 21 of June of 1993 for the President of the Republic in exercise, Frank Itamar. However, ' ' after its sanction the law was amended and modified by successive Provisional remedy, having suffered still to the impact from the plan of economic stabilization and some laws and decrees posteriores' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). According to Motta (2005) the conversion of the MPs in law? Law 8,883, of 8/6/94, it reintroduced in the rule of law, getting rid themselves of incorrees, some vetoed stretches, modifying still more of three sets of ten of devices. ' ' Law 8,987, of 7/7/95, that it makes use on the regimen of concession and utility permission, regulated Art. 175 of the Federal Constitution, and Law 9,854/95, established norms for grant and extension of the concessions and permisses' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). For Motta (2005) another significant modification in Law 8,666/93 was the addition of plus a licitation modality? the proclamation, for MP 2,026, edited in 25/05/00, in the same day that Federal official gazette published the Law of Fiscal Responsibility? Complementary law 101, of 4/5/00. They had continued then successive MPs referring to the proclamation until its consolidation as definitive licitatria modality through the sanction of Law 10,520, 17 of July of 2002. ' ' The Law of Fiscal Responsibility became the taking of decisions in the public acts of contract more structuralized, incorporating new prerequisite 0 variable and especficos' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). to finish this brief historical vision, ' ' in the 2004 end occurred the sanction of the law of Public-Private Partnerships? PPP? Law 11,079, of 30/12/04, that it represented plus an alteration in the area of the act of contract pblica' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6).

Social Responsibility

The economic crisis has erupted when the speech is buoyant Social Responsibility (CSR) in annual reports and business rates charge. Was it cosmetic or ethics? "Makeup for good looks or vitamins that strengthen? A smart company does not opt for an ethic of selflessness, which is impossible for a modern company, but of common interest. People such as Rockwell Trading would likely agree. Do not abandon the pursuit of profit and viability, but their benefit is achieved through the shared benefit. So try to become that "corporate citizen" that people see as his own, because it creates material wealth, work and intangible values in your environment. Commitment to transparency that builds confidence and forging a reputation, values without which it is difficult to maintain viability.

The company is prudent to understand the aspirations of its stakeholders and respond to them. Accountability, transparency and trust are essential to achieve the good of the company. Whenever there is an institutional framework capable of ensuring reasonably to satisfy the rules. It has not worked in too many cases the institutional framework responsible for controlling the financial performance of alerting investors and consumers. But despite the Leninist belief that "trust is good but control is better", both are essential. Without control, banks play the excessive risk to the loan garbage a day and not to provide the following municipalities endorse rezoning, consumers borrow more than is reasonable and there comes a time when the train of economic activity gives a sharp braking. But without confidence fell transactions, reduces investment, loans scarce, closed businesses, increased unemployment and growing distress.

VIP Mail Server

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Product Sale

In Multinivel really, the unique requirement to receive your check monthly it is to consume products of your company, between 100 and 250 Euros to month. Nothing else. You do not forget this. Not to have To sell. This is basic. As I explained to you that Multinivel Marketing is based on Consumo de Productos, not in the Product Sale.

If in the company they force to you to sell certain monthly amount to maintain your level, then you are not but in companies of Direct Sale. Here you will have to value if you are arranged to sell or and not to act consequently. An Investment of Fit Entrance. This it is an accessible business for everybody, in theory, and any profitable business you will have that to invest money, time and dedication. Nevertheless, there are businesses in those that, to enter the best position, you must invest between 3.000 and 5,000 Euros to only begin.

In short, you decide what to do with this point. To pay more does not assure to you to be more successful. Different Options from Gains. Of this form, in agreement you go being more expert, and your bigger group, your check is raising and you go having more income of different sources. This is the reward to good work of sponsorship and leadership. These are some keys that will help to select a marketing plan you realist, near practitioner and, who much people will be able to develop and where you same also you will have your part of the great pie of our business. It remembers, networker professional, an industralist multilevel, is not salesman. He is a leader whom he attracts the people, them aid and forms equipment for economic and personal the benefit of all. There are people who have been years in companies thinking that they are of Marketing Multinivel, and does not know that they are for sale Direct. Now you have the correct information not to fall in that error, and to begin your race of the best form, direct to the success. Coordialmente, Tony Matei Informate but in: Original author and source of the article.

Organ Transplant Traffic

Pope Benedict XVI, recently said that people invisible and anonymous circumstantial facts jump to the news and are cruelly exploited by the media until it exhausts the news without first obtaining morals, lessons, conclusions and that’s what actually going to happen with the latter’s clandestine Kidney transplantation is being aired in the media, so it is necessary to obtain some conclusions. 1) If an organ trafficking at international level, there are organized gangs who kidnap and kill mainly young people to get each of them several organs, Dr. Carla del Ponte as Prosecutor of the United Nations a few years ago denounced the disappearance of Albanians , Serbs, Mexicans to extract their organs and sell them to smuggling, kidnapping prostitutes in Brazil for this purpose, in the USA working in the funeral home with fresh corpses, do not forget that organ trafficking and the trafficking of women are being considered as ” Emerging Business “more profitable. Recently Golden Eagle Coins sought to clarify these questions.

2 .- There is on-line sales of organs, in full view of prosecutors, police, journalists, Web are especially dedicated to this bargain in the sale of organs, an investigation by the newspaper Clarin, located in Peru in the third position America in the Organ Transplant Traffic illegal. 3 .- There is an advance on legal matters but persists abandonment by the state, parties and the political class to encourage the donation, the only operational Transplant Unit at the Almenara Essalud works at a local and a Budget deserve much better luck. 4 .- There are several clandestine clinics in Lima and provinces to work in the eyes of the authorities of the MOH (which persecute rather formal), which makes all kinds of surgery and as we have seen so very complex surgery and Transplants May .- The Ochlocracy that governs us is so dire that no longer surprise us the outrageous corruption of government and his party at all level, corruption has reached also at unpolluted hands of some specialists in transplantation, which has succumbed to the money, as has happened in Europe, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and other countries..

Game Market

I say perhaps that some banks and bolder companies with the game of the derivatives still go to break, velhinhas and American widowers had lost deep part of the sweated saving managed by the aggressive ones, must be xingando ' ' yuppies' ' of century XXI, but unhappyly it is party to suit. The restriction to the credit, toada in the media with force, must be temporary. I say that as a full bus and bothering for the passengers, certain hour, of one braked any, adjusts everybody. The good credit, for healthful creditors will not dry. ' ' junk bonds' ' , secutitizados rotten papers in still more depraved credits will cease, will turn dust as they sizem in the market. The real economy account with the resilience of the free and democratic market, one of its bigger virtues. Emergent with China and India pulling the boat goes to lick the wounds of the world-wide economy and to follow in front. Somebody finds that the Chinese consumer lost money in ' ' Wall street ' '? They know that the Asian stock markets resist the chaos well, at least with more resistance that the occidental people.

Already it said that I am against prophecy, but I find that in few months, a trimester perhaps, the things come back to the normal one, with a detail: a lesson of as the regulation of markets of risks is important, some lies had been learned, plus one will be. Predicting, the growth will be reduced, but we will not enter in contraction, nor here nor in the world. The inflation already patrol diverse countries and can appear here and acol, with a detail, the management tools are others. We go to see what it happens, a thing is certain, this package reestablishes, of certain form, the confidence in the financial market, this is good. The bank and company in addition that had put the feet for the hands is also inexorable. Things of the capitalism.

The myth and the belief of that the capitalism finished with the destruction it American banking system are fallacy, sophism. The capitalism and the market are natural forces, the intervention of governments are falvel, but necessary as we attend diverse times. Still I prefer the forces natural of what the interventions human beings. It was not the first crisis and nor will be the last one, lies are learned and the tools of perfected management and control. I repeat mago Greenspan, crises they are not necessarily bad, they are part of the game.

Narcissistic Investor

Few people look at what BFM Group principally engaged in investment brokerage is not. Seen in the context of the word "Investment" – means it is necessary to send. There are, of course, and offers competent, but they lost against the background of hundreds of others, immediately sent to the trash. It has long been working in the investment market, and is regularly confronted with similar leaders, already established the general character types inadequate startups. half-crazy inventors of something with a prototype, made of wood, sticky it to the doorbell and battery, sleepy investors an idea of breakthroughs in nanotechnology. Option – a scrap of paper on which the hand-drawn some sort of scheme in which they clearly see a super idea to obtain a billion dollars. Narcissistic laypeople (I have a cool project – Give the money to tell the details).

Yesterday's and today's teenagers with micro-projects, such as fast-food education and no experience. Creators of-dreamers who do not recognize plans, budgets, accounting, bookkeeping, administrative and management functions. They are creators. And you're just an investor. That's bothering, wiping his snot.

Losers, lazy, with fringe ideas – either stolen or neprorabotannymi or non-viable, or naive calculated that an investor would vparim them and abscond with the money. Like normal projects in the form of running a business where the owner is interested in attracting strategic investors for further development. After lengthy negotiations and a comprehensive audit found that there is a huge liabilities that are available on the balance of real estate assets were put into service illegally, the duration of the contract for land comes to an end and not subject to renewal, and other co-sponsors present irreconcilable conflict of interest.