Banking Equipment

In our shop are only worthy of attention Brands. Equipment for which we can advise Dodge and get it in use. CASSIDA – a company of the new generation in the field of production technology for handling cash. The purpose of the firm is to combine the most advanced technologies in the development, production and sale of equipment at the most competitive prices. NEXBILL – Manufacturer Company KALIMING Co., LTD (South Korea) specializes in research, production, sales and service counters. Founded in 1996, the company KALIMING became the main supplier of banknote counters for leading Korean banks (Noung Hyup, Korea Exchange, Industrial Bank of Korea). For years of work KALIMING managed to establish itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of advanced technologies for financial institutions. BILLCON – Corporation of Japan 'Billcon' specializes in the manufacture of equipment in kupyuroschetnogo for 40 years and was the first company that developed and introduced to the market on the basis of the counter roller-friction principle of submission of bills.

As a pioneer in this field, the company constantly improves and implements new technological solutions that meet current market trends and specific customer requirements. Today, products Billcon sold in 90 countries and represents a harmonious blend of the past achievements of mechanics, electronics and software. The main advantage of counters Billcon – the ability to handle banknotes of any degree of wear due to advanced, patented system manufacturer submission of bills. This feature, which users are unanimous in tied for first place. Also worth noting is the special reliability of mechanical machines and long service life with a heavy load without replacing parts, subject to wear.

A central repository, the CBR is still regularly work counters Billcon, purchased in 1980. DORS – manufacturer and supplier of equipment for banks and retailers: detectors for determining the authenticity of banknotes and securities, counters and packers notes, individual safe deposit boxes and information and transaction kiosks. MAGNER – a company founded in 1983, is by far the largest supplier of banking equipment international market. With an extensive network of distributors of banking equipment, Magner Corporation offers its customers the best quality products at most competitive prices. PRO – Company zaniimaetsya development and manufacture of equipment for the business. The three main activities – banking, and Office Equipment. PLUS – the Korean company specializing in the production of banking equipment.