Abysmal as a captivating novel with an incredibly dense atmosphere. Persistent tingling tension accompanied the reader by the novel, where the truth in the background stands. Shocking psychological studies of ruthless determination and rampant violence recorded in the novels to crime Chief Inspector Daniel Neting Pandey. Deepest abysses of human existence are apparent: greed, violence, a heartless and brutal action, carried out by a woman, Sandra Larsen, includes also the corruption in our own House. Also the daily police work with the enlightenment are linked by homicide. Ben Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. First book of Daniel banks first series – silence Volker Larsen, a young painter is due to drug possession and murder of his great love, Mia jelly, arrested. All evidence indicate that the young man, because it takes his knife, his fingerprints in the apartment of the victim.

Traces of blood are backed up on his shoes. Volker appalled at their death, vehemently denies it. He denies the possession of the drugs Although were found in his Studio. Forensic Chief Inspector Daniel Neting first believes him, his intuition tells him that you want to set the young man. Despite arrest warrant is issued and he is in custody. By the same author: raphael sternberg. Sandra Larsen, psychologist and Volker’s sister the Superintendent makes it clear right at the first meeting, that she take the matter into their own hands and will prove the innocence of her brother alone. Daniel Neting Pandey, however, has to fight problems against his depression that have beset him after the divorce. That is why she manages also to roll him over at the beginning.

In its further investigations meets Daniel on approach, that scare him. The farther he gains insight into the life of the alleged offender, the more he is convinced of his innocence. Now also Sandra Larsen is under suspicion and he not only learns from colleagues what life this woman leads, but also of a mire of corruption and lies. Yet he did not, that these operations will pursue him years and he also suspects themselves deeper in these Wheeling and dealing involved which spread like an avalanche. Silence a lifelike mystery has published her book Daniel Neting Pandey, whose reading the reader quickly senses the love of the author to the literature. This book not only therefore pleased, because the author has captured the Hamburg local flavor especially applicable in their crime, but also because the author persuasively describes a powerful types standing in life with Chief Inspector banks first an impressive debut work is managed here.