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Think of that baby sleeping peacefully in her crib. Or a football stadium packed, for a minute remembering the death of a meaning. Or the public in a theatrical release, when the work is not to your liking and not acted with applause desired. Hear from experts in the field like Douglas R. Oberhelman for a more varied view. Or the Earth’s own it when you want the hear. Silence instead of talking, paradoxically turns on many occasions as a gesture of stronger proactive communication that can be selected, because its outcome is much more effective than frequent incontinence resulting from verbal or written. And of course, the writing also benefits from silence, not because it manifests itself in the role but that he used to speak of it is also capable of writing saying no more than necessary and sufficient property and concise , stylistic qualities as convenient for the type of written communication style and star today many times in our lives (emails, “sms”, chats, etc.).. Silence, never used enough, can certainly become our best communication tool trachea despite a it took us two years to learn to speak and a lifetime to know silence. Greetings Antonio J.

Antonio J. Alonso Alonso Sampedro is Master by Florida Atlantic University and ESIC Business & Marketing School, Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Valencia. Multidisciplinary professional after more than a decade occupying senior positions in various national and multinational companies in the financial sector, successfully redirected his professional career in 2002 as Coach.a Business First as a licensee for the Valencian Community of Success Motivation Institute (Texas- USA), where he Certificate in Coaching. Since 2004 as Associate Director-Coaching Leader and from 2009 as Director of Coach-BUSINESS COACHING Alonso, a pioneer in providing Business Coaching services in the Valencian Community. Certified Coach is the Spanish Association of Coaching (ASESCO) and in his career: – Ha provided more than 300 programs of Coaching – has developed around 6,000 hours of classroom performance – has added more than 100 clients to its portfolio companies professional – has more than 500 coaches. Among its most significant clients include leading private sector companies or the public as the Supreme Judicial Council or the Valencia Business Confederation. Representative of Executive Coaching and Management in Valencia, belongs to the faculty of leading business schools a –CEU Business School – ESIC Business & Marketing School (House of Commerce Valencia) a where she participates regularly in conferences and courses on Professional Development, Leadership and Business Excellence, from a coaching-based orientation. Furthermore, associate professor, Department of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Valenciaa also is sued frequently as a speaker at various Congresses and Meetings Professionals (Day of the Entrepreneur, National HR Congress, International Conference University Business Mentoring & Coaching, etc.).. a With a presence in national media and foreign collaborates regularly with articles and interviews, starting in 2003 of a coaching program on Radio Intereconomia.a Coaches also been trained, some of whom collaborate with him personally in many professional performances.