Call Colombia

There are many codes that we must include the telephone number when we call from other countries. In addition depending from where you cast the call may change. Today we will tell you of how to call colombia: 00 is the exit code of the majority of countries. You must check before all international calls. If you call from United States or Canada, replaced the 00 initial by 01 57-Colombia country code city/province prefix has 1 digits the phone has 7-digit format of output + 57 llamada:codigo +? + ??? ???? To call from Colombia, dial 00 X, where X is the operator code which can be: 444 (Comcel), 5 (Orbitel), 7 (ETB) or 9 (Telefonica). For example, to call from Colombia using Orbitel: 00 X = 005. How call a mobile in Colombia? To call to mobile phone in Colombia from Spain, dial: 00 + 57 + 3? ??? ???? To call mobile phone in Colombia from United States or Canada, dial: 011 + 57 + 3? ??? ???? From Spain, the cheapest is thus called 640100257 + 00 57 + 3? ??? ????a phone that works like the 902 but with some restrictions on destinations. If you have Flatrate on your mobile, call abroad will be free. For calls or SMS by mobile, save the exit code in the agenda as a +, so we are where we are mobile phone calls with the prefix for international departure first.