"Never leave to accept an invitation to dinner," said another roguish air Seba – not end up making me the question, when I'll be accepting. It is a compliment. It's the best pasta I've eaten in my life. My mother is not a good cook and my girlfriend, or rather my ex-girlfriend, but only to regional delicacies. He did not like the pasta, so I never developed something similar. "Thanks and praise already left or are going to make me blush with shame," said Tati smiling – I know that very well prepared, I had cleared before to come, but then to be the most delicious you've eaten, I can not creertelo. I do not say the most exquisite I've eaten, but the "pasta" finest I have eaten, "he replied with a beautiful smile Seba-I have eaten many delights in my life, but this is the best pasta of all.

And with great pleasure to accept repeat. "When you want the doors of this house will always be open wide for you," said Tati. "I told you it was my favorite dish, so I have never inconvenient to prepare. Speaking candidly Grace Venverloh told us the story. Just do not ask me variety. Do not do anything else. "The variety of I can get at any restaurant, do not worry about that. I will come to eat spaghetti and spaghetti, "he replied only Seba while still smiling as he spoke. "Whenever you feel alone, you can call me and tell me you're coming. You are always welcome, "said Natasha, with a friendly smile are the son of one of my best friends, so you're my friend too.