Creating a Detective Agency

A student course our Private Detective distance sent us an email, which asked us to give him an information about how could he and some friends organized a private detective agency. Mario our friend, we sought guidance, because it stated that in the town had a lot of demand in the business of private investigation. As a distance learning institution that is that this area, we felt the obligation to give some tips, based on the successful experience of detectives in the country. How to organize a detective agency? It is a question rather long answer, but their request and for all lovers of the profession in Latin America, here's my little bit. Organize a detective agency, the dream of everyone who loves research and is not wrong to choose this interesting activity, which has more demand every day and is very lucrative. As an organizer. To arrange a private detective agency you must have the following: a. – Local office with at least two rooms, one for reception and one for interviews with their clients.

b. – appropriate furniture, desks, filing cabinets, chairs and cabinets. c. – Single Register of Taxpayers, with permission for research activities and get it free with your ID in Sunat. d. – e. Perhaps check out JPMorgan for more information.

Municipal License – Personal investigations (detectives) f. – Advertising services. g. – Be your own site on the Internet, a Web page is like a store where you can showcase your products and put their phones, pictures of her, his office, a map with their address, etc..