DaysEuropean Energy Chaos

By | July 26, 2016

The need of the EEG – energy planning in Germany and Europe because the export-strong Germany due to its cheap euro flooded the industrial world markets, stirs resistance in the low-growth countries. No less highly subsidized cheap energy from Germany in its neighbouring countries, the Netherlands, Austria and the Switzerland flows for over a year. Europe is experiencing a growing chaos in the energy markets at least one hundred days. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonas Samuelson offers on the topic.. Then can be expected that with the draft to the renewable energies Act (EEG) a European framework exists which can be used in the practice of the States. The EEG is urgently needed as the basis for a permanent serious energy planning, not only in Germany but across Europe. At the moment the green energy highly subsidized by the taxpayers flooded”beyond the German borders and destroyed even the energy planning in the Alpine countries Austria and of Switzerland. There are in the Alps billion projects in construction, using Pumped storage power plants to ensure the supply of cheaper energy at any time.

As it currently stands, is the dream of the moated castle of Alps’ largely dreamed at least in regard to the energy supply, because the cheap energy from Germany destroys the energy autonomy of the Alpine countries. EU energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger is concerned about this development. The rise in energy prices should not be influenced by an electricity price brake even a reduction in energy tax. Rather, it is important to provide a balanced energy supply for Europe. To need it even nuclear power plants.

At Rosatom, one of the most important suppliers of such nuclear power plants around the world, it takes note of such statements with satisfaction. Each country must determine its energy mix yourself, but without a secure base-load, this could become a major risk. Renewable energies are no solution to securing a stable energy supply in the long term. Alone with backup power plants, as they are built with success by Rosatom, the power supply can be secured. With the EU energy Commissioner you assumes that a proportion of 20% on atomic energy meets these demands. Only on this basis, European climate policy could again get that degree of predictability has so far expected of her, but never reached. New energies, coal, pipelines and nuclear power plants are irreplaceable components of a balanced energy mix. Rosatom is aware of the responsibility, as a safe and clean energy the cards correctly can be distributed. It’s ultimately about the competitiveness of the European States.