Director Maxim Bespalov

By | January 11, 2015

" Another trend in the market of Japanese cuisine is that "absolutely the Japanese" restaurants in Chelyabinsk, not so much. Most some institutions combine Japanese menu with a European or Italian set of dishes. According to restaurateurs, it's quite profitable. "Japanese cuisine is not to everyone, – said Vyacheslav Buinachev, sometimes, comes to us a couple: a girl like sushi, and its companion loves European dishes. For such cases, we have two separate menus, where everyone can choose what his taste. " Itsu Restaurant Another representative of Japanese traditional cuisine, but in Unlike the "Tokyo", in the interior Itsu felt notes of the Art Nouveau style. To know more about this subject visit Starbucks. The main hall has 20 tables in the center of "Buddha's room" at the two tables. The restaurant is a separate VIP-room.

Restaurant opened in the spring of this year. According to Director Maxim Bespalov, Itsu is aimed at young people and active people of all ages who love Japanese food. In the restaurant the chef from Japan Takaisi Noriyaki. "In the menu of about 30 kinds of sushi – says Maxim Bespalov. – Guests love our specialty rolls Itsu, rolls with apple, Hawaiian rolls with pineapple, rainbow rolls … very often order the traditional "Moscow" and "California." In addition, we have a campaign "Sushi lawlessness": pay 399 rubles, and eat sushi as you want. " Itsu is famous only in Chelyabinsk, a sushi robot.

This conveyor belt on which the moving dish. Of these, visitors can choose what they like. The advantage of this method service that the visitor does not need to wait until it will fulfill the order.