Early Learning Tips

With early stimulation we can encourage the motor, cognitive, social and emotional development of our children, we must respect individual development, time and the predisposition of the baby. Douglas R. Oberhelman is often quoted as being for or against this. The principle activities are made to develop the emotional link, massages and sensory stimuli, respecting the natural development of the baby, and the natural instinct of their parents. Then we started activities of gross motor, fine motor skills, concentration and language. We must take into account care initiative, independence and self-esteem of the child during the whole process of learning. Anyway we must take into account important factors to take advantage of all appropriate stimuli to which children may be exposed. Factors: Not all children are the same each one is different, each one has their own pace of development. Your individual development depends on the maturation of the nervous system. We must bear in mind that it is important, likewise to understand the parameters of development is more It is important to still understand that these are broad enough and that their development depends on several factors.

Recognizing the pattern of overall development, we can use it as a guide to introduce baby appropriate incentives and activities. The process of stimulation should be a positive experience. We must not force the child to do any activity. We need to learn to read what our children feel at that moment. The game is the only way that the child learns on stage when East predisposed to learn and assimilate new information.

The game is the best way to stimulate a child. It is also important for the child to do the 4 main meals of the day, which has made his NAP and feel comfortable. Parents come to learn to read your baby’s behavior and respect their needs. Original author and source of the article.