ECommerce Growth

Latin America B2C E-Commerce report 2012 in his new report Latin America B2C E-Commerce report 2012 represents the Hamburg secondary market research company before current trends from the B2C E-commerce in Latin America. To do this, sales, shares of online trading on the entire retail sector, successful product categories, Internet users, online shoppers and important competitors are represented. In addition to the 10 main markets in Latin America the report also contains information about the entire Latin American region. More than half of all E-commerce sales in Latin America were made in 2011 in Brazil. Mexico, the Caribbean and Argentina had the next largest shares. Also in relation to the penetration of Internet users, Brazil is a leader in Latin America. Regarding the online shopper, penetration however Argentina occupies the top spot in the region. Most clothing and accessories, as well as computer electronics, the Internet can be ordered in the Latin American region.

Group shopping in Brazil very popular over a One-third of all Internet users in Brazil makes online purchases, with the number of online shoppers is increasing but slower than in previous years. Group-shopping was very popular with online shoppers in Brazil in 2011. So, almost half of them on group shopping bought pages. Overall, more than half of all online shoppers in Brazil shopped in 2012 at least once per month. “” Household goods and Electronics”and”the most frequently purchased product categories followed this household appliances by books and magazines”. The leading online retailer in Brazil in relation to the time spent by Internet users followed generalists in December 2011 the generalist Mercado Libre, by Lojas Americanas and Magazine Luiza, also. For Mercado Libre is Brazil the most important of the Latin American markets, because there is almost as high sales are generated, as in all other countries. Also Amazon would like to go into the emerging Brazilian online trading and is considering, the E-commerce platform of the Brazilian bookseller to buy Saraiva.