Economic Hunger

This absurd measure in the richest country in the Chicago Stock Exchange prices arrived to rise nearly 3%, to break the psychological barrier of 25 dollars each 45 kilos. In Thailand the rise was 5%, and rice reached its record price: $1,000 per tonne. Brazil suspended exports, better said, big companies influencing speculation by hoarding, withholding or massive release to destabilize prices. The Director of the program of food from the UN, j. Sheeran, has stated that food aid provided costs them 40% more than the past, because almost all products have become more expensive. As causes of this situation alluded to the new needs of power in China or India, biofuels and the price of oil. The volume of investments in the markets of raw materials contributes to the rise in prices on the stock exchanges.

But hunger is not inevitable, nor a target, nor a matter of chance. Is not the purpose of the millions of people who suffer from hunger, as it is not a coincidence that 97% of them live in impoverished countries. It has been recognized by independent agencies, such as action against hunger, the problem has solution with activities related to nutrition, health, food security, water and sanitation. Violence is the instrument that have the powers to exert power over the property, wealth and control of the population. The civilian population becomes a hostage of economic interests and power of these armed groups, be they rebel, paramilitary or Government.

Sometimes it is still thought that hunger is the result of overcrowding, poor political management, scarcity of food, insufficient infrastructure or an ecological disaster. Today hunger is a weapon used by some Governments to eliminate troublesome groups of population within their own country, writes Marilo Hidalgo, in Fusion. They have turned to hunger in a weapon of war those who have made the benefit Economic and financial arrogance axis and object of their actions. As if the world were a rug in which humans do not play more than the role of data that moves or deletes according to the sacrosanct laws of a market that only serves their interests.