Eduardo Galeano

Obama is the President, but does not govern, is just a piece of decoration and realistic in the White House. The U.S. State Department, supports unconditionally these sad characters Latin American right, as it is Mr Micheletti in Honduras, who is marked by his own army Honduran keep dealings with large Colombian traffickers. The document signed by the Colonel of infantry Rene Adalberto peace Alfaro and bearing the letterhead of the Ministry, noted in the SN-FF number. AA 060, ROBERTO MICHELLETI BAIN with the error of ortografo in Micheletti with connection to Cartel of Cali and under the place the Yoro Word mention. It becomes urgent, Eduardo Galeano, start again, interpret from his exegesis of writer and journalist, the world upside down, to start to analyze and discuss on the streets, with the people, the political facts that from the twisted vision of the logic of the U.S. out. Department of State, want us to see as the official history of the victors. The interpretation of Eduardo Galeano, is necessary so that we continue not recognizing how positive the terrorist acts and genocidal, that the United States and its allies, they have committed around the world against the peoples, historically cataloging them also by the strength of the major media, as necessary.

So from the popular groups of the liberation theology, in which we train in different churches, we learned to study the world from the other side of the story, echoing the expression of Galeano. Since the 1970s the popular base of the Protestant and Catholic churches groups, announced the need to see the world from another point of view different from that which had created us from the centers of power and capitalist view. All this psychotic dissociation, makes me remember those words of the psalmist in the Bible: their expressions of hatred around me; attack me without reason! In exchange for my love, attack me; but I make prayer.Paid me evil for good, and in return for my love, hate me. (Psalm 109: 3 to 6.) Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. September 17, 2009.