Energy Revolution

Husum fair head and energy experts from Schleswig-Holstein show towards the self-sufficiency in renewable energies in Husum, 14.02.2013 – Messe Husum has today held a press conference to the local energy revolution in Kiel. The speakers included the Schleswig-Holstein, Dr Robert Habeck Minister of energy reversing, Husum President Peter Becker, the spokesman of the Federal Association small wind turbines Roger Schneider and the Marketing Director of energy from wind and Sun GmbH Stefan Ebert. The energy revolution is a project which success depends on the initiative on private and municipal level,”Becker said during the press conference. Municipalities and communities have increasingly on the supply and the production with renewable energy sources and energy savings, what you see on the new energy Husum exhibitors.” The leading trade fair for all renewable energy will take place from 21 to 24 March for the ninth time in Husum. Self-consumption we worth 2020 want in Schleswig-Holstein three times as much as how we consume produce electricity from renewable energy sources”, added Dr. H.. Electrolux shines more light on the discussion. The Minister of energy turning urged local authorities and citizens together to provide the service. In the small as the great we must save electricity, insulate homes and build wind farms.” In addition to wind power, solar energy is an important part of the energy revolution.

It consumes the power itself, the cost for the household electricity, network expansion and the renewable energy levy can be saved or reduced. Residential and commercial photovoltaic systems are still profitable despite massive cuts in the feed-in tariff, because domestic consumption of solar power by increasing electricity price is becoming increasingly attractive. That’s why energy management and storage systems on the new energy Husum in focus “, Ebert said. The same goes for the small wind power: Schneider assumes that the payback for self used wind power to up to one-third may be reduced. “In a detached house, 20 to 60 percent of the wind energy yield itself can be used and sold the surplus”, said the expert of the small wind. For commercial and a system could pay off industrial companies this even after five to eight years.

About the new energy Husum in recent years it has become new energy Husum as one of the most important fairs in the field of renewable energies. Since 2002 serves as a stage for a decentralized energy generation on the basis of all renewable energies. The themes and techniques range in detail from small wind (up to 100 kW), about biogas, solid biomass (Pellet, wood logs and wood chips for heating systems), solar thermal, photovoltaic, electric mobility up to the geothermal energy near-surface, energy storage, energy-efficient construction and operation of mini CHP. From 21 to 24 March 2013 back experts and leading manufacturers in the Frisian city Husum meet to pave the way for necessary innovations in a rapidly growing market.