Energy Transformation

Wind energy in the focus which 2012 2011 adopted energy concept of the Bavarian State Government opts for 13 RENEXPO energy efficiency and renewable energy. Wind energy has a large, still largely untapped potential in the free State and will be expanded to one of the main pillars of the future power supply. The Government considers the construction of 1,000 to 1,500 new turbines in Bavaria until the year 2021 for possible. The share of wind energy in electricity consumption in Bavaria is expected to increase by approximately 0.6 per cent on 6 to 10 percent as a result. To achieve this ambitious expansion targets, the Council of Ministers has adopted the adoption of wind power in December 2011, do faster and more transparent the approval with remarks to the planning and approval of wind turbines.

The energy concept provides for a greater participation of the Bavarian municipalities on the implementation of the development objectives: to increase priority areas in land-use plans assign out and wind energy projects with selected developers and investors Local authorities are cooperating. The 13 RENEXPO offers an optimal platform by the 27 to 30.09.2012 in Augsburg for the wind energy industry in the southern region. The big manufacturers, planners and service providers, such as ENERCON and Nordex Planner such as for example the Windreich AG and OSTWIND, present in the exhibition area respectively in the exhibition accompanying the conferences on the topic of wind energy and showcase latest products and innovative solutions. On Friday, the 28.09.2012, the REECO GmbH in cooperation with the Federal Association organized the 2nd Symposium “More wind energy in Bavaria” WindEnergie. The meeting informed future operators, planners, manufacturers and investors about how the expansion targets for wind energy can be implemented and what appropriate sites exist. You also offers a discussion platform for different interests and indicate possible solutions that combine environmental protection and sustainable energy supply.

Last but not least, it presents design and control options for municipalities. Small wind turbines with a still a niche existence – in contrast to other countries such as United Kingdom, United States or China eke out maximum power of 70 kW in Germany. There they represent long an established concept of decentralized, clean electricity, which also offers an ideal solution for off-grid applications. The market potential for small wind turbines is so huge and diverse, but there are the possibilities many pitfalls, the interested parties should observe. The 4th Congress of small wind turbines, which will be held on Saturday, the tributeband in cooperation with the Federal Association small wind systems e.V. as the second Congress on the topic of wind energy in the RENEXPO in Augsburg, Germany, is the forum for designers, producers and users of small wind in southern Germany. Congress shows conditions for economical operation of small wind turbines, and deals with various sites. For more information online at