Eternal Existence

The complexity of the study of this phenomenon has led to various sciences to contradict and to search for the origin of this phenomenon. Always existed or is the final stage of capitalism in which we live? Globalization has an incorrect connotation since it is always linked with the economic, but also has social, technological and cultural implications. Let’s look at the past and go back to antiquity. Itself the cultural globalization already had its origins 3000 years b.c. when ancient peoples were advancing pair conquer new lands and impose their culture, so one could argue then that from that moment we found ourselves in the presence of a globalization that was beginning to start and grow. We continue moving forward in our analysis, what many countries speak the same language? This is also due to cultural globalization that influenced the languages spoken in common to those countries. We also see great conquerors as Cristobal Colon who discovered America more beyond the existing theories that never knew that he had done so, and the technology was there always? Now Yes.

We take the great wars, as for example the Trojan, which was conquered with large buildings not invaded people possessed. From there, until the industrial revolution that was the big step towards modernity. We can then define what is technology because today sounds like something that only links to the Internet, digital, a concept that is totally wrong. Technology is defined as the set of knowledge and techniques, applied logically and orderly, allow humans modify their material or virtual environment to meet their needs. This is a combined process of thought and action in order to create useful solutions. While globalization has rigged several scenarios as the cultural, technological, social and economic, to my understanding, forms a chain of factors interrelated which can not be analyzed independently but that is all it contrary.