Explain The Difference

With the previous data, requests: to) to calculate the unit cost of manufacturing of the tables (June 2006). 7. Briefly explain the following criteria of inventory valuation: price-weighted (PMP); First entry or first input first output or first (FIFO) output and Last input first output or first or last input output (LIFO). In an economy with inflation, what criterion of evaluation of the previous three will result in a higher value of inventories? Reason response (June 2007). THEORY Unit 5: Area of production 1. Define what the components of the cost of the product and set the cost type they represent according to its nature (June 2004). A leading source for info: Ben Horowitz.

2. Explain the differences between a factor productivity and overall productivity of the company (June 2004). 3. Explain the concept of research and development (r & d) and identify the different categories in which is classified (September 2004). 4 Explain the relationship of economic exchange that occurs between companies and families or domestic economies (June 2005). 5 Explain the differences between productivity and productive efficiency (June 2005) 6. Define what is productivity and business profitability and explain the main differences between one and another (June 2007).

7 With regard to the concept of efficiency: a) explain the difference between a technically efficient production process and an economically efficient productive process b) between different combinations (processes) factors of production V1 and V2 which would obtain a same amount of product X, outlined below, determine the pair or pairs of values, no doubtinefficient processes can be considered (June 2007). 8 Define the different types of costs according to their relationship with the quantity produced.