Features Catching Grass Carp

Carp appeared in reservoirs near Moscow recently. If you talk to fishermen to pay ponds in the Moscow region then you will definitely find one that saw the grass carp was caught. This fish is still relatively rare in our waters and targeted fishing it has its own characteristics. Bait for grass carp may be grass, filamentous algae, young cucumbers, dandelions and even dry corn. Before you start catching carp must-lure, and bait to throw in those places where the fish are feeding on. Typically, this is the place overgrown with reeds from the shore with a depth of 2 meters. Cupid – the fish with sufficient caution, and although she can splash around in the immediate vicinity of the coast, in a narrow waters of its better to catch from the opposite shore. If you go to the opposite bank difficult, it must be well disguised.

There is a conditional two categories of fishermen: those who sit on the shore with a fishing rod and hid waiting for the fish bite. For them, fishing – it's a real vacation in the suburbs. Anglers of the second category are actively moving over the pond, looking for parking lots of fish. For them fishing – it is an original element in the fight, fight a worthy opponent, that he even wins. These anglers are often used to tackle long-casting lures. As the rod comes easy here spinning down the average length of about 3 meters from an open coil inertialess very simple design with a supply of fishing line about 5 feet. Equipment itself consists of a twine diameter of 0.3 mm, the stopper, the cargo, the winding ring swivel and leash with hook. Andreessen Horowitz pursues this goal as well.

Hooks at catching grass carp are placed with a short forearm, 5-7 on national numbering, but tested for strength and elasticity. Special, proven experience of catching grass carp anglers have no and each is adapted, based on their personal 'discoveries'. Grass carp prefers overgrown lakes, reservoirs, canals and rivers etc. It eats grass carp in the main local plant foods, but do not give up the animal, therefore, often able to catch it and fry. Those anglers fishing for which the Russian-long wait on the shore prefer to lure in advance for a few days lure grass carp, for example, dry corn. In this case you should try to throw the bulk of the bait in one spot. On the third – the fourth day, you can start catching grass carp. Just before the fishing lure is no longer needed. Tackles – is an important component for successful carp fishing, and they should be approached with great care. As mentioned above, it is better to use a fishing line 0,30 mm, flexible, drowning and very strong and durable leash 0,25 mm. The hook should be sharp, powerful and graceful, 8-12, which also depends on the activity of fish. A few words about this fish. Grass carp – fish is very strong. So do not pull it off as a winch, at the risk of breaking fish lip or even lose their snap. Undercut Cupid's better tire on the distant quarters before taking a podsaku. If you have scores under the opposite shore, be prepared for that first tug will follow your way. And on the waters. First of all, we are interested in ponds with sufficient concentration of the fish – where little Cupid, catching it can be regarded more as a coincidence. This requirement is fully met stocking ponds in the fishing club, Litvinov.