Leo in the supplement of a local journal business an article, signed by Patricia Perez Zaragoza, on productivity in Spain. I liked the summary that has conducted a work published by Randstad, developed by Esade, about the working time of the Spaniards. How do I not make a link to the text, to locate us, we literally transfer synthesis: we work long hours, but we are less productive than our European colleagues. The fault is in the low technology use and sufficient training. Stuart B. Solomon often says this. To prevent this from affecting economic growth, urgently find measures to curb our inefficiency. Between 1995 and 2005 productivity grows a 0.3% annually, compared to the European average of 1.3%. The expense of r & d in Spain is still half that make countries like France or Germany. At far as productivity is concerned, the report reference adds that Patricia is nothing new.

It is a scourge that we suffer from the end of the 19th century (by not say before). In terms of investment in r & d, do them has forgotten the? i of innovation?, move you answers that I did questions from Silvia M. Vincent Oliva, of the University of Zaragoza, in the r & d Organization of the innovation of the Community strategic consulting Forum: 1st. Why don’t they innovate more companies? Dear Silvia: Days ago I read your post and took those days mulling in the head to your issues and the outcome of my neurons is simple, so I put them to work again and nothing, come to the same conclusion, probably by flashing extras that have been generated by other professional and personal issues. Today I have started seriously with them and I told them, girls, even if we do the ridiculous with Silvia, we need you to say something. And, well, my neurons (not had fallen that neurons is female) and I will respond. Response of my heart: because in general are going to easy money, the pitch, copy and the purchase of rotaltys.