Financial IQ

If you want that your income grow is moment of educarte. For that reason I advise to increase your IQ Financial. This it is a term that listens recently in the book: Queremos that you are rich of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. The idea to prepare itself to obtain better results is not nothing preposterous, is so right because we must drink water to live. It is a key point not to die in our attempt to generate wealth. He is unacceptable to want to see positive changes, but not to do anything on the matter, is thing of crazy people to think that the situations are going to change like by magic art, I say it to you of a good time, the things do not work thus. At this moment a definition comes to me at the top from Albert Einstein on Madness: Is to always do the same and to wait for different results What seems to you? You have left the vest? Then if you have left pntelo. A thing if I assure to you, you did not arrive very far with this mentality so limited.

They say that way: The one that wants blue celestial, that costs to him. There is no leaf return, or you become qualified or you suspend to you in your ignorance. Olvdate of the fear to the failure that nothing good leaves you. Takings White Edison says: the people are not remembered by the number of times that fail, but by the number of times that are successful. And you How you want to be remembered? Permteme cuestionarte: You want to change your financial situation? You are already doing something to produce that change? You are becoming qualified? These committing errors? You are learning of that they have been successful? What you are reading? (You are doing If it You put in practice the advice who I gave you previously? It is moment for increasing your IQ financial, is moment of educarte. Greetings, desendote the major of the successes Luis Villegas Original author and source of the article