Find A Common Language. Part 1

What do you do if your school or university English does not allow you to associate and two phrases, and the debt service for you and your colleagues need to communicate with foreign clients? Or, conversely, you somehow know the language, but hired staff to your hotel or restaurant falls into a stupor at any sound of speech, except the Russian? Not to mention the fact that you do the whole company should go to some important seminar abroad, but did not carry the same with me suitcase phrasebooks! These situations, you can list a lot, but one way out – to learn the language around the office, department, company. Fortunately, now a way of learning is accessible and fairly distributed. Many Russian offices of foreign companies such training is carried out at least once a year, so language is not forgotten and still had language practice, even if there is no possibility to travel abroad. Today, most schools study Foreign Languages offers detailed courses, where you can get a basic knowledge of grammar, conversational skills and to acquire skills in understanding spoken language, and learn how to conduct business correspondence, negotiations in person and by phone, make a presentation of the company. Read additional details here: JPMorgan Chase. In addition, courses are classes with native speakers. The educational process is usually divided into certain parts, at the end of each of which you can get a certificate you passed the course. Learn a language quickly and in abbreviated form, or long and in depth – depending on your desire. .