Fiscal Responsibility

Licitation is the administrative procedure destined to the person choice to be contracted by the Administration or to be benefited by singular administrative act, in which they are assured in such a way the right of the interested parties to the dispute as the election of the adjusted beneficiary more to the public interest (SUNDFELD, 1994, p.15). Law n 8,666 was sancionada in 21 of June of 1993 for the President of the Republic in exercise, Frank Itamar. However, ' ' after its sanction the law was amended and modified by successive Provisional remedy, having suffered still to the impact from the plan of economic stabilization and some laws and decrees posteriores' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). According to Motta (2005) the conversion of the MPs in law? Law 8,883, of 8/6/94, it reintroduced in the rule of law, getting rid themselves of incorrees, some vetoed stretches, modifying still more of three sets of ten of devices. ' ' Law 8,987, of 7/7/95, that it makes use on the regimen of concession and utility permission, regulated Art. 175 of the Federal Constitution, and Law 9,854/95, established norms for grant and extension of the concessions and permisses' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). For Motta (2005) another significant modification in Law 8,666/93 was the addition of plus a licitation modality? the proclamation, for MP 2,026, edited in 25/05/00, in the same day that Federal official gazette published the Law of Fiscal Responsibility? Complementary law 101, of 4/5/00. They had continued then successive MPs referring to the proclamation until its consolidation as definitive licitatria modality through the sanction of Law 10,520, 17 of July of 2002. ' ' The Law of Fiscal Responsibility became the taking of decisions in the public acts of contract more structuralized, incorporating new prerequisite 0 variable and especficos' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). to finish this brief historical vision, ' ' in the 2004 end occurred the sanction of the law of Public-Private Partnerships? PPP? Law 11,079, of 30/12/04, that it represented plus an alteration in the area of the act of contract pblica' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6).