Frees Your Negative Energy And Connect With Your Potential Love Part 2

Summary: We had seen two important steps to release negative energy in part 1. The first step is: be in contact with nature every day, this exercise generates us peace and harmony. The second step is: exercising ourselves in the process of accepting people, situations and circumstances as they arise, this puts us under the liberating power to let go and let it work. In this article I present the last two steps of how mental and physical health, you can free yourself from that negative burden so heavy that affects you and as you do with your potential love connection: 3. discovering the principle of opportunity most humans spend huge amounts of energy looking to blame for our problems or situations of conflict, among them ourselves. Do we have consumers internal dialogues such as energy: why didn’t say this?, why not act in this way?.

If you’re going through a situation that you interpret as of conflict, Discover the principle of opportunity, this principle on the basis that any relationship I have at the moment with anyone is exactly that I need. This is so important that I have to repeat: any relationship I have at the moment with anyone is exactly that I need because that person brings with it a learning for me, even if that person does not know and each learning must be received as an opportunity in my evolution and development. Because those people who are willing to learn from their circumstances, those people who discover the opportunity behind the problems they can go from: miserable sinners to 4 teachers. Produces energy: Amate yourself! Human beings, especially women think we love more to others than yourself. Many people think that it is selfish to love herself, others think that while most love to others, they then love them as a result and others which are not few, criticizing those who love himself. But What happens if you do not love me to myself?, what if I love more than neighbor to me? When I love more to others than myself, what I’m really doing is retaining power and creating a time bomb, which will explode in my face at some point, because access to everything and everyone, I am denying me my right to be loved and respected as a person, with my tastes and the things that make me happy to my. If you love a person means sacrifice: time, money, values, interests, career and everything what my makes me happy. Lo_que I’m really doing two things: to) I’m consuming my energy for the benefit of another person, I’m not leaving the energy flow, because that is the intelligence of nature, I am part of it, and that eventually will make me feel a person frustrated, unsuccessful or bad temper. B) I am denying the opportunity to another person, that will generate and produce their own energy and let it shine as the human being is. Recalls that the next time you feel that you missing energy, you stop a moment and meditate situation or thought you are stagnating and consuming all your energy, because that depends on you physical and mental health. And remember that you can always return to recharge your energy and your strength under the promise of: quiet down and looks that I am thy God with love and blessings, Teresa Ruiz Pedersen