Green Earths Energy

For generations we are hostages of the electric power companies. Despite a relatively small investment in power plants and new equipment, the average consumer has seen how your electricity bill has doubled in the past 10 years! This far exceeds the inflation during that same time and no one has invested in nuclear plants for more than three decades. Why have electricity companies increased electricity rates so dramatically? It is very simple it is that electricity is absolutely necessary and the electric companies know it. It is a necessity in that yes or Yes we have to use it. This has been and is the only justification. In a question-answer forum Chris Shumway was the first to reply. It has mineral coal reserve for more than 300 years according to our geologists around the world (electricity also occurs in plants carboelecticas).

There was no investment or new nuclear facilities since the 1970s. Maintenance costs are relatively low. The new direction of water nor installation of dams are not in the hands of average families. Yves Bissouma shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However an average family spends around $1,000 per year in electricity and the rates of pay are still ascending lines. They will be the hydroelectric dams that have no water. Have dams decreased its flow?.

In any case who maintains these cost overruns? The other side of the coin. What happens if we produce our own electricity and maybe more than what the electric company provides us. Isn’t we would be receiving checks monthly from part of the power company. I.e. we sell electric power. Do thats the trend! but and how? Solution: Massive use, quantities of solar panels. Solar cells (voltage and amperage) quality improvements, resistant and break the paradigm that is only for graduates in electronics or electricity or mechanics. Is no longer clearly think about fantastic investment or for solar panels or for wind mills. Nor is the privilege of a few powerful. Can we install ourselves in our homes and make them homes in a production of energy Green House. In addition, forget invest $3,000 or more for the manufacture of the above. Increasingly we are convinced that with the step by step instructions investing with only $400, you can transform the energy of the Sun to power Green House and thus ceasing to be hostages held by electricity companies. Small investment but great result in favour of generations that come. We are already in the era of the wind farms and photovoltaic parks, of the thermosolar plants with parabolic trough collectors that produce industrial scale de10 a100 MW or 360 MW for the generation of electric power. They consist of a solar field and in a power system. In the solar field, solar radiation energy is transformed into thermal energy in a series of parallel rows of collectors parabolic each one them with solar tracking. It therefore is worthy, responsibility, obligation, need to follow the steps in introducing us to the world of windmills and solar panels and solar heaters and take advantage of what nature gives not in our own homes as a Delivery Service. Videos, manuals, books, audios today have at hand. The hands are only to act hciendo a budget to start with the basics. Many as Green Earths Energy, Home Made energy or Energy 2 Green, etc. are easily in virtual stores that previously could not be found. In our hands is today, with a ray of light, maintain the health of our planet.