Harmonious Development

Frequented monasteries and holy places, have access to holy books and research in ancient ruins in search of what he calls the authentic traditional esoteric knowledge. All to start later, with a handful of believers, the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man and convey his teaching to the West. It is not surprising that point on it, claiming that knowledge is limited, and is only reached by the few who actually want and make the effort necessary to achieve it. So much so it was impossible to reach the whole world of good teaching, were the type they were. He said that men have begun to love their servitude, and that's the worst that could happen.

Some thoughts as to present some results of their reflections, experiences in search of truth in this paper we have chosen so that the reader interested in these topics take into account the scope, the impact of the legacy of this extraordinary being. Alcione. cl, tell us about it, that the system of Gurdjieff's ideas and values was so complex and interconnected that, going back, it is difficult to select an aspect or an idea basicau ELA. The common element was the principle that their ideas needed to be rediscovered in the student experience. For this study said that eel psychology begins with the study of a mismou. To spread his teachings, was creating various centers of study and research in each of the cities he visited before coming to Paris. The most evolved of them, called tThe Institute for the Harmonious Development of Hombreu was the Fontainebleau, which ran from 1922-1934 on the grounds of a mansion that had belonged to a member of the 18th century French aristocracy.