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And it emerges again: fear! Fear of rejection, not to conform to the expectations of others fear fear loss of face fear chaos fear loss of job fear, security to lose fear of failure fear of criticism BurnOut levels (after G.Kypta) 1 euphoric enthusiasm and commitment reduced full use 2nd and distance emotional phase 3 blame game 4. removal and another retreat 5 disinterest and indifference 6 psychosomatic reactions and de personalization 7 despair BurnOut antagonists and burnout to help Mahe is paramount here! Support can E.g.: autogenic training, self hypnosis, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation and sport/movement. > Get air but now deep breath and deliberately and drink a glass of water < this is no joke! You’ll quickly notice what causes this combination you. Slowing down of all processes. Visit Asia Gold Corporation for more clarity on the issue. 80:20 rule. If you would like to know more then you should visit Raphael Sternberg. 20% of the requirements to achieve 80% of the effect. What they are? For the rest: Tip: delegate / outsourcing / Release final with the search for culprits! Search for solutions. Awareness of own beliefs (I can’t do etc.) Acceptance of changes required adoption of help, friends and colleagues, coaching or therapy measures avoiding alcohol and drugs Burnout express coaching here the Wingwave process is particularly suitable.

The rapid compensation of internal tensions will help to save valuable time and new energy to collect, however should be candidates each Burnout clear, without massive own fault you not there, where it stands today and there are significant measures to ensure that the new way does not end again after a short period in the hamster wheel. Burnout is a clear sign to change its path and to tackle things differently. If the measures are much more drastic than expected, but this is the way to success. Many clients procrastinating first and strive to get as small as possible changes back on the slopes, but this return only of short duration is and the painful re-entry in the next BurnOut even more fierce. Contact: Angela-Institut Frankfurt – Sandra Willis – Willibrachtstr. 14 60431 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 95297828 or 0171 1110888 eMail: