Internet Questions

Facebook has recently presented its questions tool. Who is more likely to use the tool, how you use it and how easy it is to use it?? There is no doubt it will be an important opportunity for large companies to perform market studies aimed at a fraction of the cost and speed compared with traditional market research methods. Imagine, for example, how easy that will be to big brands like chains of local pizzerias to probe the new preferences of its customers in a same coverage. But it is relevant for smaller operators like the Internet sellers and bloggers? People like you and I? I have to say without a doubt that you can. Whereas before, doing market research was mainly reserved for companies with a strong research budget, Internet has become easier for anyone to design and implement an opinion poll or survey.

Questions to Facebook and just to make this even more easy. Since our success, whether it be writing a post to the blog or the marketing of a product or service is up to us to know what our audience and customers want from us, I think that the questions Facebook could become a popular tool. How does the tool of Facebook questions? It simply allows you to ask any questions and get quick answers from your friends and other people on Facebook who are online. It is designed so that any user of Facebook, not just your friends can help you find the answer. At the time of the creation of the question however can invite friends you selected to answer the question also. When you ask a question, you share in the news service, and their friends or follow responses to this question, and will be shared with their friends and so on.

Answers to questions are limited to responses from multiple choice which is determined when you create the question, but there is also an elegant environment that allows users to add more answers to the multiple choice answers. This flexibility will allow companies to learn from their consumers too, provided they know the right questions to ask. Is it easy to use the questions Facebook tool? It is totally simple. Simply click on the word of questions which you should see in your profile or business page and follow the instructions. This Facebook currently rolling this feature to all users not to see it on their pages yet. If not, you can try it right away, go to https: / / / questions as with other Facebook applications, such as photos and events, there is no way to disable the questions. Questions Facebook gives us the opportunity to learn from our friends and see where others are, but as a blogger, a multitude of code it is also great tool for writing messages based?in the investigation. While you are using a very simple question as a test, however shall submit a report on the outcome at time of a few days. Are you going to use Facebook questions and if so how to do this? Once again wishing them a good weekend! H Luis Autor and source of the article