JavScript Flash

Only a 69.2% of visits It supports its latest version. The remaining 29.03% you will need to download it before viewing the film. You try to make the film as girl as you can so that people don’t get bored waiting for the page to load. There is even an 11.83% of visitors using dial-up connections. JavScript JavScript has drawbacks similar to Flash.

Many user agents do not support it, including the robots of search engines. A 1.77% of the visitors may not see the information written in JavScript or follow links. If it is possible to use it only for interactivity and functionality not needed. Not possible, it provides alternative static content in noscript tag. Do not become it something necessary to follow a link. Use the command location.href as content for the onclick event in a static link (tag a). Frames frames (frames) may look good but should definitely be avoided. While the majority of user agents the supports, search engines, as well as blind people, can find is seriously confused when attempting to relate the information contained in the different pages of a frames page.

Images images, although they are not fully accessible, are a more benign alternative to the Flash animations. Always prefer using images rather than Flash animations. Keep them small in size to reduce the load time of the page. It always provides the most appropriate alternative text that best describes the purpose of the image. Some general ways to avoid conflicting technologies are opting for more common or more supported types of information. One of the best alternatives to establish the image of a website is CSS. CSS is specially designed to set presentation attributes. use it instead of tables to establish the diagram on the page. Anyway, some sites require the use of some or all of these technologies to display its main contents. For example, a site of electronic cards may need Flash to display animated or interactive cards (main content). But when the use of these technologies is not a necessity, prevent its use to provide primary content will be as good for your visitors as it will be for you. Original author and source of the article.