Juan Gabriel

From mellow as Julio Iglesias, (remembered as Mr. caramel or marshmallow Mr) to voice hoarse as hoarse and Alberto Bourbon or Rabito (affectionately known as ass and trust. From the international super-owners of European and North American jet set as July Churches or Charles Aznavour, or until Jose Luis Rodriguez El Puma, members of the proletariat to the stellar Creole as Galy Galeano (remembered as the king of guises) or Raul Santi, another favorite super champion never well thought our servants, or rather never weighted Vicky, who every hour seems recovering from typhoid fever. There are also issues of great literary and invoice processing is impeccable poetic internationalize quickly and are versioned by several artists and orchestras, to invite scarecrows only laughter and derision as those that forced the Argentines when half of the song wore on the phone after ringing several times, or put children to establish dialogues with alleged tearful parents as irresponsible or unfortunate of melodrama, sobbing put a deceived lover developing the most intolerable of soap operas, with tears and swallowing broken nose tearful effusions. It's definitely a genre of contrasts.

Floats unabashedly bright as mediocre, as the simple copy original, high-flying creative lyrical clunkers that generate unbearable pity. And there's an audience for everyone. And always there are those who admire them. That's why at the same station pass from Juan Gabriel and Miguel Bose to Charlie Zaa. Victor Manuel Pastry Greens. To earthlings Emmanuel. And remember to native wildlife icons: Billy Pontoni, Oscar Golden, Claudia Ozuna Claudia de Colombia, Titian, etc.. Returning to the theme of the role of Medellin as a sounding board for the nostalgia, remember those who have come to give with the weight of their fossils to the city.