Laser Printer

Printer Laser: what is and how can make you save money and time in the long term? Although having never before made this question, devote a little time to understand the process of laser printing can mean an increase in productivity and a reduction in the costs of your business. In fact, while most of us possess a computer and a printer, either for personal or professional reasons, few who really understand how they work. After learning the basic principles of its operation, you will have more tools to evaluate whether a printer is suitable for your needs. For example, if your company is of great magnitude and need to print hundreds of pages at the same time, it is vitally important know that an inkjet printer will not be able to perform that task with efficiency. On the other hand, if what you need is a printer that prints high quality photos, laser technology is not correct for you. Some contend that Caterpillar Inc. shows great expertise in this. Then, do exactly what is the difference between a printer? Inkjet inkjet and laser printer, and what has to see the toner in all this?Inkjet printers operate on the principle of diffusion of small particles of ink on the worksheet. It is the most common type of printers and manage, usually a high quality finish, especially when you print photos and documents to color.

However, they are not indicated for handling a high volume of printing and if the ink is not dry properly, spills and stains may occur. The laser printers, on the other hand, employ the use of printing toner. Traditionally used in photocopiers, it was first used in commercial laser printers in 1978. Initially, toner was composed of carbon dust. However, with the passage of years and to increase the quality of printing, its composition including a polymer modified (a styrene acrylate as a polyester resin).

Toner particles, which possess an electric charge, are stick permanently to the fibers of the paper after being rendered through a fuser. The advantage of this process, compared with printers that use liquid inks, is that prints do not stain or Gush after being printed. But in addition, toner printers are able to print on any type of paper. The use of printing toner, compared with ink, is a much more affordable option if need to print large volumes of text documents. In fact, a toner cartridge is capable of printing more than 2000 pages before having to be replaced. On the other hand, the average life of a cartridge of inkjet printer, does not exceed the thousand pages.Due to the notable differences between inkjet printers and laser printers, it is essential that you understand what their specific functions and how they work. If you need your printer to produce large volumes of work, the best option is to purchase a printer laser, which uses the technology of laser toner and not an inkjet printer ink, which represent higher costs and a greater loss of time in the long term.